November 7, 2023 Selectboard Meeting Minutes (draft)

Selectboard Meeting Minutes (draft)

November 7, 2023 – Chelsea Town Hall

Present: Kevin Marshia, Kelly Lyford, Leyna Hoyt, Bill Lyon, Jesse Kay

Others Present: Karen Lathrop, Gayle Durkee, Gregg Herrin, Carrie Caouette-Delallo,Susan Elder, Snook Downing, Anne Carroll, Wyatt Kay, Gayle Durkee, Mark Vermette Neil Kennedy, Rick Ackerman, Jessie Schmidt, Jessie Schmidt, Cheryl MacNeil, Kendra Densmore, Justin Densmore, Eve Desjardin, Frank Keene, Kristianne Gale, Max Quayle, Deborah Quayle, Marty Gratz(online), Robert Harnish (online).

  1. Meeting brought to order at 6:30 pm by Kevin Marshia
  • Additions to Agenda

a) Town Plan & Map Adoption/Determination of Energy Compliance Resolution

  • Conflict of Interest- none

        4.   Public Comments – Carrie Caouette-Delallo questioned the policing. Kevin stated tonight was to start a conversation. Frank Keene- asked about the pedestrian bridge to the old cemetery. Kevin stated the Board had been working on temporary fixes and there were 5 permanent fixes being planned. Pedestrian bridge was one of those items. He gave a brief summary of the work done so far. No timeline on permanent fixes that still needed to be done. Kevin noted there would need to be a hydraulic study and an engineering study on the bridge. Frank noted the snowmachine bridge was gone which would create more traffic on Maple Ave. Leyna stated the Pedestrian Bridge was a mitigation project and the Town was waiting to hear on eligibility for that.

Addition- Kevin read the adoption of Town Plan & Maps and resolution to submit adopted Town Plan & Maps for submission to the Regional Commission and the resolution for Determination of Energy Compliance Resolution.

Leyna moved to adopt the 2023 Town Plan & Maps as presented Bill seconded the motion. Motion passed. Board noted the resolution to submit was not included. Leyna moved to submit the 2023 Town Plan & Maps, and resolution to submit the 2023 Town Plan & Maps to Two River Ottauqueechee Regional Commission for approval.   Jessie seconded the motion. Motion passed. Jesse moved to adop the Determination of Energy Compliance Resolution. Bill seconded the motion. Motion passed.

        5.   Transfer Station Presentation & Discussion – Jesse gave a presentation on the Transfer Station. The process used now is cash and check and we are operating at a deficit. The three issues were employee safety, Financial Sustainability and Increasing Costs -Stagnant Revenue. She went through all three items. She noted how other Towns have gone to various methods but most Towns were using a Punch Card System.

The Board is proposing ending cash and checks at the Transfer Station as of 1st January. Punch cards would be available to buy at Will’s or the Town Clerk’s Office and eventually online. She went over the three options $3, $5, $100 ( Construction Dumpster) cards. Jesse went over the deficit the Town has been running.  The power point showed a 3 year (expense to income) deficit the Transfer Station.  Board is proposing implementing an annual sticker( $40/year)to deal with the deficit starting January 1, 2024. Stickers would be available at Will’s and the Town Clerk’s Office. She noted other Transfer Stations were charging $2.50-3.00/ bag. A $40 annual sticker would be cheaper than charging per bag pricing structure.  She noted that Tunbridge still has “free recycling” but it is the only one.

She went over what the potential gains were going to recycling stickers. Any non-resident could purchase one as well. If only half the residents bought a sticker it the Town would break even. If all residents bought one the Town would bring in more that would cover costs.

She noted the costs of running the Transfer Station have increased. She went over the cost of demolition/construction waste costs as well as Solid Waste and then went over fees the Town charges which show a stagnation of revenue to offset the costs. The Towns pricing structure when compared to other Town showed the Town was not charging enough for furniture or mattresses.  Bag trash has not increase. The 65 gallon would be going up slightly.

