Selectboard Meeting Agenda – August 30, 2022

Chelsea Selectboard Meeting Agenda
Tuesday, 30 August 2022
7:30PM Chelsea Town Hall
1. Call meeting to order
2. Conflict of interest disclosure
3. Changes to the agenda
4. Town Clerk
a. VT Department of Liquor and Lottery update-electronic applications
5. Town Treasurer
a. Budget status
b. Orders
6. Listers-Errors and Omissions: Grand List
7. Department/Liaison Updates
a. Highway-truck sale-Bruce
b. Transfer station-Myers surcharges; bear mitigation; illegal dumping, surcharge
proposal for non-residents, employee pay-Geoff
c. Water/Wastewater-Merrill
d. Portfolio/liaison options-Levar
e. Administrative Assistant-employee pay-Levar
f. Selectboard oversight and supervision of town affairs-Levar
g. Riverbank erosion-Geoff
8. Public Comments
9. Approve minutes:
a. 16 August 2022
b. 2 August 2022
10. Administrative Assistant Report/Grants
a. Village Greens/Roberts-Gould Field requests
b. Moxley Bridge update
c. Creamery property drainage updated proposal
d. Hiring for water/wastewater and signing bonus options
e. Update on pollinator proposal
f. Residential building water application-271 VT 110
g. Grant Agreement for Grants in Aid
h. ATV Ordinance follow-up
11. Appointments:
a. Fence Viewers (3)
b. Inspector of lumber, shingles, and wood
c. Weigher of Coal
d. Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District
e. Development Review Board Alternate 2
f. Recreation Committee (1)
g. Development Review Board
12. Executive Session for Human Resources (1 VSA 313 (a)3))
13. Executive session for real estate (1 VSA 313 (a)2))
14. Adjourn


Selectboard Meeting Agenda – August 16, 2022

Chelsea Selectboard Meeting Agenda
Tuesday, 16 August 2022
7:30PM Chelsea Town Hall
1. Call meeting to order
2. Conflict of interest disclosure
3. Changes to the agenda
4. Town Clerk
5. Town Treasurer
a. Budget status
b. Orders
6. Executive Session for Human Resources (supervisory performance, conditions of
employment-(1 VSA 313 (a)3))
7. Department/Liaison Updates
a. Highway-town mowing and roadside mowing-Mark/Rick
b. Village Greens parking-Mark
c. Transfer station-Myers surcharges outside of contract; bear mitigation; and illegal
dumping letter-Geoff
d. Water/Wastewater update on staffing and mowing-Merrill
e. Town Hall-clean-up, storage, maintenance-Levar
f. Planning Commission/AT&T petition-Levar
g. Portfolio/liaison options-Levar
8. Public Comments
a. Susan Elder-pollinator planting on FEMA buyout lots
b. Other comments
9. Approve minutes:
a. 2 August 2022
b. 25 July 2022 Information Hearing
10. Administrative Assistant Report/Grants
a. Village Greens/Roberts-Gould Field requests
b. Moxley Bridge renovation update-VTRANS
c. Sidewalk renovation RFP update
d. ATV Ordinance follow-up
11. Appointments:
a. Fence Viewers (3)
b. Inspector of lumber, shingles, and wood
c. Weigher of Coal
d. Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District
e. Development Review Board Alternate 2
f. Recreation Committee (1)
g. Development Review Board
12. Adjourn


Selectboard Meeting Minutes – August 2, 2022

Chelsea Selectboard Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, August 2, 2022, 7:30 pm at Town Hall
Selectboard Members present: Levar Cole, Mark Whitney, Merrill Whitney, Geoff Clayton
Other Town Officials/Employees present: Marianne McCann (Administrative Assistant)(Herald), Rick
Ackerman (Road Foreman), Gayle Durkee (Town Treasurer), Kristianne Gale (Transfer Station Assistant)
Members of the public present: Bruce Hook, Jeremy Hook, Trudy Dowlin, Emily Reiss

