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December 5, 2023 Chelsea Selectboard Meeting Minutes (draft)

Chelsea Selectboard Meeting Minutes ( Draft)

December 5, 2023 – Chelsea Town Hall

Present: Kevin Marshia, Kelly Lyford, Jesse Kay, William Lyon, Leyna Hoyt.

Others present: Karen Lathrop, Gregg Herrin, Frank Keene, Susan Elder, Kate Willard and Rick Ackerman, Snook Downing, Marty Gratz(online)

  1. Meeting brought to order at 6:30 pm by Kevin.
  • Additions to Agenda
  • Transfer Station Update
  • Law Enforcement Update
  • Conflicts of Interest – none
  •  Public Comments – Susan Elder & Kate Willard updated the Board about the Forest and Parks Committee. Kate reported the Committee felt there was no need for an ordinance after speaking with Kevin Geiger from TRORC and an attorney at the Secretary of States Office. They felt the Board could just appoint persons to a commission.  They have a draft mission statement which they would share with the Board.  Kate asked the Board if they would be in concurrence with this. Board felt they could go forward with it without ordinance creation. There was a question about whether the Board had a Forest Management Plan in place. Board felt they never quite finished one and it was in draft form.  They discussed the Timber Sale on the small lot.  Kate stated Susan wanted to find grants for pollinator parks for fema properties the Town owns. Board could put Parks and Forests on the 16th of January agenda. Kevin noted that in his conversation with Peter Gregory, TRORC would be willing to help the Forest and Parks.

Susan Elder requested the Board place  more of the ordinances on the Town Website. She had a list she could share with the Board. The Board said they were waiting for the new Town Administrator to come on Board to work on that.

Marty Gratz said she was one of the members of the Parks and Forests Commission, and was excited to work with the Board. She noted they discussed areas they wanted to work on. There was not a discussion of the area by the small park next to the old Town Garage wanted to suggest the Board to think about ordinance for signage about parking at the park as she felt it was hard to adequately plow the area in the winter. She suggested signage that would restrict parking to 24 hours. Her house and access to it was impacted by the snow and snowmelt.  Rick stated it has never had signage but there were a couple of vehicles and trailer parked there. Marty stated the car was parked in front of the area where the water ran into the park.  The Board thanked her for bringing it to their attention, they wanted to have a chance to look it over and bring it back for discussion once they had looked it over with Rick.

Frank Keene noted the snowmachine bridge by the garage was gone for good  and the cemetery bridge would need an engineering study to go forward with rebuilding it, which meant more snowmobile traffic on Maple Avenue.

  • Town Property Security – The Board discussed getting an assessment on what was needed. Bill Lyon noted he knew the person that runs Green Mountain Security Systems. Board felt they could get a recommendation on what was needed at the different properties the Town owned and the Board could have them come to a future meeting. Bill tasked with speaking with them.  Greg Herrin asked the Board what they were looking for to narrow it down. Board stated surveillance was important. They made a list of properties to look at. Bill noted the places had to have internet for it to be in place.
  • Town Treasurer-
  • Budget- Board went over parts of the budget generally as Gayle was unable to be at the meeting. They worked on Cemetery budget with Frank Keene. Frank noted they only increased it $500 and did so to put some railing around Allen Cemetery. There was a person that was donating time and money to Laird Cemetery and he was very appreciative of it. He noted they had a surplus they use as rainy day fund in case of emergencies.  Kelly asked if they had more funds, such as grants, what would they use it for? Frank stated they could eventually put more fencing around Highland Cemetery at the top and down the end side of it.  He also noted that the bridge that was washed out was used to get to the Old Cemetery and he’d like to see it rebuilt. There was damage to some headstones in the old cemetery and they had some help with cleaning up the debris at the old Cemetery from Levar Cole and family.  Frank reported they needed younger person’s involved. Frank had been doing it for 35 years. There was a brief discussion on the West Hill Cemetery. There was a discussion about making the bridge to the old cemetery wider to have another access to Maple Avenue. Frank noted there was access to Maple Avenue from Bobbinshop on the snowmobile trail. The Board thanked Frank for coming in and all his hard work.

They went over the Selectboard budget. Leyna noted the mowing needed to be added to each section. Discussed Technology line item. Noted it paid for the online access and it might be used for sound system and lighting. Discussed advertising. Karen explained what line items included and were used for by prior boards. The Board worked on the Admin Assistant budget but were not finished.

Jesse gave a Transfer Station Update- ordered stickers and punch cards. A letter to go out to everyone as soon materials come and it would be on social media and Front Porch Forum. There would be a transition period which Snook would work with them. Snook asked about price changes. Jesse reported they would start on the 1st and signage would be made. Karen offered to make hand- outs for Snook. Stickers would be just the one price. He wanted to know if the people he picked up from needed a sticker. The Board affirmed yes. Will’s would have both punch cards and stickers. The Treasurer won’t. Karen said a resident asked if they could photocopy them? Board decided no, they could not.  Snook will get an updated list of persons who have stickers from Karen & Will’s. Phase in would be a month but Snook will work with a person. Board asked him to just come to any meeting with his concerns. They went over budget with him.  Kevin noted the Board increased salaries last year, so Board was good about the salaries. Kelly stated she would send everyone a copy of what they went over in June. Board felt they spoke about having Gayle get quotes for disability insurance to offer employees. Board went over line items for Transfer Station. Karen explained any line items they were unfamiliar with and they would also check with Gayle. Bill stated the person he was thinking about to pump the compostable toilet so the Board still needed to find a company.  Snook noted maintenance items  noted were hydraulic  oil needed to be changed out. He noted Rick and himself cleaned out the recycle compactor as it just gets filled over time. Bill asked about compactor rental. Snook stated he did not know about it and the Board would need to speak with Gayle. Bill noted they were working on pricing for servicing the compactors but had not heard yet, but they should have numbers for closing in the oil collection area. Bill stated the Board might want to put money aside for replacing the old compactor. Leyna noted the $2,500 must be like a sinking fund. Kevin noted many questions could be answered by Gayle. Lastly, Snook noted the Transfer Station need to start later on minus 20 days. He suggested 10 am as it was really hard on the machines. Board agreed and it would go in the mailer. Bill to connect with Snook and put the word out on social media ahead of time.  

Board went over Town Clerk budget. Karen noted the budget for her office was going up due to digitization. Under office equipment the $10,000 for hardware & software setup and a new computer to replace the 12 year old computer. The Digitization set up was a one-time charge. The line item for the contract was added in would be around $4,200/year. The only other item changing was supplies due to inflation. Gayle might make a line item with just digitization as a line item if that would work for the Board.  Karen reported she had Kasey look over the RFP. She was planning on putting the RFP out January 9, 2024. Karen sent it to the Board. Technology is going up due to installing the new computer and some pdf writer licensing. As of now the Administrative Assistant is the only one who has the licensing. Karen was hoping some money from AARPA money could be expended on it. This would streamline the process and the digitization would have our records in another format so they were safer if anything happens to the building.

  • Line of Credit- not addressed- next agenda
  • Highway-
  • Town Highway # 57/ Scadin Road. Rick reported he had not had a chance to look at it but with better weather coming he could do it this weekend. Board pushed it to December 19th agenda.
  • Stockpiling gravel at the Sewer Plant – Board noted they wanted to place 1500 yards of gravel the Sewer Plant site temporarily until they could prep the Garage site. Flood work took precedence this summer. Also noted they wanted to ensure they actually had the material on hand in case the pit was unable to open when they needed it. Karen brought up the fact that the Town had Flood Bylaws and the Board said they had Kasey looking into it.