The Board opened up the floor for discussion:

The concerns were :

Persons would put their recycling in the trash  – would cost more in punches for trash

Persons coming without a card – okay through transition period but persons to be responsible

Multiple cars but only one sticker- just have to show it, could be on recycling container

Upfront costs to persons on a fixed income –

Program for persons struggling financially – Board to think about it

What would happen if a person’s costs doesn’t match the punch card – taken under suggestion

Why were non-residents not being charged more than residents – confirmation of residency makes for more work/documentation.  They want to keep it simple.

Cost of stickers – pennies

Will being paid for this or volunteering to do it – Will is volunteering right now

How would Town would deal with events- exceptions could be made for big events

Persons bringing in a small amount of recycling, others bringing a truckload.

Compost costs? – Still free at this point.

The Board noted all of the concerns raised and answered them and stated there would be a transition period where they would accept cash, but that would not last forever. There would be a period of time where they worked through the process, troubleshooting and streamlining it. Changes would be made as necessary. The Board appreciated everyone’s comments and suggestions made.  The Board was not making a decision for a couple of meetings

        6.   Budget Prep- Board and Gayle discussed budget prep. Budget needs to be completed by January 16. Discussed meeting dates to Gayle. Board to start dedicating time at every meeting. Gayle noted salaries need to be gone over, highway and water budget would be a bigger conversation. Budget Drafts  to be in by December 19. Liaisons need to check in with their departments. Gayle noted we would need to get a line of credit on the agenda for the next meeting.

        7.   Highway

              a.  General Update- Rick gave a report on work done to date on Edwards Road He submitted a proposal from Lafayette for guardrails on Doyle Road for $4550.00. Rick though it was Fema reimbursable. More culverts to go in on Pepper Road. Board okayed Rick doing the Town Hall snow clearance provided he had time. Sand will be in the hall. Karen to get Rick a key. Rick reminded the Board they will need to budget for a truck. Leyna and Rick to work on it.

               b.  Brannan/Osterbye Access Permit – Blackhawk Road. Rick signed off on it. Leyna moved to approve the curb cut for Bob Brannon on Black Hawk Road.  Bill seconded the motion. Motion passed.

               c.  Ashton Access Permit- Chelsea Line Road. Rick signed off on it. Curb cut. Jesse moved to approve the access permit for Charles Ashton on Chelsea Line Road. Leyna seconded the motion. Motion passed.

               d. Sidewalk Completion – Final Completion of Sidewalk. Rick stated there is a low spot in the middle, where the asphalt was done but not in the sidewalk but the paving. Kevin said he had spoken with Alan. The joints were not great, but no fix. Leyna moved to approve the Final Completion of the sidewalk. Jesse seconded. Motion passed.

       8.   Declaration of Inclusion- Kelly reported a group brought forth a Declaration of Inclusion at our last meeting. The Board looked at it and Kelly read the declaration.

Jesse moved to adopt the declaration of inclusion statement with edits added Leyna seconded the motion.

There was some discussion on the wording. Deborah questioned the last sentences meaning. Kelly noted they did not want the statement to be a token document. This Declaration Statement would start a conversation.  Gayle wanted to know if persons that did not agree that would be considered a hate crime? Tracy, OCRJS, stated everyone had freedom of speech. She thinks this declaration created a place to have a conversation, without excluding people and that people are made welcome. It was complex but she supported it.  Kevin stated this is a statement, not a policy, or ordinance, a general statement of inclusion.  It opens a conversation.  Greg would like part of it read again. Maybe a list of categories would exclude people. Jesse stated we are looking for consistency with other towns.  Mr. Robert Harnish spoke to the Declaration of Inclusion. This would be the start of a Townwide conversation. Does not see a downside to adopting this. Maybe put a framed version of it in the Town Clerk’s Office.

Vote called, Motion passed.

       9.   Forest & Park Commission- Kevin reported they met unofficially last night about 8 persons a few missing. Good Discussion about should there be two committees. Kevin noted that the park’s commission had been dissolved. So there would need to be a motion to recreate the Forest Parks Commission. Kelly questioned why it was dissolved? Kevin said lack of involvement. Jesse moved to re-establish a Forest and Parks Commission for the Town of Chelsea. Leyna seconded the motion. Kelly had questions on whether it should be a committee or commission. Yes commission. Motion passed. Kasey to make them aware of this.  