  1. Call Meeting to Order
    Levar Cole called the meeting to order at 7:33 pm.
  2. Conflict of Interest Disclosure
  3. Changes to the agenda
    Admin. Assistant adds items. Pacif Grant signature. Mail items.
    Levar Cole stated a Selectboard member, Henry Cesari has resigned as of today, August 2, 2022. A
    Selectboard member has been added to appointments.
    Add Transfer Station/ Bear Shed/ Cones/ pollution. Add truck sale and VLCT Town Fair under Admin.
  4. Town Clerk
  5. Town Treasurer
    Gayle Durkee presented the budget status. Durkee stated The Transfer Station is doing well on the
    overall amount now, but by the end of the year it may not be. Myers increased the “environmental fee”.
    Geoff Clayton will research the Myers contract. Clayton recommends paying the undisputed portion and
    not the additional fee until approved.
    Mark Whitney moved to approve the orders except for the Myers invoice. Geoff Clayton seconded the
    motion. Motion passed unanimously.
    Orders totalling:
    Payroll: 5,745.83
    Library: 1,283.34
    General: 25,332.44
    Highway: 12,548.22
    Water/Sewer 2,315.73
    Durkee stated the tax rates have been determined, and she explained the mathematical process briefly.
    Tax rates have gone down because the school tax rates went down. If approved, tax bills will be printed
    Geoff Clayton moved to approve the tax rate as presented by the Town Treasurer, with the
    Homestead tax rate of 2.3215 percent and the Non-Residential tax rate of 2.4020 percent. Merrill
    Whitney seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.
  6. Department Updates/Liaison Updates
    Re: Highway Dept. Mark Whitney stated he asked Rick Ackerman, Road Foreman to be here tonight.
    Roadside mowing is being done using Vershire’s tractor. Rick Ackerman stated we swap work. Other
    than the cost of fuel, there will be no out of pocket money. Vershire brought it over and we just started
    mowing with it. Cole stated the Selectboard understanding was that Henry Cesari would check on the
    cost. What can we do for greater clarity? Should we have Rick take it back or continue mowing? Cole
    noted that it is the Selectboard’s call to make. Mark Whitney stated some roads are mowed and some
    are not. Now we are committed, because we can’t do some and not others. Merrill Whitney asked what
    percentage of all the roads are mowed? Ackerman stated the main drags are done first. One pass at
    least. It would be another week to get the rest of the main roads done. The more traveled roads would
    be next. On Bradshaw Crossroads, the brush is growing way into the road. The mowing tractor burns
    about a gallon or 2 gallons per hour. Brief discussion about the cost of Diesel fuel. Jeremy Hook
    recommended not to try to save money by only doing intersections, or portions of roads. Hook
    recommends keeping the mower on the ground and keep going while moving to and from intersections
    even though you move slower. Geoff Clayton stated at this point in the grand scheme of things, we have
    it, it needs to be done, doing it today is usually better than doing it tomorrow, just do all of it. If we had
    rented a tractor it would have been 18 to 20,000 dollars. Cole stated he is thinking about the math.
    Mark Whitney stated spend the money, when the tax rate goes up to 4 percent, it will just go up. Merrill
    Whitney stated at this point, we should finish mowing the roads. Cole stated we just need to make
    people aware that we are doing the best we can. Clayton stated we should follow up with a written
    email immediately, so that everyone is clear on what we decided, and we can go back and check the
    record. Cole stated we should strive to do so the very next day.
    Re: General Mowing. Mark Whitney spoke with 2 contractors, who will give us a town mowing estimate.
    We are getting estimates to see what our options are. Cole said we might find in-house is cheaper or inhouse costs more. The estimate will inform us, but will not be the sole factor in our decision. We cannot
    make decisions without information. Cole stated we need to see what we can save. Whitney stated it
    has been brought up that our highest paid town employee is mowing. Whitney wants the actual
    numbers to be able to respond.
    Re: Truck Sale. Whitney asked what was the code? Ackerman stated unknown. Ackerman will park the
    truck by the road with a for sale sign. Re-post on Craigslist.
    Re: Transfer Station. Clayton stated the Transfer Station closed early on Sat. July 30, 2022. Clayton went
    down to the Transfer Station early the next morning , cleaned up, and found out who left the trash
    outside the gate. Clayton proposes writing a letter banishing the person from using our transfer station
    as well as reporting her to the authorities. Clayton stated he will write the letter. Inform Transfer Station
    employees first. Action: put on next agenda. Admin. Assistant reported ordering 3 safety vests for
    Transfer Station. Clayton reported the Bear Shed will be put together soon.
  7. Public Comments
    Emily Reiss is a vendor at the Chelsea Farmer’s Market and shared her concerns about trees on the
    Green and parking on the Green in response to recent discussions about maintaining the Greens and
    tree maintenance and parking vehicles on the Greens. Reiss stated she is a vendor who has parked on
    the Green. Reiss recognizes there is a 1984 ordinance that allows the Selectboard to approve parking on
    the Green. Reiss stated parking feels really tight as it is, she is invested in growing the Farmers Market,
    and is wondering about where vendors and patrons should park, what are the possibilities? Reiss sent
    an email to the Chelsea Selectboard. Reiss suggested having lines drawn to regulate the parking around
    the green. Reiss requests that the Farmers Market is considered in the Selectboard plans for the Greens
    moving forward.
    Cole stated we have not made a decision on a Greens plan, or any enforcement yet. We are concerned
    about trees dying and how we can meet the agenda of the town and have a nice Green and healthy
    trees and incorporate public comments. We will need to do some kind of renovation on the greens to
    mitigate the damage. Clayton stated we will not make more parking spaces. Lines will not change that
    Kristianne Gale recommended having unloading zones on both sides of the Green, so that vendors can
    drive in and unload for events. Jeremy Hook stated that 110 and 113 are State roads. Cole stated any
    decisions will be made publicly and candidly. Gale asked if it is permissible to place cones to reserve a
    parking space for large vehicles occasionally. Clayton replied yes, on the town side. Cole stated as a
    board, we can consider and give special permission for a food truck, or anyone to drive on the Green.
    Trudy Dowlin requested her water bill be reduced to one unit, from two units. Dowlin stated when she
    bought the house, they turned it into one unit. The water bill is confusing and does not say anything
    about two units. Dowlin believes she is being over charged. Cole stated we need to make the change at
    a Water Dept. Board Meeting. (next meeting is Sept. 20.) Clayton asked if Dowlin physically changed the
    building. Dowlin stated yes, there was a wall. Action: Gayle: check with Nolan.
  8. Approve Minutes
    Levar Cole moved to approve the Selectboard Meeting Minutes of July 19, 2022. Mark Whitney
    seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.
    Admin. Assistant noted that changes were made to the first draft of the minutes.
  9. Appointments
    Bruce Hook asked to be appointed to the Selectboard. Hook stated he has been wanting to do it for
    awhile, and my wife passed away, and I have a little bit of free time.
    Cole stated he will open the floor for the Selectboard term expiring in 2024. Appointments are until the
    next Town Election or the next Town Meeting. Mark Whitney nominated Bruce Hook.
    Cole stated if appointed, no action can be taken until you are sworn in by a Justice of the Peace or a
    Town Clerk. Cole read the list of names of people that could swear in a Selectboard member. Cole stated
    generally, the State allows us to go into Executive Session to discuss appointees. In this case, no board
    member requested it, so an Executive Session was not necessary.
    Selectboard voted unanimously to appoint Bruce Hook to the vacant Selectboard seat.
    Hook was advised about the rules for public records, have a separate email for town business, and other
    Selectboard adopted rules and meetings.
  10. Administrative Assistant
    No Village Green Requests, No Roberts Gould Field requests.
    Moxley Bridge Renovations. Geoff Clayton has the file. Was VTrans contacted? Not yet.
    Request for proposals – sidewalk renovation. McCann stated Kasey Peterson is taking over managing the
    entire sidewalk project. Request for proposals are on the website and will be in the Herald for the next
    two weeks. Bids will be opened August 16th at the Selectboard Meeting.
    ATV Ordinance follow-up. Levar Cole stated I’ve had a number of phone calls to my house regarding the
    ATV Ordinance disapproval. They voted to disapprove because they got a flyer in the mail, and saw on
    facebook, and on front porch forum, posts giving the impression that it would be illegal to ride an ATV
    on Chelsea roads anywhere if they did not disapprove. Is that correct? Mark Whitney stated unless we
    (Selectboard) pass an ordinance making it legal, it is not legal. So, all of our roads right now are closed to
    ATVs. Cole asked, so, if there was some literature put out saying that if you did not vote to disapprove
    the ATV ordinance, then ATVs on any roads would be subject to civil penalties, that would be an
    inaccurate statement. Mark Whitney agreed. Cole stated a number of comments were made about
    opening all roads to ATVs. Cole asked Whitney, when you were on the ATV Committee, you were looking
    at a limited benefit, only a small section of roads opened. Whitney stated the committee was largely
    made up of people that were not for ATVs. The compromise that was made was just a tiny area, a loop.
    Cole asked can we send Geoff Clayton to Town Fair? Clayton stated he thought Bruce should go. Maybe
    we can send Bruce and Merrill. There is also a Leadership conference. Admin. Assistant will send info on
    this to all Selectboard members.
    Municipal Health Equity survey was filled out by Levar Cole. Cole read his statement out loud. Cole
    explained what initiatives the Selectboard was working on in Chelsea.
    It was noted Dickson Corbett will be moving away from Chelsea. The Town Planning Commission will be
    director-less. Also, Chelsea will need a new moderator. Action: Admin. Asst. will send a note to Bob
    Brannon, vice chair of the Planning Commission. Selectboard recognizes Dickson is moving. Please put
    Selectboard members on all Planning Commission emails and communications as though we are
    members. Copy Cole.
    Rick Ackerman wished to clarify with the Selectboard that he is not supposed to be mowing any water
    and sewer facilities. Nolan and Jason are supposed to be doing the mowing inside the plant. Ackerman
    asked, but what about the other water locations? Away from the plant? Brookhaven, Kennedy, Behind
    the old Garage, water tank. Merrill Whitney stated let Ackerman handle anything away from the sewer
    plant. Merrill will talk to Nolan. Cole stated this goes to a bigger question, of whether or not to think of
    this as a public works department. We could change the name of the job and these are your
    assignments, and we compensate you for those other things. Clayton stated for clarification, when you
    do the rec field, Nolan takes care of everything inside the fence, plus weed whacking the exterior. Rick
    does everything else. Ackerman stated I will not mow the plant this week anyway. Talk to them and tell
    me what to do.
  11. Executive Session for Human Resources.
  12. Adjourn
    Meeting adjourned at 9:19 pm.
    The next regularly scheduled Selectboard meeting will be Tuesday, August 16, 2022 at 7:30 pm.

