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Request for Proposals – Land Record Digitization

Request for Proposals

Land Record Digitization/Migration and Public Portal Access Management

Proposals due March 12, 2024

The Town of Chelsea Vermont’s Town Clerk invites qualified vendors to submit a proposal for

Digitization/Migration of Land Records with Public Portal Access Setup and Management to include migration and scanning of Land Record books/indexes dating back 40 years. (1984-2024) CAN OPT TO NO BACK SCANNING TO SAVE MONEY

Objectives for this process are as follows:

  • To update software with user friendly public access and payment system
  • To merge current files and digitize hard copies of all necessary documents and images to the new system portal, including redaction services if needed
  • To effectively train town officials/staff on processes and procedures

The digitization of Land Records will be:

  • Secure
  • User friendly for both internal and external users
  • Service will install and maintain the system including staffing to scan in documents/images
  • Training of the Town of Chelsea’s consistent users
  • Will include 2 workstation licenses
  • Include future options for additional record upkeep
  • Be forward thinking


The Town of Chelsea is a small rural community located at 296 VT Rte 110, Chelsea, VT in Orange County, Vermont with a population of 1233 people.

Current Land Records (86 land record book hosting an average of 700 pages each) are indexed back 13 years with current software, with no images digitized at this time.


The deadline for proposals is Tuesday, March 12, 2024 5 PM EST. Submit one copy of the RFP response as a PDF inserted into an email addressed to with the subject line of “ Town of Chelsea VT, Digitization of Records RFP”.

For more information about this solicitation, please contact Karen Lathrop, Chelsea, VT. Town Clerk. 802-685-4460. Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 8 AM -4:00PM

Town of Chelsea, VT 05038  – RFP for Land Record Digitization/Migration FY 24


1.   Please provide a brief cover letter and summary of how your company will assist the Town in achieving its project objectives.

2.   Provide brief overview and history of your company including statements concerning:

  • How long the company has been in business
  • Capabilities of company team and why your firm should be selected
  • How many Vermont municipal accounts you serve
  • Company name, website URL, phone, email address

3.   Please describe your company’s capabilities with regards to:

  1. Warranties
  2. The availability of continued communications post implementation
  3. Support services – emergency and non-emergency situations
  4. State concerning hosting & security best practices, including data protection
  5. Implementation planning and guidance
  6. Onsite implementation/migration of data to new PC or Laptop
  7. Software Licensing
  8. Upcoming concerns as to E-recording

4.   Please provide a proposed work plan for migration to your company, specifically key activities, and timing with deliverables.

5.   Please provide 3 professional references for municipalities for whom you have completed similar work, or for whom you provide ongoing monthly maintenance and service

6.   Describe your projected timeline for project completion. Provide an outline of your expectations of Town participation in all phases of project implementation.

7.   Provide an outline of what technical services the Town can expect from your company in all phases of project implementation.

Project Pricing Estimate/Cost for Services Outlined:

Please specify amounts of items below:

  1. The cost of system migration (concept to completion) including:
  2. Days/hours/unit pricing of scanning/amount of content migration
  3. Training consistent users
  4. Additional products/functionality
  • Ongoing fees for maintenance and support for year 2 and beyond


March 12, 2024                     Proposals due by 5:00PM EST

March 19, 2024                       Selectboard bid review

March 21, 2024                       Successful bidder notification

April 4, 2024                           Contract preparation

April 15, 2024                         Begin Project


The Consultant awarded this contract shall apply for registration with the Vermont Secretary of State’s Office to do business in the State of Vermont, if not already so registered.

The contractor shall agree to provide and maintain the following types and amounts of insurance for the term of its contract with the Town of Chelsea. This insurance shall be obtained from an insurer having an A.M. Best Insurance Rating of at least A-, financial size category of VII or greater. [ www,]

Commercial General Liability Coverage:

Commercial General Liability Insurance including but not limited to Bodily Injury, Personal/Advertising Injury, Broad Form Property Damage, Products and Completed Operations Liability and Contractual Liability with limits of, at minimal, $1,000,000 Combined Single Limit for each occurrence.  The Contractor must list the Town of Chelsea as Additional Insureds on their Commercial General Liability Policy.

Workers’ Compensation & Employers Liability Insurance:

Statutory Worker’s Compensation Insurance and Employers Liability with limits of, at minimum, $1,000,000 any one occurrence.  The Contractor must show evidence of Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance Coverage.

Professional Liability Insurance: (Errors and Omissions Coverage):

Professional Liability Insurance Coverage for $1,000,000 Each Occurrence and $3,000,000 annual aggregate.  The Contractor must list the Town of Chelsea as Additional Insureds on their Professional Liability Policy.


The Town of Chelsea reserves the right to reject any or all submittals, to compare the merits of the responses, and to choose a Contractor/Vendor, which will best serve the interests of the Town.

Town of Chelsea -Digitization of Land Records
Addendum to RFP – Change to RFP

Page 1 – Redact “to include migration and scanning of Land Record books/indexes dating back 40 years. The Town plans on implementing a digitization management system going forward only at this point. Please disregard any back scanning of documents in the RFP.

Page 1- Change Under Objectives for this process are as follows: change “To merge current files and digitize hard copies of all necessary documents and images to the new system portal, including redaction services if needed” to read, The vendor to come in and scan, perform indexing and redaction sometime in the future.

Page 1 – Under the heading “The digitization of Land Records” – Number of workstations needed will be changed from “Will include 2 workstation licenses” to “Will include 1 workstation and 1 public search station license.”