      10.  Law Enforcement- Kevin stated they reached out to the State Police and Orange County Sheriff’s to plan a meeting. No date set yet. Board wants to find out what is out there as options/resources that are out there. Currently have a contract with OCS for 12,500.00. The Board recognizes the issues are out there and they are looking for solutions going forward. The Board needs to understand what they can do as a Board for law enforcement. Next meeting it is the 21st or can it be done sooner. Kelly stated the Board is waiting on other person”s availability.  The Board will get the word out. Deb Quayle asked what  we were getting for our contract. Limited daily patrols. Kelly thinks it was around 4 hours a week but not much. Earlier in the year there was no coverage.   Orange County Sheriff stated VSP is the primary enforcement. Kevin said Bob Childs had come to an earlier meeting. Kelly said the Board had reached out to Corinth earlier.  Carrie said there was a group a couple of years ago there was a group but doesn’t know what happened with that. Kelly stated this trend started quite a while ago. This is due to a loss of law enforcement presence during Covid. Eve Desjardins stated there is a mental health crisis in VT but VSP has screeners used to call people, not sure is Clara Martin has anything at this point. Chelsea is in a dead zone for 24 hour services. Washington Mental Health would not cover our Town. Now a person can speak to someone on a phone. ( Mental Health Aspect). What are the options for interface with the ambulance or some people could be on call.

      11.  Municipal Energy Resilience Program – Kevin went over the program. Board agreed that assessment would be done on Town Garage and Town Hall. Jesse moved to approve the memo of understanding between the Town of Chelsea and The Vermont Department of Buildings and General Services for the provisions of Municipal Energy Assessment Services under the Municipal Energy Resilience Program (MERP). Bill seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

      12.  VLCT PACIF Coverage Direction Form- VLCT form on coverage. Kevin read both options. Board discussion on the options and VLCT email on it. Kevin reported the difference is cost. $250,000,000 is what we have had for coverage.  Jesse moved to continue the $250,000.00 Coverage from VLCT. Leyna seconded the motion. Motion passed.

      13.  Town Report- Kevin reported Kasey would work with the Board on the process of sending notices to persons requesting reports. The sheparding piece still needs to be addressed and editing piece to the reports to the printers. That is the person missing.  Karen to send electronic copy to Board Members. The Board just needs to jump on board with getting reports in asap. Kevin wants to go to the timeline used last year. Karen reported an email was sent to everyone. Karen to work with Kasey on that email. Send to also send to Selectboard.

      14.   Approve Minutes Oct 30, 2023- Jesse moved to approve October 30 meeting minutes as written. Bill seconded the motion. Motion passed.

      15.   Approve Orders- Leyna moved to approve the orders. Bill seconded the motion. Motion passed.

      16.   Admin Position- Kelly reported draft Town Admin job description not completed.  Kelly to finish it and try advertise it next week. It would go out Vermont Dept of Labor’s website, VLCT , Upper Valley Paper.  Kelly to write the ad. It will go out to next meeting agenda item for update only.

      17.   Executive Session if Necessary- none

      18.   Adjourn– Leyna moved to adjourn. Jesse seconded the motion.  Motion passed. Adjourned at 9:00 PM.


Town Plan Hearing

November 7, 2023 Selectboard Draft Town Plan Hearing Minutes (draft)

Present: Kevin Marshia, Kelly Lyford, Leyna Hoyt, Jesse Kay, Bill Lyon

Others Present: Karen Lathrop, Gayle Durkee, Gregg Herrin, Carrie Caouette-Delallo ,Susan Elder, Snook Downing, Anne Carroll, Wyatt Kay, Gayle Durkee, Mark Vermette Neil Kennedy, Rick Ackerman, Jessie Schmidt, Jessie Schmidt,Cheryl MacNeil, Kendra Densmore, Justin Densmore, Eve Desjardin, Kristianne Gale, Max Quayle, Deborah Quayle, Marty Gratz(online), Robert Harnish (online).