Selectboard Meeting Agenda – August 2, 2022

Chelsea Selectboard Meeting Agenda
Tuesday, 2 August 2022
7:30PM Chelsea Town Hall
1. Call meeting to order
2. Conflict of interest disclosure
3. Changes to the agenda
4. Town Clerk
5. Town Treasurer
a. Budget status
b. Orders
c. Set tax rate
6. Department/Liaison Updates
a. Highway-mowing and roadside mowing-Mark
b. Municipal Health Equity Survey-Levar/Geoff
c. Town Hall-clean-up, storage, maintenance-Levar
d. Future town mowing-Mark
7. Public Comments
8. Approve minutes:
a. 19 July 2022
b. 25 July 2022 Information Hearing
9. Administrative Assistant Report/Grants
a. Village Greens/Roberts-Gould Field requests
b. Moxley Bridge renovation-VTRANS
c. Request for Proposals-sidewalk renovation
d. ATV Ordinance follow-up
e. Leadership Conference
10. Appointments:
a. Fence Viewers (3)
b. Inspector of lumber, shingles, and wood
c. Weigher of Coal
d. Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District
e. Development Review Board Alternate 2
f. Recreation Committee (1)
g. Development Review Board
h. Selectboard 2-year term 2024 (If appointed by selectboard, member serves until an election)
11. Executive Session for Human Resources-(1 VSA 313 (a)3)
12. Adjourn

Public Informational Hearing – July 25, 2022

Town of Chelsea – Public Informational Hearing – Selectboard Meeting Minutes
Monday, July 25, 2022 at 7pm in the Chelsea Town Hall
Selectboard Members present: Levar Cole, Mark Whitney, Merrill Whitney, Geoff Clayton
Other Town Employees present: Marianne McCann (Administrative Assistant)(Herald)
Members of the public present:

  1. Chris Byrne, 2. Diane Mattoon, 3. Pam Keyser, 4. Suzanne Turner, 5. Carolyn Boothroyd, 6. Jean Brown, 7. Richard Mattoon, 8. Mary Jane Kennedy, 9. Sally Hostetler, 10. Heidi Chapman, 11. Andy Pomerantz, 12. Jilda Pomerantz, 13. Alan Flint, 14. Linda Kuban, 15. Dennis Boardman, 16. Elizabeth Boardman, 17. Kylie Eastman, 18. Jeffrey Eastman, 19. Tom Stearns, 20. Bernard Downing, 21. Rick Allen, 22. Roy Hayward, 23. Tim Ward, 24. Douglas Stone, 25. Nick Defriez, 26.Tim Courts, 27. Cheryl MacNeill, 28. John Ducharme, 29. Linda Ducharme, 30. Mark Vermette
  2. Call Meeting to Order
    Levar Cole, convened the meeting at 7:02 pm.
  3. Additions or Deletions to the Agenda
  4. Review and discuss Article 1: Shall the Town of Chelsea disapprove the “Town of Chelsea Ordinance
    Regulating All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)” adopted March 15, 2022?
    Levar Cole made an opening statement, clarifying the purpose of this informational meeting is to discuss
    the vote on the ATV ordinance disapproval petition, which will take place tomorrow, July 26, 2022 via
    Australian Ballot.
    Mark Whitney reviewed the timeline of events that led up to the adoption of the ATV ordinance and the
    petition to disapprove the ATV ordinance.
    The initial request to open up a small section of two town roads to ATV use was made April 20, 2021.
    The Selectboard appointed a committee made up of two Selectboard members, and six members of the
    public. The ATV committee met 6 times. The deadline for making an ATV ordinance recommendation to
    the Selectboard was December 31, 2021. The ATV ordinance was adopted by the Selectboard on March
    15, 2022. On April 21, 2022, a petition was received to disapprove the ATV ordinance.
    Mark Whitney made statements about the ATV Ordinance in order to clear up any miscommunication in
    the green mailer. The two people on the committee who missed the vote did so intentionally. ATV use
    of town roads had been brought up many times in the past. The previous Selectboard chose to act on
    ATVs, and not pass over the issue. Currently, ATVs on town roads are not legal. The ATV ordinance
    would make ATVs legal on just the roads covered in the ordinance. VASA does not have any plans to
    expand trails. The speed limit for ATVs in Chelsea would be 25 mph on class 3 roads, and 15 mph on
    class 4 roads.
    Andy Pomerantz stated he was one of the authors of the green mailer. Pomerantz stated the most
    important thing to him was the group of manufacturers of ATV vehicles (name?) specifically states ATVs
    are not made to share the roads with cars. They are very unstable. About enforcement, ATVs traveling
    on roads not opened by the ATV Ordinance are subject to civil fines. I was chair of the selectboard when
    one of the previous proposals came from Williamstown. Royalton has a plan to connect to Tunbridge
    and Chelsea.
    Tim Ward asked if the meeting can be accessed by Zoom tonight. (No.) Ward stated he spoke to law
    enforcement officials who did not know about the meeting tonight. Ward stated any experienced rider
    on an ATV can stop quickly, quicker than a car. There may be confusion on how we vote. What does a
    yes vote mean? What does a no vote mean?
    Levar Cole stated the State of Vermont says we need to use the language of the petition for the ballot. A
    Yes vote means disapprove the ordinance. A No vote means do not disapprove (approve) the ordinance.
    Tim Ward asked, so if you want to support the ordinance, you vote no to support the ordinance? (A No
    vote means you do not disapprove the ordinance.) Is that going to be explained outside the building?
    Levar Cole stated we are limited on what information we can put inside the polling place.
    Todd Hoffman stated we need to avoid taking the easy way to get something done. If the Selectboard
    had avoided the easy way, you’d have done nothing, rather than do a little something. I want to take in
    the dissenting voice to get to the end result. In Chelsea, we have no enforcement, so all of this means
    nothing, because there is no policing. I’m concerned the ATVs will cut through fields. Animals might be
    disturbed. To make a law without enforcement means nothing. This is the nature of the game.
    Mark Whitney stated the committee scheduled a vote. If one chooses not to vote, one chooses not to
    vote. If the two people were at the meeting with the vote, and voted no, it still would have passed. ATV
    riding on any VASA trail would be enforced by Fish and Game. The Sheriff and State Police are available
    as well.
    Levar Cole stated the whole point of the committee was that this is something the town has been
    considering on and off for 20 years. If there is that much concern, we should have a broad base of
    opinion, so we created a committee. It is not easy to do government by committee. The committee did a
    good job.
    Tim Courts asked what are the rules right now?
    Levar Cole stated The State of Vermont made some type of change in the recent past, so that now your
    town government needs to be permissive. Your town needs to have an ordinance to allow you to ride
    ATVs on town roads.
    Tim Courts asked does the town have authority over age limits? What about minors on ATVs? How does
    that work?
    Doug Stone stated a 12 year old can drive after a safety class and with a licensed driver. ATV drivers are
    supposed to be 16 to drive by themselves.
    Tim Courts asked, so if this ordinance would continue, class 4 roads would be open to all ATVs?
    Levar Cole stated, no, not all roads, only the ones specifically mentioned in the ordinance.
    Heidi Chapman stated before, all class 4 roads were open to ATVs. Then, the State of Vermont decided
    not to sanction that anymore. I could see it was going to be a devisive thing and I wanted to have my
    hands on the process. I was at every committee meeting. For some of us it was a frustrating and difficult
    problem to solve. Mark Whitney kept pushing for writing an ordinance and we weren’t getting there.
    We were spinning our wheels. It was determined we were going to write an ordinance. We asked to
    extend our committee work. We had one more meeting and two of us were not able to make it. Two of
    us got a copy of the ordinance sent to us the day of the meeting. I sent in my response. My big question
    is what was the big hurry? Why couldn’t we take more time to write a better ordinance?
    Levar Cole stated there was no hurry, per se. The board made a decision not to continue by extending
    the committee deadline. That is the busiest time for the Selectboard, for doing the budget. There was
    already an argument, so why let it drag out. The board set the date so that we can proceed or not
    Chris Byrne asked, can you tell us when the date was picked?
    Levar Cole stated we had an end date set at the beginning of the committee. Mary Ellen Parkman tried
    to get people involved. We knew we had to get this done. We were not interested in kicking the can
    down the road for another 20 years. The Selectboard record shows the dates.
    Chris Byrne asked, when was the committee formed?
    Heidi Chapman stated the committee was formed and then the meetings were held.
    Susan Hoffman asked why was it not put to the town vote? Second question is about policing this, we
    really do not have any police presence in Chelsea. I have no faith about policing any of this. What 12
    year old is really going to follow the rules? Allow us to have a real process. That’s not a real process that
    feels comfortable to me. It wasn’t anymore right 20 years ago than it is now. I just see it spreading into
    Levar Cole stated regarding a town vote, that was discussed at several Selectboard meetings. We would
    have a town vote, but the town cannot vote on an ordinance that does not exist. This was not brought
    up at Town Meeting. No one brought this issue up at Town Meeting. I was hoping we might have some
    discussion at Town Meeting. We were told by opponents to this ordinance that they would bring up the
    issue at Town Meeting.
    Mark Whitney stated regarding the policing, I stated the levels of enforcement. I don’t know what to tell
    you beyond that. If there is a fatality, the State Police will respond. The State Police will not come out to
    see if an ATV is speeding or not.
    Susan Hoffman stated it is irresponsible to set something up that is going to happen.
    Kylie Eastman thanked all the people who worked for the town and the committee members. Eastman
    appreciated the process. Eastman asked, if approved, is there signage that goes up?
    Mark Whitney stated VASA will provide signage stating the speed limits on the roads.
    Frank Keyser stated the age limit that was mentioned seems ridiculous to have children on such
    powerful machines. He asks if the Selectboard envisions this will be a recreational center to come and
    mud bog. Keyser is concerned the trails will be ruined.
    Mark Whitney responded there are no plans for an ATV Mecca or more trails at this point.
    Linda Kuban stated she was on the committee. At the first meeting she came with a file folder of
    negative papers about ATV vehicles. After research and going out for a ride with a group, Kuban
    observes all ATV statistics are not necessarily what we see. There are no clear results for sccidents with
    side by sides. Every accident I have been to has been a front and back. Right now, people ride illegally. If
    this goes through, they will still be riding illegally. There was every opportunity for the public to attend
    meetings. The committee seemed quite unbiased. Regarding law enforcement, monitoring ATVs is part
    of the Game Wardens job. There should be more law enforcement up there. We will get more policing,
    not less. We (the committee) were emphatic about coming back to the Selectboard in the late fall and
    see how it went.
    Chris Byrne stated yes, people do ride on the trails.
    Linda Kuban stated how can we evaluate the results? People had a chance to speak and nobody came to
    our meetings.
    Jill Pomerantz asked if the ordinance specifies the end time as 10 pm. So, a 12 year old child could ride
    an ATV after dark?
    Mark Whitney stated riding ends on October 15th. 10 pm was the reasonable hour that we came up
    Bob Frenier stated he resented being called an “anti-ATV lobby”, in the minutes of one of the meetings.
    Frenier stated he has lived here for 30 years. He has seen many people ride ATVs. Now you have created