The Board felt the area would not flood as it had not this past summer and they had spoken to residents. Rick noted the millings had been given to the Town and they are piled there temporarily as well. Board felt fine with the temporary plan. Going forward they would get a permit. Kevin noted he drafted something to put on their social media page. Rick to start moving gravel after Wednesday. 

Rick noted guardrails were finished on Doyle Road. His truck broke a hose and it slowed down the plowing.  Leyna reported Kasey wanted to meet on Thursday with Rick for FEMA pictures. Rick noted he needed to speak with Gayle about where items were allocated such as repairs on the loader. Board and Rick to go over budget on the December 19 meeting. Bill noted we needed to think about getting a truck. Board discussed Rick getting numbers for a truck for the 19th as well. Kevin and Leyna to meet with Rick in the next week. Board discussed the star on the Town Garage that Marty Gratz put there.

  •   Town Report- Kevin reported that Kasey sent an email out with a generous timeline( January 18). She had spoken to the Printer. Kevin noted there were many reports in it. Kevin would put a report together and they went through who would contact persons for each report. Board would like reports by January 10. Kevin spoke to Carrie De-lallo about the cover. She sent a barn quilt picture. Kevin to ask for a little paragraph on it. He also asked if the Board would want to dedicate the Richard Button for 50 years of service on the Fire Department. Kelly would inquire with his family first. Karen reminded the Board about the Warning. Discussion on the warning and whether it was on Kasey’s computer.  Karen to look for the file on the warning.  
  • Errors & Omissions- Karen explained that the Listers set the Grand List and sometimes there is an error or an omission that changes the grand list so each year the Listers and Selectboard have to sign off on the report for the Grand List. Kevin stated there were three parcels and they totaled $27,300 in our Grand List.

Leyna moved to approve of the Errors and Omissions Report. Bill seconded the motion. No discussion, motion passed.

  1. Approve Minutes-
    1. Leyna moved to approve November 7, 2023 minutes. Bill seconded the motion. No discussion, motion passed.
    1. Leyna moved to approve November 21, 2023 minutes. Bill seconded the motion. No discussion, motion passed.
  1.     Approve Orders-

Jesse moved to approve the bills. Board had questions about the compactor lease. No second made.  Leyna restated the motion to approve orders contingent upon clarification of Myers compactor rental bill question. Bill seconded the motion, no

discussion, motion passed.  

  1.  Addition – Law Enforcement Update/Discussion- Kevin reported a follow-up discussion with VSP. Kevin reported a larger presence of VSP in the area. He reached out to Windsor County and received a reply but had not had a chance to fully digest it. Kelly reported she reached out to Royalton who were not able to offer anything to the Board. They had a small contract with Tunbridge not at this time. She stated they set it up to be tri-town offering but at this time cannot. She had also spoken with Orange County who would be willing to increase the contract to #$20,000 contract time but only that at this time. They are exploring an officer who could patrol at night but it was not in place at this time. Kevin noted there was a draft contract to look at from Orange County. Last year rate was $52/hour, this year would be $58/hour up to $20,000.  They had a conversation of going to a provisional $10,000 more if there was something major going on but would come to the Board before using it. It would be a reserve.  Leyna stated she had an issue with paying more money for patrolling when it was during a time Town does not need it. She wanted to see night patrols. Town needed that presence. She stated she does not think Town should be billed for when they are going through Town to work at another Town. She would like to see clarification of what they are billing for. She wanted to see what Windsor had to offer. Kelly said they had conversations on not patrolling on a timespan. Kelly said the conversation needed be what the Town needs. The Board agreed upon more of a presence in Town. Town needed both daytime and nighttime patrolling in the problem areas. Jesse stated if the others don’t have options for us, we should still have some patrolling even if it is Orange County as they were trying to get some night time patroling. Kevin stated even a daytime presence is necessary but realizes the Town needs a balance. The Board realizes there is a night- time issue but a better presence would be good. Board is concerned what the travel costs would be with Windsor County. Kelly has learned a lot about funding. Dispatch is funded by the Courthouse but should it be? The State of Vermont had a survey on it. She stated there were multiple layers to it. She is in favor of increased daytime services. Leyna aske if Town was being charged for warrants being served. Kelly to work on finding on more information.  Kevin to continue the conversation with Windsor County. This conversation to continue at their January 2, 2023 meeting.
  1. Admin Position-  Kevin to loop back to with Kasey on getting the ad in the paper. Jesse stated it was on Front Porch Forum, the Chelsea Selectboard Page. Kevin, stated traditionally use The Herald, but think’s it should go to the Valley News. Kevin stated it was out there, it was left as open recruitment and everyone should spread the news.
  1. Executive Session- Kevin stated the Board had a request for Roberts Poor Fund and Kelly added Personnel. Leyna moved to enter into executive session for Roberts Poor Fund and Personnel inviting Karen at 9:25 PM. Bill seconded the motion. No discussion, motion passed.

Jesse moved to exit Executive Session at 10:05 PM. Bill seconded the motion. No discussion, motion passed.

Action-  Board discussed and  approved Roberts Poor Fund Request and made end of year salary decisions for our employees.

  1.      Jesse moved to adjourn at 10:06 PM. Bill seconded the motion. No discussion, motion passed.

November 21,2023 Selectboard Meeting Minutes (Draft)

Chelsea Selectboard Meeting Minutes -Draft

November 21, 2023 – Chelsea Town Hall

Present: Kevin Marshia, Kelly Lyford, Leyna Hoyt, Jesse Kay, Bill Lyon

Others present: Karen Lathrop, Gayle Durkee, Rick Ackerman, Lieutenant Gerry Partin VSP, Captain Leonidas Zenonos, OCSD (online), Heidi Chapman, David Leggio, Patty Shwan, Amos Doyle, Brian Anderson, Max Quayle, Kyle Deschamps, Wendy Forbes, Erich Golscheider, Lee Stender, Jen McCullough, Devin Hayward, Mark MacDonald Susan Elder, Marianne McCann, Helen Heslop, Carrie Caouette-Delallo, Kana Johnson, Becky Hook, Linda Ingold, Linda Kuban, Alan Lyford, Emily Newman, Cheryl MacNeill, Carolyn Boothroyd, Shawn Twing, Ed Coburn, Pat Ladd, Amy Jordan, John Upham, Rick Allen, Chintana Herrin, Greg Herrin, Seth Chambers, Paul Libby, Millie Knudsen, Gloria Bowin, Jen Doyle, Phyllis Civitello, Rebecca McCullough, Susan Ladd, Randy Edwards.

Online: Jan Puibello, Charlotte Mullen, Chase Ackerman, Kym Anderson, Marty Gratz, Rhett Bannish, Noah Brick, Jessica Allen, Darren Marcy. If you attended online and were not listed, please contact the Town Clerk.