Hearing began at 6:01. Kevin read the hearing notice.

The goal is to take comments from the public on the Town Plan. Susan Elder questioned if the changes were highlighted. Kevin stated they were in the draft Town Plan for the Planning Commission hearing but not this version. He went through the timeline of the Planning Commission Hearing (September 7, 2023) to November 7, 2023. Greg Herrin from the Planning Commission confirmed the timeline.

Susan asked if there were changes to Forests and Parks. Greg reported no changes to that section. Greg Herrin stated there were factual changes in Demographics and substantial changes to the School section. Kevin reported there were some changes made to bring the plan into statutory compliance. Greg noted Town Plans were good for 8 years, but the Planning Commission could start the process over at anytime to make changes. Kevin reported the Board found out in the spring that the plan had to be in place by November 16th.  Kevin thanked the Planning Commission Board members for their service as the Town Plan was under a time constraint for completion and as such they did not make any major overhaul of it.  Members of the Community stepped up and made that happen. There was discussion on Chelsea Design Control and Chelsea Historic District which was not in the Town Plan. Greg reported challenges with writing parts of the Flood Plains but they found out there would be some remapping coming but no dates set for it. Kevin noted under land use there were a few areas in Town that were commercial and mixed use and Greg affirmed there were no changes to that. Anne asked if the Town would be looking at zoning changes.  Kevin noted the Town & Planning Commssion signed a grant with TRORC to start the process of bylaw review.  The Board stated that guiding principle was to keep our Town Plan current so there would not be any impacts to the Town from Act 250 perspective. Kevin read the adoption of the Town Plan & Maps and a resolution for Energy.  There was a brief discussion on the Energy Resolution. It was there to give the Town more leverage with solar projects. It was noted the adoption would need to be done at the Selectboard Meeting.

No further comments. Hearing closed at 6:18 PM


Selectboard meeting Agenda November 7, 2023

Selectboard Meeting Agenda Tuesday, 7 November 2023
Immediately following the Town Plan Hearing at 6 PM
Chelsea Town Hall

  1. Call meeting to order
  2. Additions to the Agenda
  3. Conflict of Interest Disclosure
  4. Public Comments
  5. Transfer Station Presentation and Discussion
  6. Budget Preparation
  7. Highway –
    a. General Updates
    b. Brannan/Osterbye Access Permit
    c. Ashton access Permit
    d. Sidewalk Completion
  8. Declaration of Inclusion
  9. Forest and Parks Commission
  10. Law Enforcement
  11. Municipal Energy Resilience Program
  12. VLCT PACIF Coverage Direction Form
  13. Town Report
  14. Approve Minutes 30 October 2023
  15. Approve Orders
  16. Admin Position
  17. Executive Session if necessary
  18. Adjourn

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October 30 , 2023 Special Meeting Minutes draft

Present: Kevin Marshia, Chair, Kelly Lyford, Vice Chair, Leyna Hoyt, Jesse Kay, Bill Lyon, Rick Ackerman, Karen Lathrop

Others Present: Phyllis Civitello

  1. Call meeting to order: Kevin Marshia called meeting to order at 6:30 PM
  2. Additions:  Kevin requested a conversation on the Transfer Station meeting.
  3. Public comments: None
  4. Conflict of Interest Disclosure: Jesse Kay recused herself from the bid process.
  5. Open bids for Edwards Road Sites 4 & 5

Blue Mountain Trucking and Excavating            23,750.00 (site 5 only)

Galfetti Grading Inc,                                         23,844.00 (site 4 & 5)

Northwoods Excavating Inc.                              48,962.00 (site 4 & 5)

Markowski Excavating Inc.                              54,247.29 (site 4 & 5)

JL Smith                                                           42,125.00 (site 4 & 5)

Waters Excavation Inc.                                     46,620.00 (site 4 & 5)

Brief discussion with Road Supervisor about bids.

Leyna Hoyt moved to accept the bid proposal of $23,844.00 from Galfetti Grading Inc. Bill Lyon seconded the motion.