    an ordinance that tells those people they will be fined for riding. Leave them alone. The other thing is
    you are setting it up for thousands of other ATV riders. Nothing good has come out of it that I can see.
    Levar Cole stated the tens of public emails that you (Bob Frenier) have sent are available for the public
    to read.
    Bob Frenier stated it is always about the people that you don’t know.
    Levar Cole stated there was a reference to the East Hill Community Association in the emails that was
    lobbying against ATVs anywhere.
    Dennis Boardman stated he has a problem with ATVs going by his house. They come up the road going
    about 60 mph and somebody is going to get hurt. They have to be arrested. If the Game Wardens have
    too much to do, what are we supposed to do? They tell me to call the State Police. We have to catch
    them in the act. I don’t care if you want to ride on the roads, but drive slow.
    Mark Whitney stated there is no place for any reckless operation of any motor vehicle. That’s why you
    must catch them in the act. There cannot be an arrest or a fine on someone’s word.
    Dennis Boardman asked why the Selectboard doesn’t offer the Sheriff more money, so that they will
    patrol more?
    Levar Cole stated we would need to pay at least $200,000. to set up a Police Department for Chelsea.
    Mark Whitney discussed hours and costs of additional Orange County patrols. Whitney explained you
    can pay if you want, but OCSD does not have staff to meet the need.
    Dennis Boardman asked if you are trying to say it will cost $200,000 to have more patrol officers?
    Mark Whitney stated he spoke with Sheriff Bill Boynak, and was told he struggles to have enough people
    to patrol as much as Chelsea asks for now. Hartland paid way more to get more patrol time. We can get
    more police, but it will make the taxes go up.
    Geoff Clayton stated OCSD only does traffic control. They will not respond to dangerous situations.
    There could be two sums. One to get more actual policing, and another to get traffic control.
    Alan Flint stated he lives on the same road as Dennis Boardman. In the past two years traffic has
    increased noticeably. What do we do? It’s a no win situation.
    Linda Kuban stated she had an incident and the Orange County Sheriff came to her residence. Kuban got
    to know Heidi Chapman. We disagree on this issue, but we can stay friends. We are all here because we
    care about the community.
    Mark Vermette stated he lives past the Creamery Bridge. I hear everyone talking about 12 year olds. I
    have coached many teams over the years. I would not be concerned about the youth. I would worry
    more about the adult that’s drinking. I live right at the bridge. Probably most of you drive 40 miles per
    hour there. Someone was doing 70 when he went by my house. I have no control over the roads. There
    are no State Police out on the highways anywhere. Last I knew, Vermont welcomes people from other
    states. ATVs cost 10 to 30,000 dollars. We may not get a lot of riff-raff. You have to worry about
    mudders. You will always have somebody that is going to want to come and cause trouble.
    Snowmachine clubs take care of the trails. Have a little faith in the people. If we have the ordinance, in 6
    months or a year, we will have to revisit.
    Jeff Eastman stated he has experience riding on Vershire trails. He has had an ATV for 11 years. He has
    never seen another ATV on the trail. The most ATVs I’ve seen has been when I went on a ride. I’ve met
    more Jeeps and vehicles than I’ve ever met ATVs. I do not think it will be a constant run.
    Pam Keyser stated we are talking about catching them in the act. Can’t you take a video? Is that
    permissible for police action?
    Geoff Clayton stated we have issues with serious crime, the police are overloaded, they will say they are
    looking into it. You are seeing a higher threshold of serious crimes. A cell phone video might not help.
    Carol Frenier stated a yes vote is a vote to disapprove the ordinance. If you are not sure, vote yes, and it
    will give the town time to step back and reconsider and work on their ordinance.
    Alan Flint asked why are they allowing them on state aid class 2 roads?
    Geoff Clayton stated a red car that was speeding now tends to slow down. A silver Mazda was going too
    fast, now I notice they are driving the speed limit. There is nothing we can do. But, you never know, if
    you catch somebody and talk to them, you might effect a little change.
    Doug Stone stated he was from the Westshire ATV Club. The VASA president and I came to the Chelsea
    Selectboard about 19 years ago and we did not get a response. This time, I was approached by Chelsea
    residents who encouraged me to ask again. I asked for those roads because it connects to our trails. I
    figured it would give us two figure eights. It was asked by Chelsea residents. I was just the tool that
    asked the question. About kids, they are not allowed to cross state roads. You need a helmet, you need
    insurance, you need a state registration, and a VASA membership, if you ride on VASA trails. These are
    people that are willing to pay to play. The other law in Vermont is that there is no modified exhaust
    whatsoever. As far as safety, there is a warning on your mattress, but you sleep every night. Everything
    has a safety tag on it.
    Mark Whitney stated he spoke with Jeff Whipple. Whipple patrolled Chelsea roads several times.
    Whipple was looking into getting a decibel meter. He said he is actively out there looking at these
    violations. As the trail system grows, they will put out more officers.
    Pam Keyser asked if you are riding on private property with illegal exhaust can you get ticketed? On
    their own property? No.
    Tim Courts stated it sounds like there is a little bit of enforcement. Sometimes they go on main street to
    get gas. It does articulate the penalties, but there is no enforcement. So, we have a problem with a few
    ATVs. What are we going to do? What is the advantage to the town? Does it cost us? It seems like
    enforcement is a problem. And it seems like where we are heading is increasing the problem.
    Mark Whitney stated if VSP said we don’t have any cops today, you can’t drive your car today, are you
    going to stay home? Follow the logic. The Game Wardens are out there. Game Wardens can patrol ATV
    issues as well as wildlife violations. If it becomes a problem, then we will deal with it.
    Levar Cole stated I don’t think the previous board took any steps to encourage (an ordinance).
    Tim Courts stated he does not understand the advantage to the town.
    Linda Kuban stated who wants to ride in a circle all day? We have absolutely no control over the Jeeps
    and the mud trucks that go on all the class 4 roads. At least with the 4 wheelers we have some control.
    Alan Flint stated we cannot do anything about it. ATVs are operated unsafely and speeding. There are a
    lot of kids in town. Please tell them to slow down. If you will open more roads in town, will you make the
    town a map showing the roads open for ATVs? Please pass the word everywhere to get people to slow
    Heidi Chapman stated maybe we should consider the 200,000 police officer. Or consider temporary
    speed signs. I also talked with Jeff Whipple about ATVs. He could have had this conversation with
    everybody. If a town has designated VASA trails, VASA hires the local game warden, and Jeff Whipple
    would increase his hours accordingly. Jeff either fields calls directly, or the club president fields calls,
    trouble areas are identified, then Jeff does a stakeout. If anyone tries to outrun, there is a huge fine, and
    they lose their hunting license. What is the process for someone who finds an ATV with a problem?
    Whose number is available for a call? In Williamstown they went through a long process and it’s written
    in the ordinance that the Selectboard does an annual review the ordinance. Also, people can appeal an
    open road, based on things not going well.
    Mark Whitney stated call 911 if it’s a motor vehicle.
    Doug Stone stated call 911 State Police. Whipple is dispatched from the Royalton Barracks. VASA is
    putting more money into the Game Warden for law enforcement.
    Jeff Eastman stated the local club fixes trails and VASA does too. VASA has their own dump truck and
    Levar Cole asked if anyone else would like to speak?
    Heidi Chapman asked I’m curious how you feel about this opening up and what this is going to do for
    Jeff Eastman stated I have trails all over my property, so mostly I ride there. Very seldom have I ever met
    another ATV. I have trails and I ride on my road.
    Heidi Chapman asked if the board was going to review the ordinance after the first season.
    Levar Cole stated as long as I am on the board, I can make sure that we put that on the agenda, to
    review the results.
    Geoff Clayton stated we were always going to review it. That’s why it was such a small section of roads.
    It’s better to have everybody a little bit disgruntled, because otherwise you are pandering to somebody.
    If we could all just generally agree with how we want things to be, we could move forward with many
    issues, not just the ATVs.
    Levar Cole asked a question to the public for feedback. Should I have not advocated for a committee? A
    lot of people in town said that the Selectboard should just go ahead and make an ordinance and then let
    the town sort it out. I’m asking you. I think this group will say no.
    Andy Pomerantz stated committees are legendary for accomplishing nothing. You could have just
    written an ordinance and brought it to the town at the town meeting.
    Jeff Eastman stated he worked in healthcare for many years, and everytime we created a committee,
    that issue died.
    Levar Cole stated when people showed up for it, then we thought we should have a committee.
    Chris Byrne asked is this the best process? Who knows? Probably why you got so much pushback was
    because it was such a small area that was requested to be open.
    Kylie Eastman stated she can make a solid argument pro or con committee on many topics. At town
    meetings it can be tabled so quickly that a discussion cannot occur. The goal is to facilitate discussion at
    the town meeting or the committee meetings. Town Meeting is the only way to make that happen.
  5. Adjourn Hearing
    Meeting adjourned at 9:01 pm.

