Meeting Minutes


February 20, 2024 Selectboard Meeting Minutes (draft)

Please note, the formatting has changed slightly. We will attempt to correct it, but wanted minutes to be posted timely.

Present: Kevin Marshia, Leyna Hoyt, William Lyon, Kelly Lyford (virtually), Jesse Kay (virtually).

Others present: Jana Meyer, Rick Allen, Road Supervisor, Karen Lathrop, Clerk.

  1. Kevin called meeting to order at 6:31 pm
  2. Additions to Agenda:
  3.  Jesse- Transfer Station Punch cards & staffing
  4. Jesse – Request for posting on website
  5. Kevin -DRB Appointment
  6. William -Health Center Building
  7. Kevin-RFP for FEMA projects
  8. No conflicts of interest
  9. Public Comment: Jana Meyer requested signage for horses on Jenkins Brook down to 110 and up by Vershire Center Road and possibly Red Rock Road. Board just requires consistency for this going forward. Board approval provided Rick and Jana work on location and costs.
  10. Treasurer- Internal Controls – Board approval required on Auditor form for Internal Controls. Kevin read them to the Board.

Leyna moved to approve the Treasurer’s Internal Financial Controls with one edit being confirmed.  Bill seconded the motion. All being in favor, motion passed.

  •  Highway:
  • VTRANS FY 25 grants: Board discussion on Culverts grants- Board and Rick agreed to see if FEMA would cover them. Board discussion with Rick on Paving grant. Rick tasked to work with Kasey on a paving grant. Board and Rick agreed not to put a bridge grant in at this time.
  • Codes & Standards: Kevin read the Certification of Compliance for Town Road and Bridge Standards and Network Inventory.

Leyna moved to approve the Certification of Compliance for Town Road and Bridge Standards. Jesse Kay seconded the motion. All were in favor, the motion passed.

  • Rte 110 Paving Project Update: Kevin updated the Board. Paving scheduled for next year,  Kevin met for a walk through of the project with Chris Bump. Board Members would like to see crosswalks. Discussion on whether that could happen.
  • Gravel Road Future Planning: Board had a discussion on going forward with budgeting money next year for upgrading roads.  Rick noted Williamstown spends about $100,00.00 year for Road Upgrades. No action taken at this time.
  • Town Truck Replacement: Board discussion with Rick about truck replacement. Purchase Policy requires a sealed bid. Rick speaking with several entities on prices. Rick tasked to bring specs to a future meeting for Board approval.
  • Rick gave an update on the guardrail replacement on East Randolph Road and Upper Village Road.
  • Wastewater  Engineering Services Bid Selection: Kevin noted they received three proposals for the Pump Station Project- AES out of Plattsburgh Dufresne Group out of Barre, and MSK out of Bennington. Mike Whipple, Gregg Herrin and Kevin went over proposals and ranked them independently. Any that scored over 90, the  Selection Board had to interview them. Dufrense Group scored the highest and they had an interview with Naomi Johnson from Dufresne Group. The Selection Committee is recommending Dufresne Group. Board discussion on timeline and multiple pieces to the project. Kevin reported they must hire and engineer and have an environmental review. Once completed it would unlock the $600,00.00 in award money for the pump station project. Once completed then would come engineering and development. The Town applied to the Clean Water Revolving Loan Fund and has funding.

Kevin went over the four parts: Pump Station- evaluate and prioritize improvements to the physical system, evaluate the manholes and sewer issues ( camera some piping issues) and automated sampling.  Board had some discussion on rates.

Leyna moved to approve the proposal for engineering contract for waste water pump station with the Dufresne Group. William seconded the motion. All were in favor, the motion passed.

  • Town Meeting Preparation: Kevin offered to put a power point presentation together if Board was amenable. Karen suggested a sound system. Jesse offered to contact Bill Smith. Just set up of the hall. Discussion on setup
  • Use of the Village Green- Chelsea Farmer’s Market Request- 5/24/24-11 of 2024 from 2-7 pm

Leyna moved to approve the application for Chelsea Farmer’s Market as read. Bill seconded the motion.  All were in favor, motion passed.

  1. Use of the Village Green – Chelsea Flea Market Request- 7/13/2-24 with set up on 7/11&12/2024 from 6 am to 4 pm.

Leyna moved to approve the application for Chelsea Flea Market as read. Bill seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.

  1.  Approve minutes- 6 February 2024-

Leyna moved to approve the minutes of February 6, 2024. Bill seconded the motion. All were in favor, the motion passed.


Engineering Services RFP for FEMA Projects: Kevin RFP sent out a month ago. Received comments from State. Board was amenable to Kevin working with Kasey to go forward with the RFP.

Transfer Station Punch Tickets: Jesse reported some continuing documentation issues but overall the process is working. Board discussed changing the format of the documentation but Will thought it would confuse the employees and is good going with figures from the Clerk. Leaving the logs as is.

Transfer Station Staffing: Bill noted Kri had given her notice and she did not give a two week notice. Board discussed hours at the Transfer Station for the second person helping Snook. Not needed so much in winter but definitely in summer. and decided to get the word out and put an ad on social media. Bill is tasked with speaking with an individual as he has spoken with Snook about the hours. Jesse tasked to put something on social media and speak with Kasey.

DRB: Kevin noted he spoke with Mary Ellen and there are three zoning applications that need to go before the DRB. They need another member to have a quorum. Chuck Peel, a resident, has expressed a desire to be part of the Board and emailed the Board. The Board must appoint a DRB Member.  Board thought it needed to be reposted to get more people involved. Invite Mary Ellen and Johanna Welch to March 19, 2024 meeting.

Leyna moved to approve Chuck Peel to the DRB Board pending Johanna and Mary Ellen’s approval. Bill seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.

Request to Post on the Website: Jesse noted Kasey received an email from Mary Fletcher who   Higher Education advisor with to post to our Website. Upon further research, Jesse felt this was not State or Town specific but did not recommend placing it on our website. Jesse noted she started working on a policy for website requests and she had stopped while transitioning the website. The Board felt it was something they should finish once they have their new AA.

Chelsea Health Center Building: William stated he spoke with Dave Savidge and it sounded like most of the committee would be interested in speaking with the Board about the building. Board felt inviting them to come to the meeting on March 14, would be the appropriate next step.

  1.  Approve Orders:

Leyna moved to approve the orders. Bill seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.

  1. Executive Session:

  Leyna moved to enter executive session for personnel at 8: 05 pm inviting Karen. Bill seconded the motion.  All were in favor, motion passed.

Leyna moved to exit executive session at 8:09 pm. Biill seconded the motion. All were in favor,    motion passed.

No action taken

  1.  Adjourn:  Leyna moved adjourn at 8:10 pm Bill seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.

February 6, 2024 Selectboard Meeting Minutes

Chelsea Selectboard Meeting Minutes (draft)

February 6, 2024

Present: Kelly Lyford, Leyna Hoyt, William Lyon and Jesse Kay

Others Present: Gregg Herrin, Karen Lathrop

  1.  Kelly called the meeting to order 6:30 PM
  2. Additions to Agenda -None
  3. Conflict of Interest Disclosure -None
  4. Public Comment – None
  • Listers Appeal of Sales and Equalization Study 2023- Phyllis recommended appealing 3 properties in the Sales and Equalization Study the State sends to the Listers. Kelly noted the appeal was as to how the properties were sold and she read the appeal letter.

Jesse moved to approve the letter of appeal for the Sales Equalization study from Phyllis as read. William seconded the motion. All were in favor, the motion passed. 

  • VLCT PACIF- Insurance Claim for Town Hall- Kelly went over the three claims that came in from VLCT and noted Kasey would need authorization to sign electronically. Replacement cost of Pellet Furnace room was $4,500. Services from Lyme Green Heat and Irving Oil were $3,392.23 and Pellets and bag were $$4,680.  She explained their was a deductible of a $1,000.00 probably covered all three.

Leya moved to give the interim administrative assistance the authority to sign electronically for the VLCT  Proof of Loss for the Town Hall in the amount of $4,500 for furnace room, $3,392.23 for service and replacement cost value of $4,680.  Jesse seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.

There was some discussion on the membrane. Leyna noted they could not find documentation on the waterproof membrane in the Town Hall Cellar. Leyna noted they needed to  have someone come in get an estimate.

  • Health Center Building – William does not have any information yet. Next step was to meet with the Health Center Board. Kelly noted they were going to have their own meeting. William to reach out and tabled any further discussion.
  • Log Storage at Heath Field- Leyna felt there should be a process for these requests. Karen gave some info from VLCT on insurance requirements for short term situations which would include a certificate of insurance with the Town listed as the Primary.  she noted VLCT suggested an agreement between the Town and Company for long term commitments and also noted the Town has Flood Bylaws to abide by. . Leyna to reach out to Mary Ellen Parkman, Zoning Administrator and Board discussed when to bring it back to the agenda, which sparked a conversation about when to have their organizational meeting as Town Meeting falls on their regular Tuesday. Board decided to have their organizational meeting on March 6, 2024.
  • Use of the Village Green – Arts Festival – The Chelsea Arts Collective requested the use of the village green for August 31, 2024 for their annual Craft Festival.

 Leyna moved to approve the request for use of the Green for the Arts Festival on August 31, 2024.  Jesse seconded the motion.  Jesse noted that the food trucks should not be on the green and it should be relayed to the Arts Collective.

All were in favor and the motion passed.

  1. Approval of Minutes 30 January, 2024 – Jesse moved to approve the January 30, 2024 minutes. Leyna seconded the motion. All were in favor and the motion passed.
  1. Approve Orders – Jesse moved to approve the orders.  Leyna seconded the motion. All were in favor and the  motion passed.
  1. Executive session for Personnel – Jesse moved to enter executive session for Personnel inviting Karen at 6:57 PM.  Bill seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.