The Board to have Kasey check with the company to ensure work would be done by November 30, 2023. Phyllis Civitello questioned whether all the sites would be fixed and the road plowable for winter. Leyna reported the site by Mrs. Civitello house would have a temporary fix (site 3) this year to make it usable this year. Rick stated he was waiting for stone to be available to work on it. He thought he would be able to get to it in the next couple of weeks. The Board assured Mrs. Civitello the road would be passable this winter.

 All were in favor, Motion passed.

Addition:  Board held a brief discussion about a power point presentation for the November 7, meeting. Jesse to present. Discussion on keeping personnel safe while working, the transfer station deficit and feedback so far. No action taken.

Leyna Hoyt moved to adjourn at 7:25 PM. Bill Lyon seconded the motion. No discussion.  All were in favor, Motion passed. 


Invitation to Bid – Edwards Road Sites 4 and 5

The Town of Chelsea invites the submission of project bids to repair storm damage to two sites on Town Highway #8 Edwards Road

Project Scope:
The contractor will be responsible for two sites: Sites known as 4 and 5. These sites will be marked on Monday, 23 October 23. Highway Foreman Rick Ackerman will be able to answer questions on the location of these sites. He can be contacted at: and 802.685.4302

Site 4: Repair approximately 50-foot length of slope, 10 feet wide with approx. 370 CY of Stone Fill, Type IV

Site 5: Repair approximately 40-foot length of slope, 10 feet wide with approx. 296 CY of Stone Fill, Type IV

Please Note: The contractor is responsible for any potential debris removal and disposal, and the purchasing and hauling of materials for these projects.

The project completion date is 30 November 2023, unless any unforeseen problem warrants a time extension.

This project is subject to the “Low Risk Site Handbook for Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control”, and the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. The contractor is responsible for understanding and complying with all of these permits and documents.

The municipality must ensure all participating contractors have the prerequisite experience, therefore contractors wishing to bid must submit at least one construction reference from a successful project similar in scale to this one for review. This reference must be included with the project bid packet.

Bids will be received at the Chelsea Town Office or by email ( until noon on Friday, 27 October 2023. The town plans to issue a Notice of Award and Notice to proceed as soon as possible, once the bids have been properly evaluated during a Special Selectboard Meeting that will be held within 5 days of the bid deadline.  

The Town of Chelsea Selectboard reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to accept any bid deemed to be in the best interests of the Town of Chelsea. Incomplete bid packages will not be considered. Please be sure to use the form provided on the Town of Chelsea website.

Further information, including fact sheets and technical drawings can be found on the Town of Chelsea website. If you have any further questions regarding this project, please email Kasey Peterson at Questions will be received until 12 Noon on Tuesday 24 October 2023 so that needed clarifications can be transmitted to all bidders in a timely manner prior to the bid deadline.


Chelsea Selectboard Notice of Public Hearing

On the Draft Chelsea Town Plan November 7th at 6PM at the Chelsea Town Hall.

The Chelsea Selectboard will be holding a hearing on the Draf Town Plan at 6:00PM on November 7th at the Chelsea Town Hall, 296 VT-110, Chelsea, VT 05038.

The purpose of this hearing is to take comments from the public on the draf Town Plan so that the Planning Commission can consider these as it makes its final revisions prior to sending to the Selectboard. The proposed Town Plan will replace the current Town Plan in its entirety. Copies of the draft can be found at the Town Office during business hours. Comments may be mailed to the atention of the Selectboard at P.O. Box 266 Chelsea, VT 05038.

Below is a summary of the proposal. I. Goals of the Plan
II. Demographics
III. Economic Development IV. Housing

V. Education
VI. Utilities and Facilities
VII. Recreation and Parks
VIII. Health and Emergency Services
IX. Natural, Scenic, and Cultural Resources X. Agriculture and Forestry
XI. Land Use Plan
XII. Transportation
XIII. Energy
XIV. Relationship to Other Plans
XV. Town Plan Implementation
Appendix A

Chelsea Selectboard