Selectboard Meeting Minutes – July 19, 2022

Chelsea Selectboard Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, July 19, 2022, 7:30 pm at Town Hall
Selectboard Members present: Levar Cole, Mark Whitney, Merrill Whitney, Geoff Clayton, Henry Cesari
Other Town Officials/Employees present: Marianne McCann (Administrative Assistant)(Herald), Rick
Ackerman (Road Foreman).
Members of the public present: Peter Amber, Frank Keene, Bruce Hook, Tyler Hook

  1. Call Meeting to Order
    Meeting convened by Levar Cole, Chair, at 7:31 pm.
  2. Conflict of Interest Disclosure
  3. Changes to the Agenda
    Tree Inventory with Peter Amber moved to around 8 pm.
  4. Town Clerk
  5. Town Treasurer
    Orders presented. Document about Gillespie propane fuel costs program presented.
    Orders totalling:
    General: 6,323.59
    Rec. Dept: 370.00
    Highway: 19,698.59
    Water Dept.: 1,565.31
    Payroll: 2,936.55
    Taxes: 5,043.57
    IRA: 2,164.00
  6. Department/Liaison Updates
    Highway: Truck Sale: Allegiance wants the code, which Rick sent. Henry Cesari has yet to get a new
    number of what price Allegiance would pay for the truck. Put a for sale sign on it? Put it on a list serve?
    Put it on VT Local Roads? Action: Sell truck soon. Mowing: Cesari stated Vershire might be done with
    their mowing machine and might rent it to us. Cesari stated he could get a cost estimate from Vershire.
    Cole stated townsfolk are concerned about mowing in general. How much is mowing costing? How
    much mowing is being done? The Recreation Committee has not responded about mowing costs. Road
    Crew employees doing the mowing could be costing us more. Mark Whitney stated he wants to
    compare costs between town road crew mowing and contractors mowing. Cole stated public works
    dept. is an option. Cesari stated people have asked the Selectboard to use ARPA money for mowing. This
    would be problematic, but we could do it. Frank Keene stated the cemeteries have the best mowing
    crew they’ve ever had. Keene suggests no changes to cemeteries mowing.
    Transfer Station: Cole stated safety cones and high visibility vests for employees are requested. Cones
    for safety in front of the compactors. Clayton stated street signs with metal poles would be better for
    safety. Vehicles backing up and hitting the metal doors on the compactors, or people that may be
    standing there, is the safety problem. Action: procure vests and metal signs. Bear remediation
    container: Clayton stated there is a piece missing from the shed and it has yet to be assembled. Clayton
    stated people should say something if they think something will not work, like the bear shed. Other
    solutions to the problem can be considered. There is no personal investment in one solution over
    Riverside Cemetery/Bridge: Clayton stated the bridge is on a town right of way. Clayton recommends
    allowing the VAST snowmobile group to expand the bridge. Cole stated some months ago we approved
    the use of Bradshaw Crossroad to expand the VAST trail. Kate MacLean, previous Selectboard member,
    advocated limited ATV and snow machine use at Bradshaw Crossroad in November 2020. That is in the
    minutes and the Selectboard has not heard any complaints about that action. Because of that action in
    November 2020, we need a motion for this. Clayton stated VAST people will have to go thru the DRB and
    advise the adjoining landowners.
    Geoff Clayton moved to approve the VAST request to expand and improve the “North Snow Machine
    Bridge” (Riverside access bridge) for snowmobile use, provided the project meets all State
    requirements and any Town Zoning requirements. Mark Whitney seconded the motion. Motion
    passed unanimously.
    Frank Keene stated the snowmachine club is not paying for a different bridge at present. I’m not sure it’s
    necessary to go thru the DRB. Clayton stated the request is to widen the bridge. We need to see the
    plans. Keene stated Pat Ross needs to approve it, and then they can just build it. Keene asked is the
    snowmobile club paying for it? Yes.
    Pear Ridge Productions/Adventure Dinners: Request to Cater Malt, Vinous and/or Spirituous Liquors;
    violation follow-up: Clayton summarized action taken since the last Selectboard meeting. Clayton stated
    a letter was written to the VT DLC about the violation (serving liquor without an approved liquor license)
    on June 25, 2022. The VT DLC response was a fine of $260.
    Bruce Hook stated he wanted to know what the Town will do. Cole stated he would not advocate for
    another license at this point. Merrill Whitney stated we told them no. I don’t think there is another
    question. We should notify the State that it should not happen again. Clayton stated I would like to
    recuse myself from dealing with Longest Acres Farm. Cole stated if we have future issues with this
    applicant Mark Whitney will be the lead person. Tyler Hook asked are they applying for another license
    for July 22? Yes.
  7. Public Comments
    Frank Keene stated there are problems with speeding vehicles on Maple Avenue. One came over the
    bridge fast enough so that the wheels slammed down on the other side. This has been happening on
    several occasions. Can the 15 mph area be extended?
    Cole stated All the roads are listed out in the traffic ordinance. If we change anything with the speed
    limits, we must modify the ordinance.
    Keene stated some of the other roads say 35 mph.
    Cole stated Yes. All the unmarked roads are 35 mph. Cole explained he recently checked the traffic
    ordinance for another speeding complaint on Hall Road. Henry Cesari asked about the possibility of
    changing the traffic rules without changing the ordinance. Cesari will check into this. Cole stated some
    roads are enumerated specifically.
    Keene stated there was a hard rain last night. Highland on the further end took a beating. I may need
    some gravel. I’ll get the tractor out and work on the road in the morning.
    Cole stated if this will be specific to the cemetery, make sure Rick gets a reimbursement for the Highway
  8. Town Commons Tree Inventory with Peter Amber (walk to the Greens to inspect tree conditions)
    Cole stated there is some controversy about the trees/Greens. We are being told the trees are dying for
    a number of reasons: climate change, soil compaction, salt. Whitney suggested put in the Use of the
    Village Greens request form, that you cannot drive on the Greens. Cole suggested a public service
    announcement. It was noted, there exists a town policy that Selectboard approval is necessary to drive
    on the Greens.
    Peter Amber stated whatever you can stop (drought, soil compaction, salt) you should. We should plant
    the right tree in the right place. Salt tolerant, drought tolerant trees. Amber named the varieties of trees
    and pointed out which were doing well, which were dying, what types of trees that should replace the
    dying trees, what growth habits should go in what location. Amber provided a thorough and extensive
    overview of the South and North Commons for the Selectboard that ended around 8:52 pm. Amber
    recommended to knock down the dead sugar maple, start a replanting program of Celebration Maples.
    Topsoil, reseeding, fertilizing trees, and pruning and cutting was also discussed.
    Cole stated he would like for this board to take action on a plan for the Greens, parks maintenance, and
    tree purchases. Mark Whitney will put something together for the town, considering tree planting and
    best practices for tree and Greens maintenance. Amber stated he donated some trees previously,
    including a spruce tree near the church. The church offered to pay me to dig the spruce up and get a
    prettier tree as a replacement. The Selectboard agreed Mark Whitney will take the lead on approving
    this on behalf of the board.
  9. Administrative Assistant Report
    United Church of Chelsea requests use of the Village Green for August 6, from 12 to 8 pm, for an Ice
    Cream Social. Approved.
    Chelsea Area Senior Citizens Center requests use of the Village Green, from 1-3 pm, for nine Tuesdays
    beginning August 2, and ending Sept. 27, for Senior Croquet. Approved.
    Moxley Bridge file presented to Selectboard. (Geoff Clayton). VTrans requests Selectboard action about
    right of way, and Chelsea Questionaire. Action: Selectboard is in agreement that a Moxley Bridge rehab
    is not desired by the Town of Chelsea. Selectboard is in agreement that other bridge work is more
    pressing. Selectboard will contact VTrans.
    Liquor License request to Cater Malt, Vinous and/or Spirituous Liquors for an event date July 22, 2022 at
    Longest Acres Farm. Request by Adventure Dinner, same vendor as last license request. Letter written
    by Sas Stewart, caterer, to the Selectboard apologizing for late paperwork for the previous catering
    permit, and describing her catering business and the dinner event was presented by Admin. Assistant.
    Henry Cesari moved to approve the Request to Cater Malt, Vinous and/or Spirituous Liquors by Pear
    Ridge Productions/Adventure Diner for a July 22, 2022 event at Longest Acres Farm. Merrill Whitney
    seconded the motion. 1 yes (Cesari), 3 no (Whitney, Whitney, Cole), 1 recusal (Clayton). Motion does
    not pass.
    Discussion: Cesari stated with this second request, I don’t think bureaucracy is a good way to punish
    people. Merrill Whitney stated they went ahead and knowingly served alcohol without a license. And
    now they want another one. Cesari stated I think it’s our job to say ok unless it impacts the town. Mark
    Whitney stated it did impact the town. If this was a bar, we would say no. They basically thumbed their
    nose at the authority of the Selectboard. I have strong feelings against that. Clayton recused himself.
    Town web site link follow up: Cole stated I recommend we continue our policy of no advertising or links
    on the Town website. If the town had a chamber of commerce, I could support a link on the chamber of
    commerce’s website. Mark Whitney stated he was in agreement. It’s not our place to be promoting or
    not promoting business. Action: Leave policy as is. Cole will notify Cindy Allen.
    Window Dressers: Cole stated where to store the plastic window inserts is an issue. We will not store
    them upstairs. Whitney stated the Town Hall shutters might be an issue as well. Clayton stated he had
    previously ordered some window inserts for a company, and he believes in the long term inserts would
    save us $1,100. But, we are not really heating this space. We should meet in the library in the winter.
    Mark Whitney stated several times when we opened up the Town Hall for Meetings, the heat was up to
    70 degrees, with all lights off. Cole stated he was thinking of putting lock boxes on the thermostats.
    Whitney asked if the inserts are rugged enough to last for a while. Cesari stated there will be other
    chances to save on heating costs. No action taken.
    Randy Brown, Maple Avenue Springs request: Cole stated we have considered this at two meetings.
    Randy Brown did not attend either meeting. We are not directing our employees to have a meeting with
    Brown. If Brown wants to attend and make a request, he can do so under public comments.
    Mark Whitney stated the most reasonable thing would be a dead end sign. Whitney stated a UPS truck
    might have a hard time turning around there, and a sign would help drivers. Cole stated crime is partially
    controlled with environmental design. Placing a dead end sign is telling people it’s ok to go up there and
    do crimes because there is no thru traffic. Statistically, when you put up a dead end sign, bad things start
    happening. Geoff Clayton stated there are already concerns at the end of that road. A dead end sign
    would not do much either way. No action taken.
    Window Washing: Written window washing bid presented by Blakely’s Window Service because the
    Library is having the window’s washed, and at the same time an estimate for the Town Hall and the
    Town Clerk’s Office was offered. Action: Check with custodian. Perhaps a telescoping pole with a
    squeegee, or power wash.
    Regarding speed limit road signs, in response to an email request from Carolyn Boothroyd, Mark
    Whitney stated the State’s recommendation for 15mph is to place a speed bump. Action: email reply to
    Carolyn Boothroyd.
  10. Approve minutes
    Geoff Clayton moved to approve the minutes of July 5, 2022. Levar Cole seconded the motion. Motion
    passed unanimously.
  11. Town Treasurer
    Budget and Orders: Treasurer recommends option 2 for propane fuel fixed price plan. The set price
    would be $2.10 for 2157 gallons. There is an optional downsize protection plan. The Town used 3,000
    gallons last year. Selectboard has questions. Action: Mark Whitney will ask Treasurer where the propane
    is used. Treasurer’s recommendation is our decision.
  12. Appointments
  13. Executive Session for Human Resources
    Henry Cesari moved to enter Executive Session for Human Resources and inviting Marianne McCann
    into the session. Mark Whitney seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.
    Levar Cole moved to exit Executive Session. Mark Whitney seconded the motion. Motion passed
    Afterwards, Cesari will direct Road Foreman that the water sewer people will use the tractor to get the
    work accomplished. Cesari will direct Road Foreman to limit work to no more than 40 hours. Cesari will
    direct Road Foreman that he must be informed when Water Dept. needs a substitute worker. Mark
    Whitney will research potential mowing contract for town mowing. Admin. Asst. will make an RFP for
    mowing and snowplowing.
  14. Adjourn
    Meeting adjourned at 10:32 pm.
    Next regularly scheduled Selectboard Meeting will be Tuesday, August 2, 2022 at 7:30 pm in the Chelsea
    Town Hall.