  1. Kevin called the meeting to order at 6:30
  • Additions to the Agenda -none
  • Conflict of Interest Disclosure -none
  • Public Comments- none
  • Law Enforcement – Kevin stated the Board wanted to open a conversation with the entities invited to see what resources they could recommend going forward with procuring law enforcement for the Town. Questions from the Board to both VSP and OCSD were what our current coverage was? If additional funds were available could there be more coverage and what would those resources be? Were there programs the Town could access?  Were there any best practices the Town or Residents should be aware of? Kevin stated everyone would get a chance to speak but asked that they be brief as it was their regular Selectboard meeting and there were other agenda items. The board also asked people to come up to the table to speak as people were watching this online and needed to hear the questions. 

Both Lieutenant Partin and Captain Zenonos introduced themselves.  Captain Zenonos stated Sheriff Contois requested he come to the meeting. He also noted that OCSD was not the Town’s primary law enforcement agency. VSP was the primary, though OCSD works with them. Lieutenant Partin stated Royalton Barracks was only half staffed at this point and covered 20 towns with 3 troopers for each shift. They were down dispatchers as well.  The Captain noted OCSD were very short staffed as well. He reported that OCSD tries to be pro-active, though not much that can  be effectively done with 3.5 hours of service a week per the contract, but he had conversations with the Board about increasing the contract.

There was a 2-hour conversation between Board members, residents, Lieutenant Partin, VSP and Captain Zenonos , OCSD. Senator Mark MacDonald was also present for the conversation.

The following items were part of the conversation:

VSP- due to attrition down to 40% staffing. Not taking new contracts, only presence in Town when working a case. Cases would be triaged, with emergent cases taking precedent.

OCSD – current contract includes up to 7 hours/week due to earlier staff shortage. Normal paid coverage is 3.5 hours/week. Daytime presence only, after 4 pm Barre Police covers for OCSD.

Citizen Concerns:

Increasing crime in Town due to no police presence at night.

Creation of a committee or neighborhood watch.

What the process was for reporting suspicious activity, who to call.

                                             Committing to increase law enforcement tax dollars

                                             Reaching out to other communities or entities by the Board

                                             Better communications between law enforcement agencies

                                             Were Fish and Game Wardens or DMV being utilized to help in the shortage

                                             The legislature  sending tax dollars money to hire more Troopers, yes/no

                                             Courts stop turning out criminals with past histories.

                                             Individuals protecting themselves on their own property.

       For additional details go to  Both Law Enforcement Entities agreed that better communication was vital. Call it in instead of posting it on social media.  It might take them some time, but they would investigate it.  If persons saw something to report it, be willing to sign an affidavit that would help the law enforcement down the road. They could help with neighborhood watch. They said if people felt threatened, they could defend themselves but like any other case, an investigation would be held. They stated people should not put themselves in danger.   They said to look at the larger picture of where the laws were enacted.  Law enforcement was just one aspect of curing the problem that had been growing for years. VSP’s analogy was it was a cancer and the VSP was ibuprofen, a short-term answer, but there needed to be a long-term solution which needed broader scrutiny with harder questions asked of those in charge.  Senator MacDonald said he was there to gain information as the legislature would not meet until January.

The Board thanked Lieutenant Partin, Captain Zenonos and everyone for their input and that this was just the start of the conversation, and the Board would be exploring more avenues before deciding what to do. There will be a discussion about Town Property Security at the next meeting.

  • Town Treasurer
  • Budget Preparation- Biggest item is insurance. Gayle stated the Town has used MVP Health Insurance for a few years. They were comparable with Blue Cross. There was a slight difference in numbers. MVP – $13,138 and BC – $13, 531. Board decision necessary.  Kelly asked if there was any employee feedback. Gayle noted only two employees receive the insurance and they seemed happy with it.

Leyna moved to continue the contract with MVP for our employees. Bill seconded the motion. No Discussion. Motion passed.

Gayle stated VMERS- rates go up every year and the Board will need take that into account when budgeting this year.  The Board asked how to move forward budgeting.  Gayle said budgets should be submitted to her, she would input them into the budget for the Board to go through at their meeting. Liaisons to tell their departments to send budgets to Gayle by December 15th, but highway has until the 19th. The board asked Gayle to put together a 3-year spread for them to look at.  Discussion on having executive session for salaries at a meeting. Leyna and Kelly said they needed to discuss the cost of living. Gayle gave the Board information on how bonuses were decided. Kevin thought Dec 5th should be mostly budget items.

  • Line of Credit – Not ready, will be on the next meeting agenda. Currently delinquent taxes are at$90,000.00. Most bills paid, Galfetti still to be paid. Discussion on total spent. Board discussion on hours worked by everyone for FEMA hours. Gayle noted if the Town went over 700,00.00. The Board will have to budget for a single audit.
  • Highway
  • Town Highway 57 – Scadin Road. The state sent a letter stating it is a class three and was not being maintained as a class 3 road.  Rick’s opinion was to downgrade the road. Leyna felt the Board should go look at it first. The board tasked Rick to look at the road and give the Board an assessment of what it would take to keep it a Class 3.
  • Flood Update- Rick reported the work on Edwards Road sites 4 & 5 was not what he expected. He said the length was off and some of the bottom should have come out, but it is not a steep place. Leyna stated the end result was not what was wanted. Not enough material. The contractor was given dimensions and numbers, but he made decisions, and, in the future, there will need to be site visits before the contractor leaves. Board discussion on future contracts and what their approach would be. Rick reported the quantity was not what was given but about half. Guard rail still to be done and two culverts, one on Pepper Road and one on Doyle Road. Leyna spoke about stockpiling gravel for mud season and costs.  Rick- talking 1500 yards. Maybe work out a bill with McCullough’s. Bill mentioned McCulloughs had run short on product this summer and was in favor of procuring it. Leyna said they were going to put it on the slope by the sandpile. Board to discuss placing gravel at the old sand pile in the flood plain at Dec 5 meeting. Rick reported E Randolph Road shoulder work done.
  • FEMA Update- Kevin stated Kasey was entering the next phase of entering details.
  • Transfer Station- Kelly reported Jesse was working with the vendor on the mockups which should be a go by January 1st. Kevin stated there should be a motion on it to put in the record.

 Leyna moved to approve the punch card and stickers at the Transfer Station starting January 1, 2024. Bill seconded the motion. Board felt everyone at the last meeting was on Board with it. Motion passed.

  • Digitization of Records- Karen gave a report, to be sent to the Board.
  1. Town Report – Kevin had a discussion with Kasey about sending notices about items for the 15th. Board discussion about how the report is formatted. Kasey to send an email to the printer to see what they need for formatting. Have a conversation with the Spotlight for cover.
  1. Approve Minutes -10.17.2023- Leyna moved to approve minutes Bill seconded motion.  Passed
  1. Approve Minutes – 11.07.2023- tabled to next meeting.
  1. Approve Orders – Leyna moved to approve orders. Bill seconded the motion. No discussion, motion passed.
  1. Admin Position- Kelly reported she had a comprehensive draft, to go out next week and run it for a month. Cover letters should be sent as an introduction. Resume to follow.

15.Executive Session- none

16.Adjourn – Leyna moved to adjourn. Bill seconded the motion. No discussion, motion passed.  Meeting adjourned at 9:53 PM.


October 17,2023 Selectboard Meeting Minutes Draft

October 17, 2023, Selectboard Meeting Minutes (draft)

Present- Kelly Lyford, Leyna Hoyt, Bill Lyon, Jesse Kay, Karen Lathrop Rick Ackerman

Others present- Jessica Schmidt. Kezia Frayjo. Tim Carter, Robert Harnish, Mary Ann McCann, Kym Anderson, Norman Cohen.