Leyna moved to exit executive session at 7:33 PM. Jesse seconded the motion. All were in favor and the motion passed.

No formal action taken – Bill and Jesse to follow up with personnel.

  1. Adjourn- Leyna moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:34 PM.  Jesse seconded the motion. All were in favor and the motion passed.

January 30, 2024 Selectboard Meeting Minutes (draft)

Present: Kevin Marshia, Bill Lyon, Leyna Hoyt, Kelly Lyford( virtual), Jesse Kay (virtual).

Others present: Frank Keene, Terry Carty, Bob Brannan, Rosalind Osterbye, Gregg Herrin, Chintana Herrin, Helen Heslop, Bailey Boardman, Becky Hook, Ed Coburn, Tom Stearns, Jackson Howe (WCSD), Jabri Black (WCSD), Ryan Palmer (WCSD) Emily Newman, Carrie Caouette-Delallo, Rick Ackerman, Gayle Durkee.

  1. Kevin called the meeting to order at 6:32 pm
  • No additions to the agenda
  • No conflicts of interest
  • Public Comments – Kevin read the letter form Mary Ellen Parkman on the job description for the Town Administrator which she thinks borders on Town Manager. Board member Kelly Lyford stated she had responded to the letter and the Board had no intentions of going to a Town Manager style of government and would like to have a conversation about that.
  • Kevin introduced the Windsor County Sheriff Ryan Palmer who gave a presentation on his qualifications, how he can help our community, and pro-active policing. He gave a brief overview of what Sheriff’s departments are responsible for. Went over contract and stated WCSD was open to partnering with the school district. He went over stats for Town of Cheslea as of January from January of 2022 to present. Also reiterated that the primary law enforcement for crime is VSP. There was a question and answer period at the end with the community. The Board thanked WCSD for coming to the meeting.
  • Highway- Rick gave an update on gravel. He stated he moved about 1500 yards of it to the temporary site, with around 1,000 yards left. There is no luck on new truck info.
  • Listers-Kevin read the appeal letter to the Tax Department on the Sale. Board did not understand it and because there was no one present they tabled it to the next meeting.
  • Town Treasurer- Line of Credit. Kevin noted that a line of credit is necessary due to how and when we vote our Budget and collect our Taxes. Kelly asked if we would use it by the end of the year. Gayle noted it depends on if we get any FEMA money back, what kind of expenses come up. She noted that the last two years, they have used the AARPA money instead of a line of credit but that it is a normal occurrence for Towns to get a line of credit as Taxes aren’t collected until November.  It is really a tax anticipation note. The Town pays it back as soon as possible so they don’t’ pay a lot of interest. Kevin read the Resolution.

Leyna moved to approve the Resolution for the Line of Credit in the amount of $350,000. William Lyon seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.

Leyna moved to approve the line of credit in the amount of $350,000 for the year 2024. Bill seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.

  •  Forests and Parks – Susan Elder reported on the Forests and parks and questioned how do they warn their meeting and post minutes.  Jesse to post on the website for their meeting and make a page for them.  Jesse requested emails if possible for the website and they can decide how to proceed going forward.  Susan stated the committee was going to meet on Monday.  Kevin requested regular updates to the Board.  The Board thanked Susan for the update.
  1. Development Review Board- Leyna noted we currently do not have a DRB except Johanna Welch and then it falls back onto the Planning Commission, but felt that the Board needs to appoint persons because of projects that might come before the them. William thought that we needed to get something out on social media. Jesse said she could put something on the website. Kelly asked should the interim admin post to it?  Jesse stated she would put it out there on the facebook page and website but felt like it should be a Kasey/Karen item.
  1. Town Report Proof- Kevin noted Kasey sent them the proof, Kasey noticed there was nothing explaining the barn quilt but would have that fixed. Kevin went through it and found nothing major, Gayle stated she had a couple of reports to check but otherwise it was fine. Kelly felt there was not enough time to proof it when it is due on Thursday when we received it on .stated last year, it was hectic but he just read the warning, and looked briefly at the budget. He noted he did not go through this year’s for high ticket items but not for other entities reports. Kelly noted just proofing it. Gregg asked what the repercussions of proofing it. Kevin stated it just gets mailed out with typos. Kevin noted Kasey was just putting it on the agenda so the Board was aware of it, no motion necessary. Kevin to let Kasey know they appreciate her efforts.
  1.  Old Home Days- Kevin read Will Gilman’s letter on Old Home Day. Will stated he would like to put it together for August 3 & 4th and requested use of both commons on that weekend. Kevin noted there is an Old Home Day’s bank account balance of $1,473.00. Gayle stated she would work with Will on the money out of the account.

William moved to approve Will Gilman’s request for an Old Home’s Day on August 3 & 4 and use of the Old Home Day Account of $1,473.00. Leyna seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.

  1. Dubois & King Contract Amendment- Kevin recapped the last meetings discussion on the amended contract with an overage of $3,000.00 Leyna noted that due to sickness she had not gone through everything but did watch the meeting video the Board had with David Conger. Board had a discussion on:
  2. Differing opinions after having watched the meeting with Dave Conger
  3. Ownership of the extra $3,000 due to changes in the contract that might have been

misconstrued by all

  • Completion of Contract- was a memorandum sent to Town – no known at this time
  • Overrun of contract without notification to Town
  • Completion of documentation to Dubois & King
  • Non signature of original contracted amount  
  • No help from D & B as to the FEMA eligibility aspect due to the overrun of the contract

Leyna felt the Town should not pay the extra amended amount ( $3000.00). Bill felt they should split the difference which others thought fair due to some miscommunication on both entities parts.

 Bill moved to approve the original $10,000 contract and split the difference of the $3,000 amended contract. Jesse seconded the motion.  The motion was approved by Kelly, William, and Jesse and opposed by Leyna. Motion passed.

  1. Approve Minutes 16  January 2024–  Leyna moved to approve minutes from January 16, 2024. William seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.
  1. Approve Minutes 23 January 2024 – Leyna moved to approve minutes from January 23, 2024. William seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.
  1. Approve Orders- William moved to approve orders. Leyna seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.
  1. Executive Session – Leyna moved to enter executive session at 8:28 pm. William seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.

Leyna moved to exit executive session at 9:04 pm. William seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.

Discussion of personnel as to hiring a new Town Administrator, no action taken.

  1. Adjourn- Lenya moved to adjourn at 9:06 pm.  William seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.

January 23,2024 Special Selectboard Meeting Minutes (draft)

January 23, 2024 Special Selectboard Meeting (draft)

Present: Kevin Marshia, Kelly Lyford, Leyna Hoyt, William Lyon, Jesse Kay

Others present: Frank Keene,Emily Newman, Gregg Herrin, Theresa Bonaser, Sheriff George Contois, Rosemary Noel

Kevin called the meeting to order at 6:30

No conflicts of interest

Public Comments – In response to a previous question from the board regarding projects and possible grants, Frank Keene Cemetery Commissioner priced out the cost of materials and labor to cut overgrown brush that is encroaching into the Highland Cemetery and to remove an old fence and have a new one installed.  The estimate is $15,000 for materials and $10,000 for labor. 

Law Enforcement –

Orange County Sheriff George Contois felt a contract for only four hours, which is what Chelsea wanted was a set up for failure for the office.  It was asked if there was room for negotiations. Board reported no new information from Orange County as of the current meeting.

Jesse asked the community in attendance for input.  Bill expressed that he didn’t want to take away from Orange County Sheriff’s Office but that we needed to go a different route.

Kevin explained that the Windsor County Sheriff’s office will start their patrols and billing hours when they are in the town of Chelsea, and that the length of the contract for Windsor County Sheriff’s Office is for one year from the date of signing.  The rate is $65.00 per hour for weekly patrolling that includes 4 hours of daytime and 10 hours of nighttime patrolling. 

Leyna moved to approve the contract with Orange County Sheriff’s Office not to exceed $47,320.  Jesse seconded.  All approved, motion passed. 

Budget Amendment – Kevin explained the changes to the budget from the previous meeting.  Jesse moved to approve the budget of $1,662.234 with $1,057,760 to be raised by taxes.  Leyna seconded.  All approved, motion passed.

Kevin read the warning in its entirety.  Jessie moved to approve the warning as read by Kevin.  Leyna seconded the motion.  All approved, motion passed. 

Lena moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:12 pm.  Bill seconded the motion.  All approved, motion passed. 


January 16, 2024 Selectboard Meeting Minutes (draft)

Selectboard Meeting Minutes (draft)

January 16, 2024

Present- Kevin Marshia, Kelly Lyford, Leyna Hoyt, William Lyon (until 7 pm) Jesse Kay (virtual)

Others Present, Karen Lathrop, Gayle Durkee, William Krane, Susan Elder Chintana Herrin, Gregg Herrin,

Rosemary Noel, Carrie Caouette Delallo.

  1. Kevin called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM
  2. Additions to Agenda
  3. Grange Exemption Request- Barbara Chambers
  4. Selectboard Report – Kevin Marshia
  5. Conflict of Interest Disclosure- None
  6. Public Comments – Susan Elder asked when the next meeting was and could Forests and Parks be added to it.
  7. Law Enforcement – Kevin re-capped the prior meetings. The Board recognized the need to get contracts signed as there has been no coverage. They reported they received some feedback from Townspersons and overall, most agreed with both a middle of the road approach with both day and night coverage. There were concerns about what that might look like. The Board stated they could not speak as to what times the coverage would be, but they would have conversations with each Sheriff’s Department as to when they thought crime was occurring. Kevin reiterated the costs of the middle of the ground options the Board was leaning toward. When asked if this would come before the voters, the Board replied that they had three meetings with ample notice for voters to give feedback. They could of course amend it from the floor as it was a budget item, but they were hoping it would not come to that, though maybe they would amend it up if the voters felt it was necessary. They reported contracts needed to be signed as there was no coverage in place and thanks to newspapers it was widely noticed. There was discussion about whether the contracts for law enforcement would preclude money for security cameras and the Board stated they had a line item for that and were going forward with them. There was a discussion about whether they would be a deterrent to crime which the Board felt they would be. The Board noted that this was just the beginning of an ongoing law enforcement conversation and they planned to work going forward with Townspeople on trying to get more proactive than reactive.

