Request for Mowing Bids

The Town of Chelsea is accepting proposals for lawn maintenance services of Town owned
property. The proposal must be submitted on the provided BID FORM which includes both an itemized list of costs for spring debris cleanup of the North and South Commons as well as a cost per mow of the following areas:

2024 Bid Form for Mowing Proposals

Both Commons (Biweekly after Flea Market – July 13)
Town Hall
Chelsea sign, Rte 113 (biweekly)
Chelsea sign, rec field and around the old sand pile (biweekly)
Tennis/Basketball Court
Allen FEMA property
Babcock FEMA property
Dybvig FEMA property
Upper Village Road/Rte 110 Triangle
Heath field
Sewer Plant
Old Town Garage Pump House
Brookhaven Pump House
Kennedy Pump House
Water Tank (trim bank 3 Times – over the course of the
Transfer Station (Biweekly)

This is an open and competitive process. A mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held at 8am 17 April 2024
at the Chelsea Recreation Field.

Proposals must be submitted on an official BID FORM and received by 4:00 pm on 29 April 2024. Bids may be emailed to

Proposals will be opened at the Selectboard Meeting at the Chelsea Town Hall on 30 April 2024
The proposal must contain the signature of a duly authorized officer or agent of the company submitting the proposal.

Contractor prohibited from sub-contracting.

Although cost is an important factor in awarding the contract, the Town is not obligated by any Statute or regulation to award the contract for lawn maintenance services on the basis of cost. Accordingly, the Town reserves the right to evaluate all proposals objectively and subjectively and to accept or reject any or all proposals or portion thereof.

Notification of awarded contract will be mailed.

The Town of Chelsea is an equal Opportunity Employer.