  1. Meeting called to order at 6:30 PM by Kelly Lyford, Vice Chair
  • Additions to the agenda- Leyna asked that Highways be on the agenda.

Kellsy- budget reminder – Liaisons to contact their departments for budgets.

Kelly – next meeting date – November 7.  Board to schedule special meeting if necessary.

Kelly stated Kevin and she to create the job description for Town Administrator position.

Kelly had a question whether Braman Logging contract had been signed. Kelly to follow up on it.

  • Conflict of Interest- Bill Lyon recused himself from agenda item 7.
  • Public Comments- Kezia Frayjo, Library Trustee Chair, expressed concern that funds from a grant for the library might be lost as they could not access the Unique Entity Identity (UEI) number for the Town. She requested access to the number. Kelly to follow up with the office on October 18. To ensure all persons who need access have it going forward.
  • Robert Harnish- Declaration of Inclusion

Mr. Harnish requested the Board support the statewide declaration of inclusion. He reported 126 Towns have supported it as well as VLCT, VRCD and VCC who have endorsed the effort. The concept of inclusion was created in 2020 by the Town of Franklin. Gave a brief history of the concept. The Census shows the State is stagnant and we are losing population. They have invited the Board to become part of the inclusion. Norman Cohen, spoke to the letter. He added Vermont is the second whitest state and the second oldest state in the United States. The State needs more people as there would be a need to replace a retiring workforce. The Governor made a proclamation about the 2nd of May as inclusion week.  Tracy Penfield spoke in support of the Declaration as well as Jessie Schmidt and Kym Anderson. They all encouraged the Board to adopt the Declaration as they think it would spark a conversation to break barriers of other races.

Kelly Lyford stated the Declaration should not be a token statement. She thanked those who would be willing to be a part of the conversation and was grateful there were people willing to work on this important discussion. There was a brief discussion on whether to sign it at the meeting.  Leyna questioned whether there were enough people living in Town that would want to be a part of the conversation. Jesse to be Liaison for this. The Board chose to look at the wording, for addition of Socio-Economic wording. To be put on the November 7 agenda.

  • Culvert Permit – Tim Carter – Kelly asked Rick if he had looked over the site. Rick stated they have, and it was okay. The Ashtons submitted a permit after the agenda was posted, so it will be on the next meeting agenda. Rick had no problem with having a contractor do the work Tim Carter stated he would be paying for it. Leyna moved to approve the work within the right of way /culvert permit for Tim Carter. Jesse Kay Seconded. No discussion. Motion passed.
  • Curb Cut Deborah Baker – Bill recused himself. Rick stated it is just past the house. He had no problem with where it was going to be placed.   Jesse moved to approve the Access Permit/Curb cut for Deborah Baker. Leyna seconded the motion. No discussion. Motion passed.
  • TRORC- Henry Falconer- By-law Modernization Grant- Mr. Falconer brought the resolution for the board to look over. He went over the by-law modernization grant program. TRORC to work with the Planning Commission to revise the by-laws to meet statutory requirements as to work towards more housing. Flood By laws would still be applicable.  The Board looked over the scope of the work agreement in the amount of $19,611.00. The local match requirement of 10% which would be waived when by- law was adopted. TRORC paid as the work progresses.  Then the state would issue a reimbursement.   

Jesse moved to adopt the resolution for the by law modernization grant. Leyna seconded the motion. No discussion. Motion passed.

Mr. Falconer spoke to the wastewater plant grant update.  EPA community had not been in touch with him due to the possible government shutdown. The board would need a formal statement of work written. Project itself would need an RFP for the whole scope of work in alignment with the state and federal guidelines. Tom Brown recommended making a broad enough RFP for the scope of work to cover the whole project. Step one, produce prelim report and step two is actual engineering study. Town has $150,00.00 funding for that. If all the entry work is done correctly the Board could then apply for the Construction funds to supplement the grant of $650,000.00. Mr. Falconer to follow up with Kasey about the signed CDS. TRORC to apply for $75,000 -100,000.00 from the state. Would adjust the statement of work to get the work completed. 

  • Town Plan- Sydny Steinle – Jesse and Kevin gave edits to the Town Plan for Cost Implementations and Jesse to put all the Town Plan Hearing and items on the website. Karen to posted around Town.
  1. Transfer Station – Jesse brought Kelly up to date on the Transfer Station and put it on Facebook and feedback. She had placed some signs at the Town Hall, Wills and the Transfer Station and asked Darren Marcy to run something in the Herald for the Town. Concerns were convenience of buying, where to buy, legality of charging for recycling. The Town Facebook page was not working, Jesse reached out to Patty. Leyna states a well thought out general response would be help. Bill disagrees.  It should just be informational. Discussion on the power point presentation for the next meeting with the residents. Bill reported he had someone look at the compostable toilet. Leyna questioned the cost of maintenance? Bill said around $150.00.  Leyna thought it would have to be done quarterly.
  1. EMS Coordination Study – Kelly was unsure what was being asked of the Board. Bill to what we have for representation at the meeting.
  1. RFP for Digitalization of Town Records – tabled for the next meeting.
  1. Approve Minutes 10 October Meeting– Jesse moved to approve October10, 2023 minutes with edits. Leyna seconded the motion. Motion passed.
  1. Approve Orders 10 October – Jesse stated never made the motion. Jesse moved to approve the order from October 10, 2023. Bill seconded the motion. Motion passed.
  1. Approve Orders for 17 October – Bill questioned Orange County Sheriff’s Department billing. Leyna noted there are many rolling patrols but not enough information.  Board wanted clarification. What does the contract require?  Kelly to follow up by getting a copy of the contract.  Leyna moved to approve orders excluding the payment of the Orange County Sheriff bill until clarification was received. Jesse seconded the motion. Motion passed.
  1. Highway addition- Leyna asked for approval for overtime for the road crew during the time they have the excavator. Board discussion on what work was still to be completed. It was noted the Treasurer was notified of the request. The request was for Friday overtime for the three Road Personnel so the excavator would not sit idle a day with so many projects to complete before winter. Concerns about what work would be done on Fridays. Mostly ditching but it was pointed out that if leaves were not blown out of culverts, they would plug culverts come winter. The excavator would not be going over the allowable 40 hours. Most of it would be FEMA project related.  Board was okay up to 32 hours of overtime for three road crew members while the excavator was rented. Rick noted Bob Button had offered the use of a tractor to blow out leaves.