Leyna moved to approve a contract with Orange County for 4 hours per week with an annual amount of $12.500.00 and enter into a contract with Windsor County for 10 hours a week for $34,000.00.  Jesse seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.

        Addition – Grange Request for exemption of taxes- Barbara Chambers spoke for the Grange for a tax exemption for the next five years. She stated since the flood, they have no way to create an income. Phyllis Hayward, Lister, helped her with this. She stated the grange was organized in 1907 and had been a functioning grange ever since. Barbara read the request to the Board. She noted there was a proclamation from Governor Scott and noted other Towns had exempted tax for their granges. She noted that in the past it had been designated as an emergency place for the school students to go to. She stated they are community organization based in agriculture and participated in many community-based activities such as the Halloween Trunk or Treat and community-based dinners. Kelly asked for the Statute reference. Kelly asked if they were asking it as an educational entity, to which stated no they were not an educational entity. The Board was favorable. There was a discussion about where it falls on the warning. Kelly noted the Spotlight was on the floor vote side of the meeting. There was discussion among the Board on where it would go. A motion was made while the Town Clerk was out of the room. When the Clerk came back, she stated they should not put her in the motion. There was more discussion on where it goes. Karen agreed they could put it on the Australian Ballot part of the warning if they so wished. She gave some the recent history of how the Town voted. Kevin gave his opinion to put it on the Australian Ballot which while the Town Clerk agreed, she noted she was not a lawyer and could not give any legal counsel.

Jesse moved to add the Grange request for a five year tax exemption to the Australian Ballot on the Warning contingent upon additional research to prove legality to do so. Leyna seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.

  • Town Treasurer
  • Budget Prep- Gayle and the Board went through the Income and Expense side of the Solid Waste budget. There will be a deficit of $86,000.00. Punch Tickets in revenue $85,000 and $20,000 in Recycle Stickers. They set Maintenance at $6,000.00 as they still have to fix the composting toilet ($1823.00) and enclose the oil tank fully. The high cost of the Solid Waste in “23” was due to residents bringing flood trash to the dump.  The board noted that though there was still a deficit they were closer to closing the gap.

Chad Hewit and Gayle explained the Childcare Credit Tax to the Board. Employers are now required to statutorily collect the tax starting in July to support more positions in the childcare area. Chad stated it was a 44% payroll tax, but the Board could pass on some of that cost to the employee or Town would pay it all (33% Town/11% Employees). Chad noted the Board had to decide on it. After some discussion, the Board decided to pay for it all this year as it is only a half year, and they would revisit it again in the next budget.

The Board, Gayle and Chad discussed the Highway surplus which Gayle recommended putting towards income. The State accelerated their Highway payment this last year due to flooding and the need for Towns to have money to fix their infrastructure. Usually, Towns have a quarterly payment a year and there were six in “23” so only two payments would be made this. Chad and Gayle recommend placing the surplus ($65,000) in the income side of Highway. Kevin noted the budget was keeping the FEMA piece separate as it would be reimbursed eventually. Reimbursement funds would be 87.5%. There was discussion on the Town match of 12.5 %. Chad stated the State accelerated the payments and you usually get four payments and Town received six payments in “23”. The”24” fiscal year there would only be two payments. Kevin noted they were holding out the FEMA piece separate, and they had been using some ARPA money to help with the ongoing expense. Kevin stated the Town would not be fully reimbursed, Town has a 12.5% match and some of our volunteer hours. Chad stated most of the hours would come out of Rick and crew labor and machinery use.

Gayle noted diesel prices were going up, so she raised the line item for I to $65,000.00. The Board had a discussion on work that was usually done annually but was not done due to the extra flooding and what the actual cost of diesel was. The board left it at $65,000.00.

There was a discussion on raising taxes on FEMA expenses. Chad advised against doing it as FEMA is a reimbursed expense as unbudgeted revenue. Kevin noted there would be large upcoming expenses for FEMA related projects in the next two years, but the Town had a grant awarded to the Town for an engineering study on Maple Avenue that the Town match would be 20%. He noted they had put Maple Avenue bridge in for a FEMA project but as of tonight, they think it would be a stretch, but the matching fund was there for the grant prior to any FEMA projects. Kevin noted” if” Town had $2,000,000.00 in projects then they would need $150,000 raised for their match and the $75,000 was a start to raising that money. Chad recommended they put that cost in the highway Matching Fund so if they do not get to it all in “24”, it would just roll into the next year. Kevin asked Gayle to increase the Highway matching fund to $100,000. Karen questioned whether the amount could be changed for the line item. Gayle stated they had lowered it in previous years. Kevin felt it was still up to residents to vote for it. Chad stated the Town Garage Bond payment was still in the General Fund area of the budget and he advised Gayle to shuffle the debt from the General Fund to Highway for transparency so voters could see which department the money was spent on, and they did that with the insurance as well. He stated it would not change the ending balances, just showed where the money was spent.

Gayle noted the total Highway Budget was $936,056 and total highway budget to by taxes was $1,124,054. She noted the bottom-line changes as they make changes to line items.  Revenue was only budgeted at $956,056. Question on whether we can use ARPA money be used to offset some of the $100,00 in the matching fund. There was a question on whether it was voted on. There was discussion on whether to use some of it and was it already voted. The Board said they thought they had voted it at an earlier meeting. Gayle to look it up. The Total ARPA fund was $377,000.00 minus the bonuses last year.

The Board and Gayle spoke to the percent change in the budget. Chad stated the budget was 12% increase from last year with the $100,000 in there. Chad stated it comes out to .09 cents municipal tax increase from last year. Discussion on how to present this to the residents at the Town Meeting. Kevin explained he presents it at town meeting as taxes on a 100,000-house appraisal and a 250,000-house appraisal for voters to relate to it. It would be a $236 increase. Kevin gave a breakdown of the large ticket budget. Leyna felt like ARPA money should be used for some of it as there are items in the budget which were listed in the first meeting on ARPA. Jesse felt voters would be unhappy that they would not have a say in the ARPA usage. Kelly agreed with that. Leyna stated facts have changed since the first conversation on ARPA and she was not suggesting using it all. Gayle stated Town should be using the money to keep taxes down instead of spending it on anything lavish. Jesse felt some should be kept for the community groups. Leyna felt lower taxes would help many residents. Kevin agreed some of the items were on the list.

Chad recommended using the Restoration Fund for the digitization as that is what it was for. Karen noted they were planning to use part ARPA/Restoration fund. So, there would not be a need to raise taxes for this item.

The board discussed using $20,000 ARPA fund for both Town Garage and Town Hall Security and add it to revenue and half of Digitization $7,100. The board was in favor, but Jesse noted that law enforcement would need to be fully funded in the future by taxes. Use of ARPA funds $53,100 for everything but Highway and $8,000 under Highway.

Chad said water and sewer always gets lost in the shuffle. The $87,000.00 shortfall for last year and there will be an anticipated shortfall of $57,000.00 for this year is concerning. $88,000 hit hurts. You need to use revenue to breakeven on the $58,000.00.

There are only three ways to fix it:

  1. Cut expenses.
  2. Raise the rates.
  3. Subsidize it from the General Fund.

There was Board discussion about the deficit. They acknowledged that the salaries were low for past employees. Revenues have been stagnant. Sludge Management has increased. The Contract was larger than Nolan’s Salary, there were more expensive testing now. Kelly noted we have been running at a deficit for years. Gayle said the checkbook had a good balance, but Town had been running a deficit. The board knew they had to do something, but with all the flooding woes they had not raised the rates.

Kevin asked if they had time to work on it. Chad stated if the Board was going to subsidize it through the general fund Gayle would need the numbers tonight for budget. There was discussion on whether they could use the sinking funds. Gayle could not find anything in the records that specified what it was for. Discussion on whether a legal opinion was needed. The water’s sinking fund was $195,000 and the Sewer was $161,000. The board does not think using the ARPA fund for this would be right. Chad felt the Board could make the decision on use of the sinking funds. Kevin stated that was good to know and they could use the sinking fund while we had a conversation.

Chad stated the Water Fund owes the General Fund almost $100,000 dollars. Chad explained how that done. Kevin stated we have a $160,000.00 deficit in water and sewer over multiple years. The Board is in favor of using the sinking funds until they can have a meeting on it. Gayle recommended using the sinking fund but do not use it all, take the 58,000 out for the upcoming debt, and raise water/sewer rates. The Board thanked Chad for his help.

Finishing the budget, Gayle stated the bottom-line number $1,071,903 total taxes of which 6.9%. increase over last year. Gayle stated there was a carry forward balance of $100.000.00 on the revenue side. Gayle also noted that it would be more expensive to drop the Zoning Administrator phone, they changed the website line item for the website to $295. No change to Orange County Superior Court line item.

Jesse moved to approve the budget of $1,600,000) of which $1,071,903 to be raised by taxes for the 2024 budget. Leyna seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.

