Cemetery Commission

Cemetery Commission Meeting Minutes May 18, 2023 (draft)

Present: Frank Keene, Terry Carty, Karen Lathrop & Shannon Doyle

1.  Meeting called to order at 6:30 PM by Frank Keene.

2.   Karen nominated Frank Keene Chair. There being no other nominations, Frank was voted Chair of the Cemetery Commission unanimously.  Terry nominated for Karen for Secretary. There being no other nominations, Karen was voted Secretary of the Cemetery Commission unanimously.

3. New Business:

a.  Frank gave a report on a tree that had fallen on the fence line from last year’s logging on land above the cemetery. Last fall, he spoke to both forester and logger who were logging Casey Martin’s land about moving the buffer zone up the hill so there would not be an impact on the Cemetery. Frank had spoken with Casey Martin who said he would speak with the forester and logger. Logger was not willing to take tree down. Frank spoke with the Forester. Frank and Shannon could take it down safely. Forester is okay with that.

b.  Frank showed the Board pictures of Memorial Guards for veteran memorial stones. The Board was in favor of Frank suggesting the use of the guards going forward with setting stones. Total cost for setting veteran memorials with the guards would be $170.00. Guard is $150.00 and setting it is $20.00. Memorial Guards prevent the stones from sinking in the ground and have recesses in them to drain water away from the stone.

c.  Frank wanted the Board to be aware that a stone was set without a foundation as the person was very hard to deal with and did not want the added expense of it. Frank stated he cut the hole, put the crushed stone in it and set the stone. He noted there was “no warranty” written on the bill for setting the stone.

d.   Frank stated there was money left over ( $600.00)  from the donation from Mr. Scott Edwards. Mr. Edwards donated money to paint the archway. Steve and Frank repaired some wood on the archway and had Tim Perreault come in to paint it. Tim found more places that had some rotten wood and fixed it before painting the archway. He did a wonderful job. Frank stated if the Board had no issues with using the extra money, they could put some split rail fence next to the Archway. Board was in favor of doing that and also replacing fencing along the front of the Lincoln lot with the same.

4.  There being no other business to come before the Board, Frank moved to adjourn at 6:42 PM. Karen seconded the motion all were in favor.