Leyna stated Rick, FEMA and herself made a site visit on Edwards Rd on 10.16.2023. The sites on Edwards were measured and would go into FEMA’s report. No idea yet of approval or dollar amount. Two of the sites (4 & 5) were permanent fixes. Sites 3 & 6 Rick could temp fix leaving two sites that would have to wait until next year as they needed engineering studies. There was a discussion of whether to close the road. Leyna stated they had a question in to FEMA as to whether they had to be engineered.   There was much discussion about the cost involved in the fixes. Kelly’s concerns were with how to decide with no costs available.  Kelly asked if any residents reached out to the Town. Kelly stated how could the Board commit to a fix without understanding the value to our citizens.  Discussion on plowing and barriers engineering costs. Jesse asked if they could get an estimate. Rick said he could measure it. Bill would be okay with the temp fix.  Rick said he could measure it and come up with a cost. Leyna stated the end game is the road had to be fixed. FEMA can pay for a temp and permanent fix as it is still considered an emergency and they are two different categories. There is no guarantee they will approve any. They just won’t say whether they are approved yet as it is a process, and they won’t give a $ amount.  Bill stated realistically, if the Board had to get it engineered it could take a long time to get a fix made. FEMA is an 18-month cycle. Leyna noted the Board was told that FEMA would not pay if it was pre-existing. That was misinformation. FEMA said otherwise. The Town will receive a copy of FEMA’s report.  The Road needs to be plowable this winter.  Rick & Leyna were in favor of the temp fix for this year. Rick threw out a number ($20,000) plus stone. Leyna stated the Board would have to bid out the two permanent sites (4 & 5) and Rick could do the temp fix (3 & 6) Bill has no problem putting them out to bid because the Town does not have to accept them. Kelly asked if they needed to be done while we had the excavator. Leyna & Rick said yes. Money would have to come from ARPA until FEMA reimbursement. Another $20,000.00 for the permanent fixes. Kelly stated $50,000.00 sounded reasonable. Leyna stated it might be anywhere from $50,000 to$ 60,000 to get the 2 temps and 2 permanent fixes and that leaves the last two sites. Jesse and Bill are okay with this would allow Edwards Road to be open and plowable for winter.

Leyna moved to approve the temporary fix on Edward Road sites 3 & 6 with a value up to $25,000 and permanent fix for sites 4 & 5 to be put out to bid. Jesse seconded the motion. No Discussion. Motion passed.

Leyna to work with Kasey for bid packets. Rick to get volume for Kasey.

  1. Next Meeting – November 7, 2023, with special meeting as necessary.
  1. Town Administrator – Kevin and Kelly to put the Town Administrator Job Description. Put on next agenda.
  1. Executive Session – Executive Session if Necessary – Leyna moved to enter Executive Session at 9:11 pm for Personnel, inviting Karen Lathrop. Jesse seconded the motion. No discussion. Motion passed. Jesse moved to come out of Executive session at 9:15 pm.

Approved payroll hourly for emergency administration coverage.

  • Brookfield Annual Contract – Signed Administratively.
  • Adjourn- Jesse moved to adjourn. Leyna seconded the motion. Motion passed. Adjourned at 9:17 PM.

Statewide In-Home Vaccination

Statewide In-Home Vaccination provided by Vermont Center for Independent Living

No cost, in-home vaccination is available for anyone who has difficulty getting to or using a community vaccination location, including Children

For the safety of you and your family, in-home vaccinations will wear masks ( (including N95 respirators by request) No insurance information will be collected

Entire household- including caregivers and friends- can be vaccinated once for:

COVID (ages 6 months +)

Flue (ages 6 months +)

RSV (ages 60+)


November 7, 2023 Selectboard Meeting Minutes (draft)

Selectboard Meeting Minutes (draft)

November 7, 2023 – Chelsea Town Hall

Present: Kevin Marshia, Kelly Lyford, Leyna Hoyt, Bill Lyon, Jesse Kay

Others Present: Karen Lathrop, Gayle Durkee, Gregg Herrin, Carrie Caouette-Delallo,Susan Elder, Snook Downing, Anne Carroll, Wyatt Kay, Gayle Durkee, Mark Vermette Neil Kennedy, Rick Ackerman, Jessie Schmidt, Jessie Schmidt, Cheryl MacNeil, Kendra Densmore, Justin Densmore, Eve Desjardin, Frank Keene, Kristianne Gale, Max Quayle, Deborah Quayle, Marty Gratz(online), Robert Harnish (online).

  1. Meeting brought to order at 6:30 pm by Kevin Marshia
  • Additions to Agenda

a) Town Plan & Map Adoption/Determination of Energy Compliance Resolution

  • Conflict of Interest- none

        4.   Public Comments – Carrie Caouette-Delallo questioned the policing. Kevin stated tonight was to start a conversation. Frank Keene- asked about the pedestrian bridge to the old cemetery. Kevin stated the Board had been working on temporary fixes and there were 5 permanent fixes being planned. Pedestrian bridge was one of those items. He gave a brief summary of the work done so far. No timeline on permanent fixes that still needed to be done. Kevin noted there would need to be a hydraulic study and an engineering study on the bridge. Frank noted the snowmachine bridge was gone which would create more traffic on Maple Ave. Leyna stated the Pedestrian Bridge was a mitigation project and the Town was waiting to hear on eligibility for that.

Addition- Kevin read the adoption of Town Plan & Maps and resolution to submit adopted Town Plan & Maps for submission to the Regional Commission and the resolution for Determination of Energy Compliance Resolution.

Leyna moved to adopt the 2023 Town Plan & Maps as presented Bill seconded the motion. Motion passed. Board noted the resolution to submit was not included. Leyna moved to submit the 2023 Town Plan & Maps, and resolution to submit the 2023 Town Plan & Maps to Two River Ottauqueechee Regional Commission for approval.   Jessie seconded the motion. Motion passed. Jesse moved to adop the Determination of Energy Compliance Resolution. Bill seconded the motion. Motion passed.

        5.   Transfer Station Presentation & Discussion – Jesse gave a presentation on the Transfer Station. The process used now is cash and check and we are operating at a deficit. The three issues were employee safety, Financial Sustainability and Increasing Costs -Stagnant Revenue. She went through all three items. She noted how other Towns have gone to various methods but most Towns were using a Punch Card System.

The Board is proposing ending cash and checks at the Transfer Station as of 1st January. Punch cards would be available to buy at Will’s or the Town Clerk’s Office and eventually online. She went over the three options $3, $5, $100 ( Construction Dumpster) cards. Jesse went over the deficit the Town has been running.  The power point showed a 3 year (expense to income) deficit the Transfer Station.  Board is proposing implementing an annual sticker( $40/year)to deal with the deficit starting January 1, 2024. Stickers would be available at Will’s and the Town Clerk’s Office. She noted other Transfer Stations were charging $2.50-3.00/ bag. A $40 annual sticker would be cheaper than charging per bag pricing structure.  She noted that Tunbridge still has “free recycling” but it is the only one.

She went over what the potential gains were going to recycling stickers. Any non-resident could purchase one as well. If only half the residents bought a sticker it the Town would break even. If all residents bought one the Town would bring in more that would cover costs.

She noted the costs of running the Transfer Station have increased. She went over the cost of demolition/construction waste costs as well as Solid Waste and then went over fees the Town charges which show a stagnation of revenue to offset the costs. The Towns pricing structure when compared to other Town showed the Town was not charging enough for furniture or mattresses.  Bag trash has not increase. The 65 gallon would be going up slightly.

The Board opened up the floor for discussion:

The concerns were :

Persons would put their recycling in the trash  – would cost more in punches for trash

Persons coming without a card – okay through transition period but persons to be responsible

Multiple cars but only one sticker- just have to show it, could be on recycling container

Upfront costs to persons on a fixed income –

Program for persons struggling financially – Board to think about it

What would happen if a person’s costs doesn’t match the punch card – taken under suggestion

Why were non-residents not being charged more than residents – confirmation of residency makes for more work/documentation.  They want to keep it simple.

Cost of stickers – pennies

Will being paid for this or volunteering to do it – Will is volunteering right now

How would Town would deal with events- exceptions could be made for big events

Persons bringing in a small amount of recycling, others bringing a truckload.