  • Line of Credit- Gayle took out a 350,000 line of credit at 6% interest rate. The board requested Gayle send the Resolution to them so they could have a chance to read it prior to making a motion. Gayle said she did not mind. The board wanted it on the next agenda. There was a discussion whether to continue with the meeting or recess to another time. Karen was in favor of getting the meeting warning finished. All the Board decided to continue.
  • Certificate of Highway Mileage- Kevin read the mileage email from the State of Vermont. There is an increase of .01 miles for Taylor Hill Road and.7 miles of Cemetery Road remapped. Will slightly increase our Town Highway Aid.

Leyna moved to approve the certificate of town highway mileage with adjustments made. Jesse seconded the motion. All in favor, motion passed.

The Herald reporter wished to contact Gayle and Board about items in the meeting and about the water/sewer.                        

  • Health Center Building – Tabled
  • Town Meeting Warning – after some discussion of finishing the meeting another night and whether all the appropriations had submitted, they edited the total for appropriations, Kevin read the warning adding Article 2 for the Grange.

Leyna moved to approve the warning as read for Town Meeting with edits. Kelly seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.

               The Board felt they should finish the agenda, as they were all present.

  1. Semiquincentenniel – Kelly moved to adopt the Anniversary Resolution for 25-year Semiquincentenniel from the State. Jesse seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.

       Addition –Kevin updated the Board on the Selectboard report. Kelly had minor edits. Kevin to   finalize and submit.

  1. Bylaw Modernization – Kevin stated the Board needs to authorize a motion to authorize Kevin to sign both the contract with the state for the grant for the by–law modernization process and the agreement with TRORC.

Leyna moved to give Kevin authority to sign the contract with the State of Vermont and agreement TRORC on the Board’s behalf. Jesse seconded the motion. All in favor, the motion passed.

Discussion about the need for two separate motions as contract as the State of Vermont contract needed to be signed prior to signing the agreement with TRORC.

Leyna amended to move to approve the contract with the state for by law modernization with Kevin authorized to sign. Jesse seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.

 Leyna amended to move to the authorize Kevin to sign Two Rivers Ottauqueechee agreement. Jesse seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.

  1. Dubois and King Contract – Board had a lengthy discussion on whether there was miscommunication. Leyna stated she did not want to sign it. Kelly stated she felt there were some miscommunications on both parts. Leyna, stated the contractor overran a contract and did not notify the Town. She called and when she found out, she instructed them to stop. Their contract stated up to $10,000.00 and they were up to $13,000.00 when they were instructed to stop. They did not submit the correct pictures. She felt they were not professional. Kevin summarized some of the letter. There was Board discussion on what part was the miscommunication. Dubois & King thought they were working on two sites, but there were seventeen. It was not a firm # in contract. She felt when Dubois & King sat down at the meeting, they never saw it as a red flag about the scope of work and they should have. Kevin noted that there was miscommunication about the level of experience of the person being assigned to the contract. Kevin wanted a more qualified engineer to consult on the project, he never asked for two persons. Leyna stated the photos did not match the roads. If they had done the work well and finished it, she would not mind signing the amended contract. Kelly still felt there was a misunderstanding on the # of sites. Kelly noted Rick did not go around with them. Kelly felt it should have been Rick. Leyna stated she went to every site with them because they said that was all they needed, and Rick was concerned with opening roads, so he was busy. Kelly would like to have a conversation with them about splitting the cost of the amended amount as they own some of the miscommunication on their part. Leyna wanted to look at the video of the meeting before voting on it and would like to go over the photos with Rick to see if they labeled them correctly. Kevin noted they should ask Kasey, as she might have an answer. Leyna stated Rick and her would have to go over the pictures. Jesse the Board should review the work with Kasey to see if she received all the work. Jesse felt there could have been miscommunication but thought they should split the costs due to miscommunication. Leyna requested signing off on it until she could do the research to find the answers to the questions. The Board tabled it to the next meeting. Kelly stated she hoped no one thought they were being criticized as that was not what she was doing. Kevin stated they were all operating on an emergency basis and made choices based on the day having never gone through something like the flooding. Needs to be on the next agenda.
  1.  Approve Minutes- Leyna moved to approve the minutes from the January 2, 2024 meeting. Keely seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed. The board thanked Karen for her minutes.
  1. Approve Orders- Leyna moved to approve orders. Kelly seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.
  1. Executive Session- Kelly moved to enter into executive session at 10.16 pm with just the Board for Personnel. Leyna seconded the motion. All were in favor. Motion passed.

Jessie moved to exit executive session at 11.05 p.m. Kelly seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.

Board discussed Town Administrator Position with no action taken.

  1. Adjourn- Leyna moved to adjourn at 11.09 p.m. Kelley seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.

January 2, 2024 Selectboard Meeting Minutes (draft)

Chelsea Selectboard Meeting Minutes ( draft)

January 2, 2024 – Chelsea Town Hall

Please note any incomplete information captured in the minutes may be due to the failure to move forward to the Owl System used for streaming purposes. If you are not in the listing of persons attending, you may not have entered your name on the sign in log by the door. Please let the Clerk know and you will be added to the minutes.

Present: Kevin Marshia, Kelly Lyford, Leyna Hoyt, Jesse Kay and William Lyon

Others present: Karen Lathrop, Gayle Durkee, Sheriff Contois, Emily Newman, Edgar Perkins, Russell Noel & Rosemary Noel, Linda Kuban, Ed Coburn, Kate Willard, Carrie Caouette-Delallo, Rick Ackerman, Becky Hook, Caleb Bump, Patty Swahn, Mary Beem. Others present who did not sign in.

  1.  Meeting called to order by Kevin Marshia at 6:31 pm
  2. Additions to Agenda – None
  3. Conflict of Interest- None
  4. Public Comments – Becky Hook thanked Rick for the great work he did on the roads. The Board also acknowledged the good work as well.
  5. Law Enforcement – Kevin gave a synopsis of conversations from the last couple of meetings which led to him create a handout of the 2024 Law Enforcement Options. Contact the Clerk for a copy or go to Selectboard Meeting 1/2/2024 ( and queue up 8.50 minutes in to see it.

 Kelly noted there was a typo in the draft meeting minutes for 12/19/2023. Orange County Sheriff’s Department contract was for $58 /hour, not the $68 an hour as listed in the draft minutes.

 Kevin noted residents requested the Board reach out to other entities for patrol options which led the Board to reach out to Vermont State Police, Windsor County Sheriff’s Dept, Orange County Sheriff’s Dept, Town of Royalton and Washington County. Of those five, only Windsor County Sheriff’s & Orange County Sheriff’s submitted contract options. Kevin went over the options list and the approximate taxes per assessment. Kevin stated the Board would defer a decision on a contract to a later meeting but they were looking for feedback from the community. Jesse thanked Kevin for putting the options together, and Leyna noted nighttime patrolling was necessary. Kevin noted that the Board was looking into security cameras for Town property as part of law enforcement conversation. William stated the Company owner was there for the conversation tonight. 

Kevin invited thanked Sheriff Contois for coming to the meeting and invited him to speak. Thus started a dialogue between the citizens, the Board and Sheriff Contois.

Sheriff Contois stated Chelsea was not alone when it came to crime in it’s community.  Statutorily, as of 1/1/2024 they could not patrol without a contract.  He shared new information that OCSD could provide night-time patrolling as of 1/2/2024. He had been under the impression Chelsea would be signing a contract with OCSD as of the last meeting which led him to reduce coverage for other Towns. He emphasized whoever the Board went with for Law Enforcement that OCSD would work with them. There would not be any animosity.

Citizens major concerns were

  • lack of nighttime coverage
  • what patrolling actually consisted of
  • whether the contract had to come before the voters in March
  • were there any studies done about when crime was prevalent
  • the rampant speeding through Town
  • persons parking at the Town Hall and vacant lots from late night to early morning
  • response time overall

Kelly stated she was informed OCSD would not be able to provide nighttime hours. Sheriff Contois emphasized they had someone who was available as of 1/2/2024. Jesse asked whether that was part of the 4 hours. He said patrol hours weren’t definitive. Leyna questioned what if the person OCSD had for nighttime left. Sheriff Contois stated that would be a problem.

The Board expressed some frustration about what they felt was miscommunications, as they had made numerous calls to OCDS to gain information as to their available service hours. The new information was not forthcoming when the handout was created. They requested the new information in writing from Sheriff Contois. Sheriff Contois noted he had been out for surgery and covid so he was not as on top of the contract process as he normally was.

The conversation continued on about daytime vs nighttime coverage, the shortage in the law enforcement workforce, Orange County Budget cuts being detrimental to OCSD, persons hanging about Town in the middle of the night, and security cameras as a deterrent as well as more security for our school students. There was brief discussion on option 4B which was more middle of the road in affordability and had both daytime and nighttime hours. That would be $115 per $250,000.00 assessed value which would be a $90.00 more in taxes. For 18.5 hours/week coverage, both daytime and nighttime coverage using both Orange County and Windsor County. The Board requested more input from the residents as this was an important decision and the Board wanted to base it on the feedback of the residents. The Board thanked Sheriff Contois for coming to the meeting and for his input on law enforcement.

The Board invited Peter from Green Mountain Security EC/LLC to give an overview of how the security camera systems worked, what they had for storage and costs associated with it. The Board noted they reached out to Green Mountain Security Systems and they had looked at various areas the Board wanted covered and had submitted some costs involved. It was somewhere in the $30,000.00 + range for a system. The Board questioned Peter about accessibility to the system, what range they had, maintenance contract, affordability and timespan of data storage. Storage of data would be accessible via an app. When asked who would respond to a request, the Board noted the law enforcement entity they chose. The Board considered it more of a deterrent,not a pro- active crime foiling system. Board would have to address that though.  When asked if the Town could possibly put them on vacant buildings around Town, it was noted that would be an owner’s responsibility, not the Town’s. Part of the discussion on security involved was whether the Board had asked the Library to shut down the wifi  at night. The Board explained they had brought it up at a Library Trustee meeting but had  not yet asked the Trustees to do that as the Trustees felt there were residents who may need to use the service for an emergency, but they could have that conversation.