Selectboard Meeting Agenda – July 19, 2022

Chelsea Selectboard Meeting Agenda
Tuesday, 19 July 2022
7:30PM Chelsea Town Hall
1. Call meeting to order
2. Conflict of interest disclosure
3. Changes to the agenda
4. Town Clerk
5. Town Treasurer
a. Budget status
b. Orders
6. Department/Liaison Updates
a. Town Commons tree inventory and assessment with arborist-Pete Amber/Levar
(note: this will take some time outdoors)
b. Highway: truck sale, roadside mowing oprtion-Henry
c. Transfer Station (bear and safety cones)-Geoff
d. Riverside Cemetery bridge use-Geoff
e. Pear Ridge Productions/Adventure Dinners: Request to Cater Malt, Vinous and/or
Spirituous Liquors; violation follow-up-Geoff
7. Public Comments
8. Administrative Assistant Report
a. Village Greens/Roberts-Gould Field requests
b. Moxley Bridge renovation-VTRANS
c. Pear Ridge Production-Adventure Dinners: Request to Cater Malt, Vinous and/or
Spirituous Liquors, 22 July, Longest Acres Farm
d. Town Web-site link request follow-up
e. Request for Proposals-sidewalk renovation
f. Window Dressers proposal for Town Hall ($1100)
g. Maple Avenue springs request?-Randy Brown
h. Town Hall window washing
9. Approve minutes:
a. 5 July
10. Appointments:
a. Fence Viewers (3)
b. Inspector of lumber, shingles, and wood
c. Weigher of Coal
d. Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District
e. Development Review Board Alternate 2
f. Recreation Committee (1)
g. Development Review Board
11. Executive Session for Human Resources-(1 VSA 313 (a)3)
12. Adjourn


Selectboard meeting Minutes – July 5, 2022

Chelsea Selectboard Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, July 5, 2022, 7:30 pm at Town Hall
Selectboard Members present: Levar Cole, Geoff Clayton, Mark Whitney, Merrill Whitney
Other Town Officials/Employees present: Marianne McCann (Administrative Assistant)(Herald), Nolan
LaFrancis (COO Chelsea Water System), Rick Ackerman (Road Foreman).
Members of the public present: Bruce Hook, Tyler Hook, Jeremy Hook, Kate Willard, Clinton Rogers,
Mark Lembke, Cindy Allen, Andy Pomerantz, Dave Paganelli, Phillip Mulligan, Tim McCormick.