Compost costs? – Still free at this point.

The Board noted all of the concerns raised and answered them and stated there would be a transition period where they would accept cash, but that would not last forever. There would be a period of time where they worked through the process, troubleshooting and streamlining it. Changes would be made as necessary. The Board appreciated everyone’s comments and suggestions made.  The Board was not making a decision for a couple of meetings

        6.   Budget Prep- Board and Gayle discussed budget prep. Budget needs to be completed by January 16. Discussed meeting dates to Gayle. Board to start dedicating time at every meeting. Gayle noted salaries need to be gone over, highway and water budget would be a bigger conversation. Budget Drafts  to be in by December 19. Liaisons need to check in with their departments. Gayle noted we would need to get a line of credit on the agenda for the next meeting.

        7.   Highway

              a.  General Update- Rick gave a report on work done to date on Edwards Road He submitted a proposal from Lafayette for guardrails on Doyle Road for $4550.00. Rick though it was Fema reimbursable. More culverts to go in on Pepper Road. Board okayed Rick doing the Town Hall snow clearance provided he had time. Sand will be in the hall. Karen to get Rick a key. Rick reminded the Board they will need to budget for a truck. Leyna and Rick to work on it.

               b.  Brannan/Osterbye Access Permit – Blackhawk Road. Rick signed off on it. Leyna moved to approve the curb cut for Bob Brannon on Black Hawk Road.  Bill seconded the motion. Motion passed.

               c.  Ashton Access Permit- Chelsea Line Road. Rick signed off on it. Curb cut. Jesse moved to approve the access permit for Charles Ashton on Chelsea Line Road. Leyna seconded the motion. Motion passed.

               d. Sidewalk Completion – Final Completion of Sidewalk. Rick stated there is a low spot in the middle, where the asphalt was done but not in the sidewalk but the paving. Kevin said he had spoken with Alan. The joints were not great, but no fix. Leyna moved to approve the Final Completion of the sidewalk. Jesse seconded. Motion passed.

       8.   Declaration of Inclusion- Kelly reported a group brought forth a Declaration of Inclusion at our last meeting. The Board looked at it and Kelly read the declaration.

Jesse moved to adopt the declaration of inclusion statement with edits added Leyna seconded the motion.

There was some discussion on the wording. Deborah questioned the last sentences meaning. Kelly noted they did not want the statement to be a token document. This Declaration Statement would start a conversation.  Gayle wanted to know if persons that did not agree that would be considered a hate crime? Tracy, OCRJS, stated everyone had freedom of speech. She thinks this declaration created a place to have a conversation, without excluding people and that people are made welcome. It was complex but she supported it.  Kevin stated this is a statement, not a policy, or ordinance, a general statement of inclusion.  It opens a conversation.  Greg would like part of it read again. Maybe a list of categories would exclude people. Jesse stated we are looking for consistency with other towns.  Mr. Robert Harnish spoke to the Declaration of Inclusion. This would be the start of a Townwide conversation. Does not see a downside to adopting this. Maybe put a framed version of it in the Town Clerk’s Office.

Vote called, Motion passed.

       9.   Forest & Park Commission- Kevin reported they met unofficially last night about 8 persons a few missing. Good Discussion about should there be two committees. Kevin noted that the park’s commission had been dissolved. So there would need to be a motion to recreate the Forest Parks Commission. Kelly questioned why it was dissolved? Kevin said lack of involvement. Jesse moved to re-establish a Forest and Parks Commission for the Town of Chelsea. Leyna seconded the motion. Kelly had questions on whether it should be a committee or commission. Yes commission. Motion passed. Kasey to make them aware of this.  

      10.  Law Enforcement- Kevin stated they reached out to the State Police and Orange County Sheriff’s to plan a meeting. No date set yet. Board wants to find out what is out there as options/resources that are out there. Currently have a contract with OCS for 12,500.00. The Board recognizes the issues are out there and they are looking for solutions going forward. The Board needs to understand what they can do as a Board for law enforcement. Next meeting it is the 21st or can it be done sooner. Kelly stated the Board is waiting on other person”s availability.  The Board will get the word out. Deb Quayle asked what  we were getting for our contract. Limited daily patrols. Kelly thinks it was around 4 hours a week but not much. Earlier in the year there was no coverage.   Orange County Sheriff stated VSP is the primary enforcement. Kevin said Bob Childs had come to an earlier meeting. Kelly said the Board had reached out to Corinth earlier.  Carrie said there was a group a couple of years ago there was a group but doesn’t know what happened with that. Kelly stated this trend started quite a while ago. This is due to a loss of law enforcement presence during Covid. Eve Desjardins stated there is a mental health crisis in VT but VSP has screeners used to call people, not sure is Clara Martin has anything at this point. Chelsea is in a dead zone for 24 hour services. Washington Mental Health would not cover our Town. Now a person can speak to someone on a phone. ( Mental Health Aspect). What are the options for interface with the ambulance or some people could be on call.

      11.  Municipal Energy Resilience Program – Kevin went over the program. Board agreed that assessment would be done on Town Garage and Town Hall. Jesse moved to approve the memo of understanding between the Town of Chelsea and The Vermont Department of Buildings and General Services for the provisions of Municipal Energy Assessment Services under the Municipal Energy Resilience Program (MERP). Bill seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

      12.  VLCT PACIF Coverage Direction Form- VLCT form on coverage. Kevin read both options. Board discussion on the options and VLCT email on it. Kevin reported the difference is cost. $250,000,000 is what we have had for coverage.  Jesse moved to continue the $250,000.00 Coverage from VLCT. Leyna seconded the motion. Motion passed.

      13.  Town Report- Kevin reported Kasey would work with the Board on the process of sending notices to persons requesting reports. The sheparding piece still needs to be addressed and editing piece to the reports to the printers. That is the person missing.  Karen to send electronic copy to Board Members. The Board just needs to jump on board with getting reports in asap. Kevin wants to go to the timeline used last year. Karen reported an email was sent to everyone. Karen to work with Kasey on that email. Send to also send to Selectboard.

      14.   Approve Minutes Oct 30, 2023- Jesse moved to approve October 30 meeting minutes as written. Bill seconded the motion. Motion passed.

      15.   Approve Orders- Leyna moved to approve the orders. Bill seconded the motion. Motion passed.

      16.   Admin Position- Kelly reported draft Town Admin job description not completed.  Kelly to finish it and try advertise it next week. It would go out Vermont Dept of Labor’s website, VLCT , Upper Valley Paper.  Kelly to write the ad. It will go out to next meeting agenda item for update only.

      17.   Executive Session if Necessary- none

      18.   Adjourn– Leyna moved to adjourn. Jesse seconded the motion.  Motion passed. Adjourned at 9:00 PM.


Town Plan Hearing

November 7, 2023 Selectboard Draft Town Plan Hearing Minutes (draft)

Present: Kevin Marshia, Kelly Lyford, Leyna Hoyt, Jesse Kay, Bill Lyon

Others Present: Karen Lathrop, Gayle Durkee, Gregg Herrin, Carrie Caouette-Delallo ,Susan Elder, Snook Downing, Anne Carroll, Wyatt Kay, Gayle Durkee, Mark Vermette Neil Kennedy, Rick Ackerman, Jessie Schmidt, Jessie Schmidt,Cheryl MacNeil, Kendra Densmore, Justin Densmore, Eve Desjardin, Kristianne Gale, Max Quayle, Deborah Quayle, Marty Gratz(online), Robert Harnish (online).

