Chelsea Selectboard Notice of Public Hearing

On the Draft Chelsea Town Plan November 7th at 6PM at the Chelsea Town Hall.

The Chelsea Selectboard will be holding a hearing on the Draf Town Plan at 6:00PM on November 7th at the Chelsea Town Hall, 296 VT-110, Chelsea, VT 05038.

The purpose of this hearing is to take comments from the public on the draf Town Plan so that the Planning Commission can consider these as it makes its final revisions prior to sending to the Selectboard. The proposed Town Plan will replace the current Town Plan in its entirety. Copies of the draft can be found at the Town Office during business hours. Comments may be mailed to the atention of the Selectboard at P.O. Box 266 Chelsea, VT 05038.

Below is a summary of the proposal. I. Goals of the Plan
II. Demographics
III. Economic Development IV. Housing

V. Education
VI. Utilities and Facilities
VII. Recreation and Parks
VIII. Health and Emergency Services
IX. Natural, Scenic, and Cultural Resources X. Agriculture and Forestry
XI. Land Use Plan
XII. Transportation
XIII. Energy
XIV. Relationship to Other Plans
XV. Town Plan Implementation
Appendix A

Chelsea Selectboard