Becky stated, she really wanted some night time staffing.

Kevin noted her concerns. Check the meeting (7:49) online minutes. Carrie stated her concerns about it taking 2.5 hours for law enforcement to come and when they did, they were impatient due to the fact they were going off shift.   

  • Town Treasurer
  •  Budget Preparation

Highway is State Aid had two installments in 23 budget that she will speak with the accountant to see if the can carry it over as a surplus. One of the installments was a “24” Installment. Discussion on the FEMA reimbursement on income side. Gayle to check with Chad on this item.  Gayle went over highway salaries and VMERS.  Under Trucks, Rick noted a Town backed out on a truck with Allegiance. Board wanted to see the specs on it. Gayle noted we had about $200,000.00 in the equipment account and Rick noted we would be putting $50,000.00 in this year as well. Discussion on Gravel amount under Town Highway Maintenance. Rick and Gayle discussed whether all the culverts went under a line item. Gayle to check on it. Good with Construction/Projects. Good with Debt & Capital. Discussion on the matching fund. There is a balance. Total highway budget $855,174.34.

Under Town Hall, Leyna to follow-up on annual pellet furnace maintenance with Lyme Green Heat and cost of pellets.

Under Transfer Station, William spoke with Bernie to service the compactors with a cost around $2,000.00- $3,000.00 under maintenance. William contacted some places but Hartigan was supposed get back to him on a number for the composting toilet. Kevin felt there needed to be a number in the maintenance line item as a place holder for next meeting. Gayle suggested $6,000.00 for the building and the composting toilet and have the true numbers for next week. Leaving Construction and Demolition at the same amount. Last year’s total included the FEMA dumpster at the Town Hall which bumped up the line item. William tried contacting Casella but because of the Holiday could not reach anyone. Meyers increased their fee on their pickup $100.00 and then prices went up $25more per tonnage.. Discussion on how much for that line item.  Gayle suggested $38,000.00 for that line item but the follow up would be to see what the other company would charge. 

Under Law Enforcement- Board discussed going with a middle of the road figure for budgeting purposes this year. The Board felt good with choosing Option 4B – $60,000.00 in the budget.  

Under General Expenses- Elections – $4,660.00.

Under website – $700.00.

Under appropriations- Karen waiting on a petition.

First Branch Ambulance line item, Gayle will contact Chase Ackerman for $ amount.

Karen took a moment to discuss the Warning with the Board as they will have the budget completed at the next meeting so they could finish it as well without a special meeting being called.

Gayle stated she had received a rental amount of $700-800 for the Mason building. The Town now pays $725 for their current rental and it would need a handicap ramp. This will be a future agenda item after Town Meeting- under Treasurer/Admin Office. Gayle to update budget and resend to the Board.

  • Line of Credit- Gayle noted she did not have one ready yet for the Board to sign as she was prepping budget.
  • Gravel at Ice Rink – Jon’s Trucking Contract – Gayle noted it was a contract for the Rec Committee for gravel at the ice rink.

Leyna moved to approve the contract for John’s trucking for 82 yards the rec dept on November 10, 2023 for 884.58. William Lyon seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.

  •  Highway
  • Town Highway 57/Scadin Rd – Rick recommended downgrading the road to a Class 4. Kevin noted there was a letter from the State and there was a process for discontinuance. It is a process of public hearings/ public notice and site visits.

Jesse moved to move forward with the process of downgrading Scadin Road to a class 4 road with public hearings.  Leyna seconded the motion. All in favor motion passed. Board to work with Kasey on getting the public hearing and notices together to go to a Class 4 for Scadin Road

Rick has used some of the gravel they were stockpiling. Board thanked Rick for the work he had done on the roads due to the unseasonable weather.

  • Health Center Building – William Lyon reported he spoke with some members of the Health Center Board about the building. He recommended setting up a time to meet with them. Kevin noted they have a meeting coming up to decide that. Place on Feb 6, 2024 Agenda.
  • State of Vermont Semiquincentenniel – Kevin read the letter from the State on the 250th anniversary of the founding of our state and 3 year commemoration of the State. How each Town commemorates is up to them. They have presented a draft resolution. Kevin read the resolution. Board discussion on whether to find out if there are community members who might be interested in being on a committee. Kevin noted it would not commit to the Town to  do anything. Leyna thought maybe the Historical Committee might be interested. The Board decided to hold off on a motion and Kelly to contact a person. To be placed on next agenda.
  1. Digitization RFP Approval- Karen noted the dates on the RFP have changed to later in the year after Town Meeting as it is a major expense so under our Purchase Policy the Town needs to have a sealed bid and placed in a newspaper. Board approval was necessary

  Jesse moved to approve sending out the Digitization RFP. Leyna seconded motion. All were in favor, motion passed.

  1. Approve Minutes of December 19, 2023- Jesse Kay noted there needed to be an edit to the $300,000.00 to 350,000.00 for the line of credit and update the Orange County Sheriff’s Department contract hourly rate from $68 to $58.

Jessed moved to approve the minutes from December 19, 2023 with adjustment of $350,000 line of credit up from $300,00 and update the OSCD hourly fee not the $68.00/hour to $58.00/hour.  Leyna seconded the motion. Motion passed.

  1. Approve Orders-Leyna moved to approve orders. Jesse seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.
  1. Executive Session if necessary- Kevin noted they have personnel for Admin.

Leyna moved to enter executive session at 9:11pm to discuss personnel inviting Karen. Jesse seconded the motion.  All in favor, motion passed.

Jesse  moved to  leave executive session at 9:37pm. Leyna seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.

Kevin noted they discussed several personnel matters, no decisions made but they would be moving forward with Administrator position.

  1. Adjourn – Leyna moved to adjourn at 9:38pm.  Jesse Kay seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.

December 19, 2023 Selectboard Meeting Minutes (draft)

Chelsea Selectboard Meeting Minutes(draft)

December 19, 2023 – Chelsea Town Hall

Present: Kevin Marshia, Kelly Lyford, Leyna Hoyt, Jesse Kay, William Lyon

Others present: Gayle Durkee, Karen Lathrop, Harry Falconer, TRORC, Frank Keene, Marianne McCann, Chintana Herrin, Greg Herrin.

  1. Kevin M. called the meeting to order at 6:32 PM.
  • Additions to agenda were Minutes of December 12, 2023, by Kevin M.
  • No conflict of Interest.
  • Under Public comment Frank Keene expressed his concern about the rivers filling in due to the flooding and asked the Board to think about speaking with the State on the issue. He stated he was hoping to get some rip rap in on his property in the summer.  Greg Herrin commented FEMA would be updating Flood Maps in a couple of years. Town should be concerned about where the water is coming from and how can that be remediated. Board thanked Frank & Greg for their comments and for coming to the meeting.
  • TRORC – Harry Falconer

a) Harry Falconer brought paperwork for the Municipal Technical Assistance Program for the Board Chair to sign that had been approved at an earlier meeting.

Jesse K. moved to sign and execute the MTAP agreement. William L. seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.

               b) Harry Falconer brought the RFQ for engineering services for the pumping station that TRORC was helping the Town with. Kevin went over the history of the grant award Town has to apply for. Harry went over the steps of the process. The RFQ is the first step. There was a brief discussion on the costs of the program.

Leyna moved to approve the RFQ for engineering for the pump station. Jesse K. seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.

Harry F. gave a quick update on State approval for the Bylaw modernization grant. State approved it and the Municipal Energy Audit for the Town Hall and Town Garage would take place on December 20, 2023 with Kasey coordinating the project.

  • Chelsea Spotlight Appropriations Issue

Marianne McCann read a letter of complaint about Town Funding of the Chelsea Spotlight at last year’s Town Meeting.  The Board acknowledged receipt of the letter, but with year- end budget prep and Town Report to put together, it does not rank as the highest priority. The Board to review and address at a future meeting to be determined.

  •  Kevin M. noted Tracy was unable to attend the meeting but he had been in contact with her. Sydnie from TRORC had questions  about whether the Town was interested in a backup generator possibly through a State grant. He noted he had spoken with both Alan Ackerman, Fire Chief and Tracy Simon, Emergency Management Director, but there had not had an after action meeting yet to converse about how to ensure a better reaction in the next emergency. It was noted that Town’s Emergency Shelter was the church which had no generator and it was not large enough for the needs at the time.  Board had a brief discussion about future needs and recognized a larger conversation needed to happen.  Kevin noted that they had invited Tracy to thank her for her hundreds of hours of work she provided to the Town this summer and even though she was not a town employee, the Board had voted her a merit award at the Special Board meeting as a token of their appreciation.  As far as FEMA Expenditure and Reimbursement, her hundreds of donated hours of service, which affects the Towns’ share, which is 12%, which means every $100 dollars, the Towns share is $12.50.  All the donated hours are calculated and reduces the Town Match so while they voted her a monetary token of appreciation, some of it would come back in a way as reimbursement through a lower match.
  • Law Enforcement Update –  Kevin, spoke with Windsor County – Sheriff Palmer good conversation. They said they were interested in patrolling and would be willing to enter into contract. Kevin noted they could give nighttime hours that would be randomized. Spoke about billing while physically in Town not coming and going.  Windsor Count would be willing to come to meeting.  Kevin paraphrased a letter: Windsor County offered 6 different contract plan options with the lowest being 4 hours a week $65.00/hour and would supplement the governors grants such as Click and Ticket money for extra hours in town.  Kelly reported Orange County was asking for$68/hour up to $20,000.00. They wanted the contract to have language in it that if the Town contracted with others, they would have to communicate with Orange County. Daytime only hours. Board discussion on nighttime hours vs daytime hours and whether Town would get billed for Orange County just passing through to another Town. Leyna H. wanted nighttime coverage and felt Town would be better served.  Kelly felt if Town didn’t contract with Orange County, then Town would not have anything in place if Windsor County dropped the Town due to inability to hire enough deputies. Kevin felt we should not abandon Orange County. Kelly said if we drop Orange County, they have other contracts to go to. They would be unavailable to us.  Leyna doesn’t want to lose Orange County but sees the advantage of night time coverage.  There was feedback from why Town was billed for a warrant be served.  Kevin noted that this information was all they have learned and the Board would like some feedback from Town prior to the January 2 meeting.  Kevin wanted to give persons a chance to comment. Decision put off until next meeting.
  • Town Treasurer-