Hearing began at 6:01. Kevin read the hearing notice.

The goal is to take comments from the public on the Town Plan. Susan Elder questioned if the changes were highlighted. Kevin stated they were in the draft Town Plan for the Planning Commission hearing but not this version. He went through the timeline of the Planning Commission Hearing (September 7, 2023) to November 7, 2023. Greg Herrin from the Planning Commission confirmed the timeline.

Susan asked if there were changes to Forests and Parks. Greg reported no changes to that section. Greg Herrin stated there were factual changes in Demographics and substantial changes to the School section. Kevin reported there were some changes made to bring the plan into statutory compliance. Greg noted Town Plans were good for 8 years, but the Planning Commission could start the process over at anytime to make changes. Kevin reported the Board found out in the spring that the plan had to be in place by November 16th.  Kevin thanked the Planning Commission Board members for their service as the Town Plan was under a time constraint for completion and as such they did not make any major overhaul of it.  Members of the Community stepped up and made that happen. There was discussion on Chelsea Design Control and Chelsea Historic District which was not in the Town Plan. Greg reported challenges with writing parts of the Flood Plains but they found out there would be some remapping coming but no dates set for it. Kevin noted under land use there were a few areas in Town that were commercial and mixed use and Greg affirmed there were no changes to that. Anne asked if the Town would be looking at zoning changes.  Kevin noted the Town & Planning Commssion signed a grant with TRORC to start the process of bylaw review.  The Board stated that guiding principle was to keep our Town Plan current so there would not be any impacts to the Town from Act 250 perspective. Kevin read the adoption of the Town Plan & Maps and a resolution for Energy.  There was a brief discussion on the Energy Resolution. It was there to give the Town more leverage with solar projects. It was noted the adoption would need to be done at the Selectboard Meeting.

No further comments. Hearing closed at 6:18 PM

| |

October 30 , 2023 Special Meeting Minutes draft

Present: Kevin Marshia, Chair, Kelly Lyford, Vice Chair, Leyna Hoyt, Jesse Kay, Bill Lyon, Rick Ackerman, Karen Lathrop

Others Present: Phyllis Civitello

  1. Call meeting to order: Kevin Marshia called meeting to order at 6:30 PM
  2. Additions:  Kevin requested a conversation on the Transfer Station meeting.
  3. Public comments: None
  4. Conflict of Interest Disclosure: Jesse Kay recused herself from the bid process.
  5. Open bids for Edwards Road Sites 4 & 5

Blue Mountain Trucking and Excavating            23,750.00 (site 5 only)

Galfetti Grading Inc,                                         23,844.00 (site 4 & 5)

Northwoods Excavating Inc.                              48,962.00 (site 4 & 5)

Markowski Excavating Inc.                              54,247.29 (site 4 & 5)

JL Smith                                                           42,125.00 (site 4 & 5)

Waters Excavation Inc.                                     46,620.00 (site 4 & 5)

Brief discussion with Road Supervisor about bids.

Leyna Hoyt moved to accept the bid proposal of $23,844.00 from Galfetti Grading Inc. Bill Lyon seconded the motion.

The Board to have Kasey check with the company to ensure work would be done by November 30, 2023. Phyllis Civitello questioned whether all the sites would be fixed and the road plowable for winter. Leyna reported the site by Mrs. Civitello house would have a temporary fix (site 3) this year to make it usable this year. Rick stated he was waiting for stone to be available to work on it. He thought he would be able to get to it in the next couple of weeks. The Board assured Mrs. Civitello the road would be passable this winter.

 All were in favor, Motion passed.

Addition:  Board held a brief discussion about a power point presentation for the November 7, meeting. Jesse to present. Discussion on keeping personnel safe while working, the transfer station deficit and feedback so far. No action taken.

Leyna Hoyt moved to adjourn at 7:25 PM. Bill Lyon seconded the motion. No discussion.  All were in favor, Motion passed. 

| |

September 19, 2023 Selectboard Meeting Minutes

Chelsea Selectboard Meeting Minutes (draft)

September 19, 2023

Present- Kevin Marshia, Kelly Lyford, Leyna Hoyt, William Lyon, Jesse Kay,

              Karen Lathrop, Clerk, Rick Ackerman, Highway Supervisor, Michael    Whipple, Water & Wastewater Supervisor

Others present- Marianne McCann, Gregg Herrin, Harry Falconer, TRORC,      Kevin Geiger, TRORC, Sydney Steinle, TRORC

  1. Call meeting to order: Kevin called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM

  2. Conflict of interest disclosure: None
  3. Additions to the agenda:
  4. Contracts to be signed for Flood Contracts
  5. Public Comments: Marianne McCann stated she sent her resume by email and was interested in the AA position. She also noted that in two meeting minutes an award for work on the Sewer Pump Station had been incorrectly referenced. The Board thanked her for the feedback and stated they made edits to ensure the right name was going to be aligned with the award in the future.
  6. Town Treasurer – Cargill contract: A quote letter was received for salt from Cargill. Karen noted the price was .50 cents per ton higher than last year’s quote. Rick said they have contracted with this company, and they are reliable.  quote letter.

Jesse Kay, moved to approve the contract amount of 86.50/ton with a total of 275 tons. Leyna Hoyt seconded the motion. There was no further discussion. All were in favor. Motion passed.

  • Mike Whipple – Water & Wastewater Plant
    a. Update- Mike reported the company, Chamberlin Associates, were still on board with repairing the Scada System. The system at the Brookhaven Pump house was struck by lightning and was never repaired. The system allows the pump stations to measure the level in the water tank. The State performed a Sanitary Survey of the water system and said the system needs to go back online. The budgeted cost was $5,900 but Mike stated they would not know the true cost until the company started the repairs.

           Leyna Hoyt moved to approve the estimated cost of $5,900 for repair of the Scada system. Kelly Lyford seconded the motion. There was no further discussion. All were in favor. Motion passed.

Mike reported the Town wastewater system was working on an extended permit due to Covid, but the State was working on getting them updated. There are tests that are going to be required and the Town will have to buy an automated sampler system as some of the tests would run for 20 hours. The Board would need to budget for that, and Mike will research costs on them and report back to the Board. The Board inquired about grants that may be available for that or if the State will provide funding as they would be requiring some automation. Mike was unsure of whether that would happen.

The Board noted the budget was overspent due to the emergency nature of filling Nolan’s place and many repairs were required to the already outdated system so there would have to be some use of the sinking fund to cover those repairs. There was some discussion on whether there would be FEMA money available for any damage to pump house 4 door as it is in bad shape. Mike to liaison with Kasey on it. Mike noted Dimmicks company is up and running and we might investigate their costs for sludge management. The company the Town currently uses doubled their costs.

b. Department of Environmental Conservation Service Line Assistance – The Clean Water Revolving fund. Kevin reported the Town sent an application last spring.  He also noted there might be a meeting Friday to get the engineering with Otter Creek started. ANR inspected the facility in June. There were some corrective actions. Mike stated many are done and he was waiting for Dave Martineau for the electrical work. Mike and Kevin to draft a letter to the State on those corrective actions and it would get sent to each Board member to keep them in the loop.