Budget Prep- Board heard from Kezia Frayjo and Chintana Herrin about their line item increase of $7,000. Kezia noted that the Library might not be able to fundraise in the future as Covid had shown them in 2020. They would still have expenditures that would need to be covered, even if for any reason they could not fundraise during the year.  Most of the expense was in payroll. Gayle noted the Library had $18,000 in the account which was due to the past Librarian leaving.  There was a discussion about medical  insurance and how much they had paid to date. Gayle to bring the numbers to the next meeting. There was a conversation about whether there could be over taxation. Kezia noted that while there was an overage that could be used for this year, the conversation would probably need to be had for coming years so she was making the Board aware of it now.  She noted the Library was the only Community place for people to congregate which the Board acknowledged. The Board requested Gayle’s opinion. She said she thought the line item should stay where it was the year before, since there was still money in the account.  Board invited the Trustee’s back to a future meeting to continue the discussion.

Treasurer Lease Agreement –  Board asked if the price had gone up? Gayle noted she would have to pay $25.00 extra when using the air conditioner. Board asked if she had found out pricing from the Mason’s building. She said she had not. This lease was a 2 year lease. Some discussion on whether to go to a one year lease.  Discussion on whether there was a clause in the lease if they decided to pursue another avenue. Kevin noted yes and read it.

Leyna H. moved to sign the lease agreement for the Treasurer’s Office. Jesse seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.

Line of Credit -Gayle stated she would need $300,000 to get through to next August when taxes would start coming in. She would have the paperwork at the next meeting to sign.

Town Security – The Board went through the budget with Gayle.  New line item for Security of Town Property. Williiam brought in quotes from Pete at Green Mountain Security. They would be able to attend the next meeting for any Board questions. He reported total amount would be $33,800 for all the areas the Board requested. Gayle wanted to know if there was an annual maintenance fee. Kevin noted it has not been in prior budgets but now is necessary and came up on the discussion of Law Enforcement. Board discussion on doing the work in pieces, not all at once. Board noted that purchase policy probably required putting it out to bid. Greg Herrin brought up items the Board would need to put in place besides just the cameras. Policies, questions on who could access it, monitoring. Chintana brought up whether Townspeople could do fundraising. Board noted they probably could. Board decided the Town Hall and Town Garage as a priority.  Board decision to fund the line item at $18,000 to cover the Town Hall and Town Garage. Leyna suggested the line item be in each department category.

Board went over the salary and opted to use a 3% COLA. Gayle to input the numbers into the budget for the next meeting.

Board went over the Highway Budget, ( Equipment repairs to $50,000, Security to $8,000, Gravel $100,000, Sand to $50,000). Board went over Overtime line item- keeping at $15,000 due to future FEMA projects.  Discussion on Construction Projects going $75,000 due to FEMA projects next year. Board went over Debt and Capital Funding.

Board went over Transfer Station Budget. William to get costs for next meeting on closing the oil container in and composting toilet. Gayle to get costs for Compactor Maintenance.

Board went over Recreation Budget. Jesse said it was not going up.

Board went over  Selectboard Budget, Town Treasurer Budget, Listers Budget and letter for increasing Re-appraisal Fund due to future Re-appraisal the State would be requiring.

Board went over Development Review Budget, Zoning Budget( take out phone), Public Safety, and Town Hall Budget, (Security to $10,000)

Budget work to be continued at January 2, 2024 meeting.

  1.   Highways – Leyna noted she spoke with Rick – no significant damage.  Leyna spoke with Chris    Bump. Leyna to see if Rick could check out Town Highway 57/Scadin Road.
  1. Liquor License – Free Verse Farm Shop – Karen stated the Liquor Licenses are all done electronically, the license is a second class liquor license. She noted the company has paid the local fee and has no issues. 

Jesse moved to approve the second class liquor license for Free Verse Farm Shop. Leyna seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.

  1. Transfer Station changes – Jesse gave an update on the Transfer Station. Letters went out, it was posted in the paper, Will is anxious as to how Saturday sales will go. Times might change when money is picked up, not sure yet. Snook has some punch cards and recycle stickers for the transition period. The log was made easier to fill out for everyone. Discussion on putting a link on the website in the future to see if it helps take pressure off Will’s eventually. Karen thought a letter out to non-residents that might want to use the Transfer in the summer.  Board thanked Will and everyone who made it happen. It went on social media with no comment possible.
  1.  Town Report Update – Kevin had spoken with Kasey and everything seems to be going well.  Kelly reported Rich’s family would be honored and have something written. Kevin reported Carrie had been putting a blurb together on the Barn Quilt. Kevin asked them all to go over the last Town report and touch base if they were a liaison.  He had started crafting the Selectboard Report.
  1. Leyna H. moved to approve December 5, 2023 meeting minutes. William L. seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.

Added- Jesse K. moved to approve the December 12, 2023 meeting minutes. Leyna H. seconded the motion, all were in favor, motion passed.

  1. Leyna H. moved to approve orders. Jesse K. seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed.
  1. No executive session necessary. Kevin noted the Selectboard had received two applications for Town Administrator. Gayle noted that she would need the Selectboard to sign some end of year bills next week. Kevin noted there were two positions on the Selectboard up for elections. Karen to find out last date to submit them.
  1. Jesse K. moved to adjourn the meeting. William seconded the motion. All were in favor, motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 10:06 PM.

December 12, 2023 Chelsea Selectboard Meeting Minutes Draft

Chelsea Selectboard Meeting Minutes (draft)

December 12, 2023 -Chelsea Town Hall

Present: Kevin Marshia, Kelly Lyford, William Lyon, Leyna Hoyt, Jesse Kay and Karen Lathrop 

1. Call meeting to order- Kevin M. brought the meeting to order at 5:02 PM.

2. Executive Session – Kevin M. noted there was an inadvertent open meeting process issue concerning the executive session portion of the December 5, 2023 meeting.The Board scheduled the special meeting to resolve the executive session process concerning the Roberts Poor Fund Request and a Personnel item. Kevin M. asked for a motion.

Jesse K. moved to go into executive session at 5:03 PM inviting Karen L. William L. seconded the motion. No discussion, all in favor.

Leyna H. moved to exit executive session at 5:11 PM. William L. seconded the motion. No discussion, all in favor.

​Kevin requested a motion on Robert’s Poor Fund request. 

Kelly L. moved to direct the Treasurer to use $800.00 out of the Robert’s Poor Fund to fund a recent request. Jesse K. seconded the motion. No discussion, motion passed.

Jesse K. moved to approve the recommended end of year merit- based awards to Personnel as discussed in executive session. William L. seconded the motion. Kevin stated that many personnel kept the Town running through an especially hard time last winter and then stepped up again during the Flood that came during the summer. The Board wanted to show their appreciation and thank them for their service.

3. Jesse K. moved to adjourn at 5:14 PM. Leyna H. seconded the motion. No discussion, All in favor. 


December 5, 2023 Chelsea Selectboard Meeting Minutes (draft)

Chelsea Selectboard Meeting Minutes ( Draft)

December 5, 2023 – Chelsea Town Hall

Present: Kevin Marshia, Kelly Lyford, Jesse Kay, William Lyon, Leyna Hoyt.

Others present: Karen Lathrop, Gregg Herrin, Frank Keene, Susan Elder, Kate Willard and Rick Ackerman, Snook Downing, Marty Gratz(online)

  1. Meeting brought to order at 6:30 pm by Kevin.
  • Additions to Agenda
  • Transfer Station Update
  • Law Enforcement Update
  • Conflicts of Interest – none
  •  Public Comments – Susan Elder & Kate Willard updated the Board about the Forest and Parks Committee. Kate reported the Committee felt there was no need for an ordinance after speaking with Kevin Geiger from TRORC and an attorney at the Secretary of States Office. They felt the Board could just appoint persons to a commission.  They have a draft mission statement which they would share with the Board.  Kate asked the Board if they would be in concurrence with this. Board felt they could go forward with it without ordinance creation. There was a question about whether the Board had a Forest Management Plan in place. Board felt they never quite finished one and it was in draft form.  They discussed the Timber Sale on the small lot.  Kate stated Susan wanted to find grants for pollinator parks for fema properties the Town owns. Board could put Parks and Forests on the 16th of January agenda. Kevin noted that in his conversation with Peter Gregory, TRORC would be willing to help the Forest and Parks.

Susan Elder requested the Board place  more of the ordinances on the Town Website. She had a list she could share with the Board. The Board said they were waiting for the new Town Administrator to come on Board to work on that.

Marty Gratz said she was one of the members of the Parks and Forests Commission, and was excited to work with the Board. She noted they discussed areas they wanted to work on. There was not a discussion of the area by the small park next to the old Town Garage wanted to suggest the Board to think about ordinance for signage about parking at the park as she felt it was hard to adequately plow the area in the winter. She suggested signage that would restrict parking to 24 hours. Her house and access to it was impacted by the snow and snowmelt.  Rick stated it has never had signage but there were a couple of vehicles and trailer parked there. Marty stated the car was parked in front of the area where the water ran into the park.  The Board thanked her for bringing it to their attention, they wanted to have a chance to look it over and bring it back for discussion once they had looked it over with Rick.

Frank Keene noted the snowmachine bridge by the garage was gone for good  and the cemetery bridge would need an engineering study to go forward with rebuilding it, which meant more snowmobile traffic on Maple Avenue.

  • Town Property Security – The Board discussed getting an assessment on what was needed. Bill Lyon noted he knew the person that runs Green Mountain Security Systems. Board felt they could get a recommendation on what was needed at the different properties the Town owned and the Board could have them come to a future meeting. Bill tasked with speaking with them.  Greg Herrin asked the Board what they were looking for to narrow it down. Board stated surveillance was important. They made a list of properties to look at. Bill noted the places had to have internet for it to be in place.
  • Town Treasurer-
  • Budget- Board went over parts of the budget generally as Gayle was unable to be at the meeting. They worked on Cemetery budget with Frank Keene. Frank noted they only increased it $500 and did so to put some railing around Allen Cemetery. There was a person that was donating time and money to Laird Cemetery and he was very appreciative of it. He noted they had a surplus they use as rainy day fund in case of emergencies.  Kelly asked if they had more funds, such as grants, what would they use it for? Frank stated they could eventually put more fencing around Highland Cemetery at the top and down the end side of it.  He also noted that the bridge that was washed out was used to get to the Old Cemetery and he’d like to see it rebuilt. There was damage to some headstones in the old cemetery and they had some help with cleaning up the debris at the old Cemetery from Levar Cole and family.  Frank reported they needed younger person’s involved. Frank had been doing it for 35 years. There was a brief discussion on the West Hill Cemetery. There was a discussion about making the bridge to the old cemetery wider to have another access to Maple Avenue. Frank noted there was access to Maple Avenue from Bobbinshop on the snowmobile trail. The Board thanked Frank for coming in and all his hard work.

They went over the Selectboard budget. Leyna noted the mowing needed to be added to each section. Discussed Technology line item. Noted it paid for the online access and it might be used for sound system and lighting. Discussed advertising. Karen explained what line items included and were used for by prior boards. The Board worked on the Admin Assistant budget but were not finished.

Jesse gave a Transfer Station Update- ordered stickers and punch cards. A letter to go out to everyone as soon materials come and it would be on social media and Front Porch Forum. There would be a transition period which Snook would work with them. Snook asked about price changes. Jesse reported they would start on the 1st and signage would be made. Karen offered to make hand- outs for Snook. Stickers would be just the one price. He wanted to know if the people he picked up from needed a sticker. The Board affirmed yes. Will’s would have both punch cards and stickers. The Treasurer won’t. Karen said a resident asked if they could photocopy them? Board decided no, they could not.  Snook will get an updated list of persons who have stickers from Karen & Will’s. Phase in would be a month but Snook will work with a person. Board asked him to just come to any meeting with his concerns. They went over budget with him.  Kevin noted the Board increased salaries last year, so Board was good about the salaries. Kelly stated she would send everyone a copy of what they went over in June. Board felt they spoke about having Gayle get quotes for disability insurance to offer employees. Board went over line items for Transfer Station. Karen explained any line items they were unfamiliar with and they would also check with Gayle. Bill stated the person he was thinking about to pump the compostable toilet so the Board still needed to find a company.  Snook noted maintenance items  noted were hydraulic  oil needed to be changed out. He noted Rick and himself cleaned out the recycle compactor as it just gets filled over time. Bill asked about compactor rental. Snook stated he did not know about it and the Board would need to speak with Gayle. Bill noted they were working on pricing for servicing the compactors but had not heard yet, but they should have numbers for closing in the oil collection area. Bill stated the Board might want to put money aside for replacing the old compactor. Leyna noted the $2,500 must be like a sinking fund. Kevin noted many questions could be answered by Gayle. Lastly, Snook noted the Transfer Station need to start later on minus 20 days. He suggested 10 am as it was really hard on the machines. Board agreed and it would go in the mailer. Bill to connect with Snook and put the word out on social media ahead of time.  

Board went over Town Clerk budget. Karen noted the budget for her office was going up due to digitization. Under office equipment the $10,000 for hardware & software setup and a new computer to replace the 12 year old computer. The Digitization set up was a one-time charge. The line item for the contract was added in would be around $4,200/year. The only other item changing was supplies due to inflation. Gayle might make a line item with just digitization as a line item if that would work for the Board.  Karen reported she had Kasey look over the RFP. She was planning on putting the RFP out January 9, 2024. Karen sent it to the Board. Technology is going up due to installing the new computer and some pdf writer licensing. As of now the Administrative Assistant is the only one who has the licensing. Karen was hoping some money from AARPA money could be expended on it. This would streamline the process and the digitization would have our records in another format so they were safer if anything happens to the building.

  • Line of Credit- not addressed- next agenda
  • Highway-
  • Town Highway # 57/ Scadin Road. Rick reported he had not had a chance to look at it but with better weather coming he could do it this weekend. Board pushed it to December 19th agenda.
  • Stockpiling gravel at the Sewer Plant – Board noted they wanted to place 1500 yards of gravel the Sewer Plant site temporarily until they could prep the Garage site. Flood work took precedence this summer. Also noted they wanted to ensure they actually had the material on hand in case the pit was unable to open when they needed it. Karen brought up the fact that the Town had Flood Bylaws and the Board said they had Kasey looking into it.

The Board felt the area would not flood as it had not this past summer and they had spoken to residents. Rick noted the millings had been given to the Town and they are piled there temporarily as well. Board felt fine with the temporary plan. Going forward they would get a permit. Kevin noted he drafted something to put on their social media page. Rick to start moving gravel after Wednesday. 

Rick noted guardrails were finished on Doyle Road. His truck broke a hose and it slowed down the plowing.  Leyna reported Kasey wanted to meet on Thursday with Rick for FEMA pictures. Rick noted he needed to speak with Gayle about where items were allocated such as repairs on the loader. Board and Rick to go over budget on the December 19 meeting. Bill noted we needed to think about getting a truck. Board discussed Rick getting numbers for a truck for the 19th as well. Kevin and Leyna to meet with Rick in the next week. Board discussed the star on the Town Garage that Marty Gratz put there.

  •   Town Report- Kevin reported that Kasey sent an email out with a generous timeline( January 18). She had spoken to the Printer. Kevin noted there were many reports in it. Kevin would put a report together and they went through who would contact persons for each report. Board would like reports by January 10. Kevin spoke to Carrie De-lallo about the cover. She sent a barn quilt picture. Kevin to ask for a little paragraph on it. He also asked if the Board would want to dedicate the Richard Button for 50 years of service on the Fire Department. Kelly would inquire with his family first. Karen reminded the Board about the Warning. Discussion on the warning and whether it was on Kasey’s computer.  Karen to look for the file on the warning.  
  • Errors & Omissions- Karen explained that the Listers set the Grand List and sometimes there is an error or an omission that changes the grand list so each year the Listers and Selectboard have to sign off on the report for the Grand List. Kevin stated there were three parcels and they totaled $27,300 in our Grand List.

Leyna moved to approve of the Errors and Omissions Report. Bill seconded the motion. No discussion, motion passed.

  1. Approve Minutes-
    1. Leyna moved to approve November 7, 2023 minutes. Bill seconded the motion. No discussion, motion passed.
    1. Leyna moved to approve November 21, 2023 minutes. Bill seconded the motion. No discussion, motion passed.
  1.     Approve Orders-

Jesse moved to approve the bills. Board had questions about the compactor lease. No second made.  Leyna restated the motion to approve orders contingent upon clarification of Myers compactor rental bill question. Bill seconded the motion, no

discussion, motion passed.  

  1.  Addition – Law Enforcement Update/Discussion- Kevin reported a follow-up discussion with VSP. Kevin reported a larger presence of VSP in the area. He reached out to Windsor County and received a reply but had not had a chance to fully digest it. Kelly reported she reached out to Royalton who were not able to offer anything to the Board. They had a small contract with Tunbridge not at this time. She stated they set it up to be tri-town offering but at this time cannot. She had also spoken with Orange County who would be willing to increase the contract to #$20,000 contract time but only that at this time. They are exploring an officer who could patrol at night but it was not in place at this time. Kevin noted there was a draft contract to look at from Orange County. Last year rate was $52/hour, this year would be $58/hour up to $20,000.  They had a conversation of going to a provisional $10,000 more if there was something major going on but would come to the Board before using it. It would be a reserve.  Leyna stated she had an issue with paying more money for patrolling when it was during a time Town does not need it. She wanted to see night patrols. Town needed that presence. She stated she does not think Town should be billed for when they are going through Town to work at another Town. She would like to see clarification of what they are billing for. She wanted to see what Windsor had to offer. Kelly said they had conversations on not patrolling on a timespan. Kelly said the conversation needed be what the Town needs. The Board agreed upon more of a presence in Town. Town needed both daytime and nighttime patrolling in the problem areas. Jesse stated if the others don’t have options for us, we should still have some patrolling even if it is Orange County as they were trying to get some night time patroling. Kevin stated even a daytime presence is necessary but realizes the Town needs a balance. The Board realizes there is a night- time issue but a better presence would be good. Board is concerned what the travel costs would be with Windsor County. Kelly has learned a lot about funding. Dispatch is funded by the Courthouse but should it be? The State of Vermont had a survey on it. She stated there were multiple layers to it. She is in favor of increased daytime services. Leyna aske if Town was being charged for warrants being served. Kelly to work on finding on more information.  Kevin to continue the conversation with Windsor County. This conversation to continue at their January 2, 2023 meeting.
  1. Admin Position-  Kevin to loop back to with Kasey on getting the ad in the paper. Jesse stated it was on Front Porch Forum, the Chelsea Selectboard Page. Kevin, stated traditionally use The Herald, but think’s it should go to the Valley News. Kevin stated it was out there, it was left as open recruitment and everyone should spread the news.
  1. Executive Session- Kevin stated the Board had a request for Roberts Poor Fund and Kelly added Personnel. Leyna moved to enter into executive session for Roberts Poor Fund and Personnel inviting Karen at 9:25 PM. Bill seconded the motion. No discussion, motion passed.