7.  Two Rivers – Ottauquechee
a. Congressional grant for wastewater- TRORC had a discussion on where the Town was in the process of the Congressional Delegation Spending award, the EPA community grant, and the Clean Water State Revolving Fund. The Town had not signed the CDS and has not applied for the EPA community grant so far but applied to the Clean Water State Revolving Fund. Both Kevin Marshia and TRORC had spoken to Tom Brown. Kevin has a meeting on Friday with Mr. Brown. Kevin spoke with Rebecca Ellis last February. TRORC to reach out to Ellis on behalf of the Town. Kelly stated the Town had no docs signed yet. The Board requested help from TRORC. Kevin gave a history of what has happened so far with the Congressional Award to get a grant. He said the Congressional Award was just for the Pump Station. TRORC recognized the many moving parts of the process. Marianne McCann stated the whole file is in the AA office. Ms. McCann asked if the Town had hired TRORC. TRORC responded they had a state funded grant to help Towns. The MTAP program, Sydney Steinle runs the program and TRORC will reach out to the State to inform them of the request and get the required permissions.

b. Funding to update town by-laws – Kevin Geiger stated it is a possible project. State planning Grants are available, applications due by Nov 1, 2023. His suggestion was to go for a bylaw modernization grant as the program had more money and had 10% match for the Town which would be waived if the bylaws were adopted. This grant would incorporate the changes the legislature has made and to improve housing. The modernization program is to make the process easier, the standards easier for housing. Kevin G stated they just needed a nod from the Board to provide a scope of work. Also, the Planning Commission would also need to give an okay too. The process does have many meetings with the community for their input. Grants for by laws usually run from $12,000- to $15,000 for it. It would also interface with the Town Plan.

The board approved TRORC to go ahead with preparing the scope of work for Town By Laws.

c. Town plan questions – Sydney Steinle reported Town plan transmitted to the Selectboard along with a timeline. She asked the Board to have comments on  the plan to her by October 4. She would incorporate individual edits and send the Board a draft.  She went through the timeline for adoption. She explained the editing process to the Board. They must have their Selectboard Hearing on November 7 followed by Selectboard Meeting where plan would be adopted. The board decided to move the October 3 meeting until the 10th so all members could be present. Small discussion on Flood Bylaws. Some discussion about making any changes to the Town Plan if so needed. Kevin G. stated the Town Plan would be good for eight years, but the Planning Commission may start the process over to make edits at any time they so choose.

  • Highway Dept – Road damage update- Rick reported Upper Village Road almost complete. John Smith said there were two trees that should come down and some erosion stone needed to be placed in some gullies. The cost of which would be $3,000.00 over the bid amount. Rick’s recommendation was to do that to finish the work. The board had questions on bank stabilization. Rick reported Mr. Smith was going to put some seed down but just how much is unknown.

 South Washington Road work started today.

 Sidewalk work at the firehouse complete.

Work on Jenkins Brook is underway by AJ. Though he has to go back to finish a spot-on Maple Ave that he did not know was in the bid. Might be completed by Monday.

There was some discussion on whether mowing would get done due to time constraints. The board thought John might be able to coordinate that while Rick is gone. Rick reported work on O’Donnell and Blackhawk is done. Excavator not coming till October 4, the crew will start on the Pent Road first.

Rick stated a little more sand is needed and that his truck is back from being repaired. The crew can finish hauling sand while Rick is gone. Still needs to finish side filling East Randolph Road.  Rick asked about Edwards Road. Kevin said he asked if he could get a Geotech from a resource through the state to give us an idea of what needs to be done. Rick asked about temp fixes being okay with FEMA. Kevin will have to double check on temp fixes with FEMA.

  1.  Parks and Forest Commission- The discussion was around how to narrow down a list of 12 people interested in the positions. Board opted to have Jesse and Kasey draft an email to them along with the bylaw and to also include what other areas of the Town need volunteers so they would know there are multiple committee’s that need volunteers.
  1.  Planning Commission – Greg Herrin reported they had covered everything    when Kevin Geiger was speaking. The Board thanked Greg and the whole Board for stepping up when the Town needed them.
  1.  Jesse gave a comprehensive update on the process they thought would work going forward with the punch cards, stickers, and guidance for the Clerk and Treasurer. Board discussion on Annual Renewal date and chose January 1st of the year. There was discussion about how onerous it would prove to be figuring out who was a resident (a resident is anyone who pays taxes in Chelsea) if there were two sets of stickers. Most of the Board thought it would be better to have just one fee, that way stickers could be sold at the stores as well as punch cards. It would make tracking easier as well for the clerk and easier to sell online. There would be a fee for online sales of $2.50 to cover the cost of using the digital portal and postage.  Discussion on what happens if a household has more than one car. Maybe Snook would be able to make that decision. There was discussion on when to roll it out. Jesse was waiting to get some more data from Snook(a two-week average of persons using the Transfer Station). Greg had input on marketing ideas. Town Clerk could possibly get word in the Herald through Town Clerk News. More follow up at the next meeting.

13. FEMA Update- Not much to say according to Kasey’s note. Pedestrian bridge costs needed.  Kevin and Leyna met with a state consultant, Thad last week on Edwards Rd and Pedestrian Bridge and Maple Avenue. Also met with a person on the basement mitigation.  The pedestrian bridge needs some engineering, they checked out Maple Ave., and the consultant said to start work on Edwards. The basement was looked at with Leyna. Kasey will need to get bills together to see if we meet a $ threshold. Karen stated Irving was coming to clean furnaces next week. Leyna to research what vapor barrier cost would be. Update on where items in the hall will reside.  Rick to store some items at the Garage. Kevin to ask Judy Libby to pick up the food for the food shelf. Discussion on dehumidifiers. Most people will need them this spring. The board decided that those that haven’t returned them could keep them. The board decided to donate some fans to the school.

  1. Liquor Licenses – Tim Ward- Limit Assets- Kelly wanted a discussion about how we approve new liquor licenses. She felt if the Board was approving a new liquor license, they should give abutters some notice for feedback.  As the liquor control board for the Town, they may make any policy. The board agrees and in time there will be a policy drafted.

           Leyna Hoyt moved to approve the 1st,3rd class and outside consumption permit renewals for Limit Assets.  Jesse Kay seconded the motion. There being no further discussion, all were in favor. Motion passed.

  1. * Added item* Board administratively signed contract with John Smith ($27150), and Tim Ward ($25,311.88) which were approved at time of bid selection.
  2. Jesse Kay moved to approve orders. Bill Lyon seconded the motion. No Discussion. All were in favor. Motion passed.
  1.  Approve Meeting Minutes-September 5, 2023- Discussion on who saw the minutes. Kelly Lyford moved to table approval with Bill Lyon seconding the motion.  There being no further discussion. All were in favor. Motion passed.
  1.  Executive Session- personnel- Kevin stated a need to go into executive session for personnel.

Leyna Hoyt moved to go into executive session for personnel at 9:08 inviting Karen Lathrop. Motion seconded by Jesse Kay. All were in favor, Motion passed.

            Jesse Kay moved to exit executive session at 10 PM. Motion seconded by William Lyon . No Discussion. Motion Passed.

            Action- Board decision to move forward with a Town Administrator position, moving forward writing  a job description for the position/salary for the next meeting.

            Decision on employee salary. Leyna Hoyt moved to adjourn at 10.01pm with Jesse Kay seconding the motion. No Discussion. All were in favo