Jesse moved to exit Executive Session at 10:05 PM. Bill seconded the motion. No discussion, motion passed.

Action-  Board discussed and  approved Roberts Poor Fund Request and made end of year salary decisions for our employees.

  1.      Jesse moved to adjourn at 10:06 PM. Bill seconded the motion. No discussion, motion passed.

November 21,2023 Selectboard Meeting Minutes (Draft)

Chelsea Selectboard Meeting Minutes -Draft

November 21, 2023 – Chelsea Town Hall

Present: Kevin Marshia, Kelly Lyford, Leyna Hoyt, Jesse Kay, Bill Lyon

Others present: Karen Lathrop, Gayle Durkee, Rick Ackerman, Lieutenant Gerry Partin VSP, Captain Leonidas Zenonos, OCSD (online), Heidi Chapman, David Leggio, Patty Shwan, Amos Doyle, Brian Anderson, Max Quayle, Kyle Deschamps, Wendy Forbes, Erich Golscheider, Lee Stender, Jen McCullough, Devin Hayward, Mark MacDonald Susan Elder, Marianne McCann, Helen Heslop, Carrie Caouette-Delallo, Kana Johnson, Becky Hook, Linda Ingold, Linda Kuban, Alan Lyford, Emily Newman, Cheryl MacNeill, Carolyn Boothroyd, Shawn Twing, Ed Coburn, Pat Ladd, Amy Jordan, John Upham, Rick Allen, Chintana Herrin, Greg Herrin, Seth Chambers, Paul Libby, Millie Knudsen, Gloria Bowin, Jen Doyle, Phyllis Civitello, Rebecca McCullough, Susan Ladd, Randy Edwards.

Online: Jan Puibello, Charlotte Mullen, Chase Ackerman, Kym Anderson, Marty Gratz, Rhett Bannish, Noah Brick, Jessica Allen, Darren Marcy. If you attended online and were not listed, please contact the Town Clerk.

  1. Kevin called the meeting to order at 6:30
  • Additions to the Agenda -none
  • Conflict of Interest Disclosure -none
  • Public Comments- none
  • Law Enforcement – Kevin stated the Board wanted to open a conversation with the entities invited to see what resources they could recommend going forward with procuring law enforcement for the Town. Questions from the Board to both VSP and OCSD were what our current coverage was? If additional funds were available could there be more coverage and what would those resources be? Were there programs the Town could access?  Were there any best practices the Town or Residents should be aware of? Kevin stated everyone would get a chance to speak but asked that they be brief as it was their regular Selectboard meeting and there were other agenda items. The board also asked people to come up to the table to speak as people were watching this online and needed to hear the questions. 

Both Lieutenant Partin and Captain Zenonos introduced themselves.  Captain Zenonos stated Sheriff Contois requested he come to the meeting. He also noted that OCSD was not the Town’s primary law enforcement agency. VSP was the primary, though OCSD works with them. Lieutenant Partin stated Royalton Barracks was only half staffed at this point and covered 20 towns with 3 troopers for each shift. They were down dispatchers as well.  The Captain noted OCSD were very short staffed as well. He reported that OCSD tries to be pro-active, though not much that can  be effectively done with 3.5 hours of service a week per the contract, but he had conversations with the Board about increasing the contract.

There was a 2-hour conversation between Board members, residents, Lieutenant Partin, VSP and Captain Zenonos , OCSD. Senator Mark MacDonald was also present for the conversation.

The following items were part of the conversation:

VSP- due to attrition down to 40% staffing. Not taking new contracts, only presence in Town when working a case. Cases would be triaged, with emergent cases taking precedent.

OCSD – current contract includes up to 7 hours/week due to earlier staff shortage. Normal paid coverage is 3.5 hours/week. Daytime presence only, after 4 pm Barre Police covers for OCSD.

Citizen Concerns:

Increasing crime in Town due to no police presence at night.

Creation of a committee or neighborhood watch.

What the process was for reporting suspicious activity, who to call.

                                             Committing to increase law enforcement tax dollars

                                             Reaching out to other communities or entities by the Board

                                             Better communications between law enforcement agencies

                                             Were Fish and Game Wardens or DMV being utilized to help in the shortage

                                             The legislature  sending tax dollars money to hire more Troopers, yes/no

                                             Courts stop turning out criminals with past histories.

                                             Individuals protecting themselves on their own property.

       For additional details go to  Both Law Enforcement Entities agreed that better communication was vital. Call it in instead of posting it on social media.  It might take them some time, but they would investigate it.  If persons saw something to report it, be willing to sign an affidavit that would help the law enforcement down the road. They could help with neighborhood watch. They said if people felt threatened, they could defend themselves but like any other case, an investigation would be held. They stated people should not put themselves in danger.   They said to look at the larger picture of where the laws were enacted.  Law enforcement was just one aspect of curing the problem that had been growing for years. VSP’s analogy was it was a cancer and the VSP was ibuprofen, a short-term answer, but there needed to be a long-term solution which needed broader scrutiny with harder questions asked of those in charge.  Senator MacDonald said he was there to gain information as the legislature would not meet until January.

The Board thanked Lieutenant Partin, Captain Zenonos and everyone for their input and that this was just the start of the conversation, and the Board would be exploring more avenues before deciding what to do. There will be a discussion about Town Property Security at the next meeting.

  • Town Treasurer
  • Budget Preparation- Biggest item is insurance. Gayle stated the Town has used MVP Health Insurance for a few years. They were comparable with Blue Cross. There was a slight difference in numbers. MVP – $13,138 and BC – $13, 531. Board decision necessary.  Kelly asked if there was any employee feedback. Gayle noted only two employees receive the insurance and they seemed happy with it.

Leyna moved to continue the contract with MVP for our employees. Bill seconded the motion. No Discussion. Motion passed.

Gayle stated VMERS- rates go up every year and the Board will need take that into account when budgeting this year.  The Board asked how to move forward budgeting.  Gayle said budgets should be submitted to her, she would input them into the budget for the Board to go through at their meeting. Liaisons to tell their departments to send budgets to Gayle by December 15th, but highway has until the 19th. The board asked Gayle to put together a 3-year spread for them to look at.  Discussion on having executive session for salaries at a meeting. Leyna and Kelly said they needed to discuss the cost of living. Gayle gave the Board information on how bonuses were decided. Kevin thought Dec 5th should be mostly budget items.

  • Line of Credit – Not ready, will be on the next meeting agenda. Currently delinquent taxes are at$90,000.00. Most bills paid, Galfetti still to be paid. Discussion on total spent. Board discussion on hours worked by everyone for FEMA hours. Gayle noted if the Town went over 700,00.00. The Board will have to budget for a single audit.
  • Highway
  • Town Highway 57 – Scadin Road. The state sent a letter stating it is a class three and was not being maintained as a class 3 road.  Rick’s opinion was to downgrade the road. Leyna felt the Board should go look at it first. The board tasked Rick to look at the road and give the Board an assessment of what it would take to keep it a Class 3.
  • Flood Update- Rick reported the work on Edwards Road sites 4 & 5 was not what he expected. He said the length was off and some of the bottom should have come out, but it is not a steep place. Leyna stated the end result was not what was wanted. Not enough material. The contractor was given dimensions and numbers, but he made decisions, and, in the future, there will need to be site visits before the contractor leaves. Board discussion on future contracts and what their approach would be. Rick reported the quantity was not what was given but about half. Guard rail still to be done and two culverts, one on Pepper Road and one on Doyle Road. Leyna spoke about stockpiling gravel for mud season and costs.  Rick- talking 1500 yards. Maybe work out a bill with McCullough’s. Bill mentioned McCulloughs had run short on product this summer and was in favor of procuring it. Leyna said they were going to put it on the slope by the sandpile. Board to discuss placing gravel at the old sand pile in the flood plain at Dec 5 meeting. Rick reported E Randolph Road shoulder work done.
  • FEMA Update- Kevin stated Kasey was entering the next phase of entering details.
  • Transfer Station- Kelly reported Jesse was working with the vendor on the mockups which should be a go by January 1st. Kevin stated there should be a motion on it to put in the record.

 Leyna moved to approve the punch card and stickers at the Transfer Station starting January 1, 2024. Bill seconded the motion. Board felt everyone at the last meeting was on Board with it. Motion passed.

  • Digitization of Records- Karen gave a report, to be sent to the Board.
  1. Town Report – Kevin had a discussion with Kasey about sending notices about items for the 15th. Board discussion about how the report is formatted. Kasey to send an email to the printer to see what they need for formatting. Have a conversation with the Spotlight for cover.
  1. Approve Minutes -10.17.2023- Leyna moved to approve minutes Bill seconded motion.  Passed
  1. Approve Minutes – 11.07.2023- tabled to next meeting.
  1. Approve Orders – Leyna moved to approve orders. Bill seconded the motion. No discussion, motion passed.
  1. Admin Position- Kelly reported she had a comprehensive draft, to go out next week and run it for a month. Cover letters should be sent as an introduction. Resume to follow.

15.Executive Session- none

16.Adjourn – Leyna moved to adjourn. Bill seconded the motion. No discussion, motion passed.  Meeting adjourned at 9:53 PM.