  1. Call Meeting to Order
    Meeting convened by Levar Cole, Chair, at 7:31 pm.
  2. Conflict of Interest Disclosure
  3. Changes to the Agenda
    Admin. Assistant adds a few items.
  4. Town Clerk
  5. Town Treasurer
    Mark Whitney moved to approve the orders. Merrill Whitney seconded the motion. Motion passed
    Orders totalling:
    General: 7,067.35
    Highway: 14,332.71
    Water: 2,229.26
    Recreation: 170.00
    Payroll: 3,170.24
    Library: 1,081.90
  6. Department/Liaison Updates
    Town Forest Plan: Mark Whitney stated Kate Willard has been helping organize the Forest Plan. Kate
    Willard stated Dave Paganelli, Orange County Forester, has completed an inventory of the Chelsea Town
    Dave Paganelli addressed the Board, summarizing the history of the Town Forest. There are two parcels,
    and previous wood species, dates, and timber sales were noted. Paganelli stated it is ready to cut again.
    Paganelli also stated Moose are getting a lot of the young hardwoods. He advises someone ought to
    start shooting the moose. Paganelli noted a culvert is blocked and there is erosion gullying in the road
    path. He advises the Town to deal with unblocking and/or increasing the size of the culvert, as it will
    effect travel and the timber sale. Paganelli also noted a landing is plugged up with debris, and asked if
    the Town wanted that blocked off, or is that temporary? Rick Ackerman stated the Road crew has been
    putting stuff there, and will clear the landing with an excavator. Paganelli noted that the tree cutting
    should be done in the next year or two. The Town is advised to not wait 5-10 years. Ash Borer is on
    Chelsea’s doorstep.
    Action: Dave Paganelli wants to know the direction the Town wants to go with respect to the timber sale
    and the management plan. Paganelli will draft a Town Forest Management Plan and deliver to the
    Action: Mark Whitney is taking the lead on the Town Forest. Whitney will make a recommendation to
    the Selectboard after the Town Forest Plan is finished and public comments are heard.
    Cindy Allen asked if there will be walking trails in the town forests. Paganelli replied timber sales require
    access for equipment. If the trails are left open, not choked with brush, those trails could be for
    recreational use. We can set it up with the trails in mind, if that is what the Town requests, then the
    Town can finish up the trails. Cole stated the Town is considering trails. Andy Pomerantz stated the snow
    machine club has been helpful with trail maintenance in the past. Kate Willard stated the reason to have
    Paganelli do an inventory is to provide information to the Town in consideration of more public trails, as
    well as tree management. Phillip Mulligan asked if we could maintain a certain amount of larger trees,
    or legacy trees. Paganelli stated wildlife trees and legacy trees are tallied and included in the Forest Plan.
    Emerald Ash Borer: Mark Lembke, Town Tree Warden, passed out examples of the Emerald Ash Borer
    insect, examples of bark damage, and a paper titled “Town of Chelsea, Ash Tree Inventory, July 5, 2022”.
    Lembke stated he performed an ash tree survey in Chelsea along a 5.8 mile loop, that represents 10% of
    the total miles of Chelsea Class 3 roads. Ash trees were counted within the town road right of way. The
    survey showed 284 trees counted, with Lembke estimating that there would be about 2,840 trees total
    along the roads in Chelsea.
    Cole asked if Lembke will make a recommendation to the Selectboard. Lembke advised that some
    neighboring towns have started funds to prepare. Lembke advised putting some money aside to take
    some of the trees down. Lembke has not found a grant to cover this.
    Mark Whitney asked how fast is it moving through a forest that is thinner on ash? Would that slow it
    down? Or, are the ash trees doomed, no matter what? Paganelli stated the ash trees are probably
    doomed no matter what. Small trees will be unaffected. Infested trees will be damaged and ash does
    not hold together structurally, so effected trees are not safe to cut with a chainsaw after three years. In
    the woods, they will just fall down. Near the roads, it’s much more difficult to take the trees down.
    Paganelli stated some towns have hired Limlaw to take trees down on gravel roads. The power company
    would be responsible to take down the trees in the power line right of way.
    Cindy Allen asked if the landowner would have any ash tree responsibility. Allen stated some
    landowners may want to take their own trees down and use them for firewood. Some would want the
    wood. Some would not.
    Lembke explained he will not be recommending the removal of trees leaning away from the roads as
    they do not pose a hazard to the road. Lembke said when the hazard trees are cut from the right of way,
    the wood still belongs to the landowners, who can request it be removed or left in place.
    Highway- Truck sale – Roadside Mowing: Rick Ackerman asked, since Henry is not here, what is going on
    with the truck? Cole stated we will have Henry give you a call. I will be the back up person. Ackerman
    stated Vershire might be done with their tractor in a few weeks. There is a possibility we could use that
    for roadside mowing. Ackerman also stated Ken DeGrasse can go up to the Town Forest and put in a
    bigger culvert.
    Transfer Station: Geoff Clayton stated Snook requested an increase in Kristianne Gale’s hours by one
    hour for the summer. They have actually been saving us money by being able to more closely monitor
    the quantity of trash being put in the compactors/containers. Clayton also stated the bear protection
    shed for the compost has been purchased for $549. Clayton stated he and Snook will assemble the shed.
    Anyone can volunteer to help. Clayton stated it is possible that the bears could tear the whole thing
    ARPA Outreach: Phillip Mulligan and Andy Pomerantz presented a list of ideas for spending ARPA
    money. The list is based on public input from a June 14th meeting, and other public input, organized, but
    not prioritized. Mulligan stated people are mostly interested in making an investment in the community.
    Mulligan suggested hiring a “clerk of the works” for overseeing a complicated project, if a complicated
    project is chosen. Pomerantz stated there are people who are really invested in certain projects. It
    would be possible to develop a list serve of interested persons. Vital Communities might help with this.
    Although this list is in the context of ARPA, there are lots of ways we could pursue these ideas.
    Cole stated the Selectboard is still getting feedback from townspeople that they want to spend ARPA
    money on (operating) costs. Washington is telling us to spend the money right away, due to inflation.
    We could use the money for matching funds for grants. For example, the sewer plant upgrades. We
    might get a grant for that. We would consider using ARPA funds in addition to the reserve fund for the
    matching portion. Thank you for your work collecting this public input. We are keeping all of this in
    Clayton stated some of these ideas we might want to include in the Town Plan. Maybe food resources
    could be put in the town plan. Everything is not going to be accomplished with ARPA money.
    Mulligan suggested the Selectboard make a date for final proposals for ARPA projects. The Board agreed
    to put this on the agenda for September 20, 2022.
  7. Public Comments
    Phillip Mulligan stated he measured the windows in the Town Hall for the Window Dressers plastic
    window inserts. Even if we did half of the windows it would make a big difference. We could create
    some sort of storage for the inserts. The Selectboard would have to address that in the next month or
    so. Mulligan submitted an invoice to the Town.
    Phillip Mulligan stated he has contacted VLCT about an energy audit for the Town Garage.
    Andy Pomerantz asked about the format for the ATV Vote Informational Hearing Meeting. Should he
    prepare a presentation for the Informational Hearing? Cole stated the Informational Hearing would be
    run like a regular Selectboard Meeting. We will open it up to Public Comment.
    Bruce Hook asked a question, maybe for the zoning administrator, regarding Longest Acre Farm. Is the
    barn on the land which is zoned agricultural a commercial business? When you start serving dinner for
    170 dollars a plate, I don’t believe it’s agricultural. There is a problem with serving dinner and alcohol
    without a license. What will be done about this?
    Cole stated, to confirm, this complaint is about Longest Acre Farm and your concern is it appears as if
    there is commercial activity, not farming/agricultural activity.
    Mark Whitney sought clarification this was about the existing barn, as opposed to the new barn.
    Cole stated the Selectboard did not approve the Liquor License. That license was not given to us in time
    for approval. This board has not taken up issues prior to being warned and on the agenda.
    Bruce Hook stated I saw the flyer. Is there a fine?
    Geoff Clayton stated the liquor control for the state will be called. We will put this on the next agenda.
    Jeremy Hook asked if he came back in two weeks, would this issue be resolved?
    Cole stated we cannot commit to a time. We don’t know what Clayton will find out. We will put it on the
    next agenda.
    Mark Whitney asked do you know for sure that liquor was served? A flyer was presented.
    Cole asked Hook to give us whatever information you would like to support your statements.
    Cindy Allen stated Heidi Chapman has started a group to publish a newsletter. The newsletter will be
    quarterly, with the first issue planned for October 1st. The newsletter would like to list the organizations
    and businesses in Chelsea. There are 50 Chelsea businesses that Allen came up with. The newsletter
    requests to have a link on the Town of Chelsea Website.
    Cole stated the previous Selectboard had a policy of no links, no advertisements, on the Town website.
    We will bring this up again for discussion.
    Clayton stated the physical phone books were the old way to spread contact information. That would be
    nice to have.
    Clint Rogers stated he previously spoke to Geoff Clayton, Selectboard member, regarding widening a
    bridge for the snow machine trail. Rogers stated he already had approval for the trail up to the bridge.
    Rogers stated the bridge is a public right of way. Rogers is waiting for permission from the Selectboard,
    after which he will proceed with paperwork and constructing the wider bridge. Rogers stated there is
    some urgency to this request, as the season is 5 months away.
    Clayton stated he thought Rogers was going to talk to the landowners. Clayton stated we need to make
    sure that’s a town bridge. We need to get the permits from the State. Clayton stated he will double
    check and get back to Rogers.
    Kate Willard stated she would like help getting public input on the town forests and trails.
  8. Executive Session for Human Resources
    Outgoing Zoning Administrator, Tim McCormick, stated there are loose ends in the applications.
    McCormick suggests he meet with the new Zoning Administrator and go over the computer set up and
    ongoing permit applications. McCormick stated he will be in this Friday, and that would be his ultimate
    last day. I sat down one morning with my predecessor, and I will do the same for the next ZA. Action:
    Selectboard states as long as you have the records available for the next person, that is acceptable.
    McCann suggests officially turning in the keys and laptop at the end of the day, Friday, in order to avoid
    another trip to town.
    Levar Cole moved to enter into Executive Session for Human Resources, and inviting Marianne
    McCann into the session. Geoff Clayton seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.
    Levar Cole moved to exit from Executive Session at 9:15 pm. Geoff Clayton seconded the motion.
    Motion passed unanimously.
    Afterwards, Nolan LaFrancis (COO Water System) is approved to have Jason Hook (Water system
    employee) work as needed, for emergency coverage and special jobs, up to an additional 10 hours per
    Levar Cole moved to enter into Executive Session for Human Resources at 9:26 pm, and inviting
    Marianne McCann into the session. Geoff Clayton seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.
    Levar Cole moved to exit Executive Session at 9:29 pm. Geoff Clayton seconded the motion. Motion
    passed unanimously.
    Afterwards, the Selectboard Chair will contact the candidate for the Zoning Administrator job.
  9. Administrative Assistant Report
    Village Green Request: New Creation Fellowship requests use of basketball court from 10 -12 daily for
    August 8-11 for Vacation Bible School. Approved.
    Roberts Gould Field Request: Chelsea Babe Ruth requests use of Roberts Gould Field from 5 – 8 pm on
    event dates listed in 2022 season. Approved.
    Special Town Meeting updates:
    Levar Cole moved to approve Town of Chelsea, Public Informational Hearing, Notice and Agenda. Cole
    read the Agenda aloud. Mark Whitney seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.
    Moxley Bridge: Town Questions letter and Right of Way letter received from VTRANS. Rita Seto, TRORC,
    and others at VTRANS asked about the possible use of old data to prioritize this bridge project. No
    definitive response as yet. It seems VTRANS wants to proceed.
    Action: Send Henry an email asking him to take the lead, cc: Levar, Mark.
    Grants in Aid: Selectboard is informed that Chelsea has been awarded $35,500. for 2023. That money
    will be for a project, the next one on the hydrologically connected roads list. This year, 2022, the project
    is Hook Road Ditching. The project cost should be $25,250., with an 80% reimbursement of $20,200.
    Special Events Letter: Action: file. N/A for Chelsea.
    Vermont Efficiency Letter: Action: Send to Phillip Mulligan, cc: Levar, Mark.
    Upcoming request: Brookhaven Bridge. Selectboard is informed in advance of a request for permission
    to construct a wooden covered bridge on an existing metal bridge on the Brookhaven property. More
    details will be coming.
    Liquor License – June 25, 2022: The process for approving liquor licenses is to put the request on a
    Selectboard meeting agenda prior to taking action. This liquor license request was not given to us in
    time. Action: ask someone at the State re: liquor license timelines. Geoff Clayton will do this.
    Town website link request: Brief discussion. Previous boards did not allow third party links or
    advertisements on the town website. There are speech problems. Action: The Selectboard will stick to
    our policy of no third party links or advertisements on the town website.
    Randy Brown made a google website called “Maple Avenue Safety Remedies”. Brown wants the
    Selectboard to review his website. A paper version is available. Brown was not available to answer
    Geoff Clayton stated a registered sex offender is non-compliant and hanging out at the school. Should
    this be reported to state police? Public safety? State’s Attorney? Brief discussion.
  10. Approve Minutes
    Levar Cole moved to approve the Selectboard Meeting Minutes of June 21, 2022. Geoff Clayton
    seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.
  11. Appointments
  12. Adjourn
    Meeting adjourned at 10:02 pm.
    The next regularly scheduled Selectboard Meeting will be Tuesday, July 19, 2022 at 7:30 pm.

Selectboard Meeting Agenda – July 5, 2022

Chelsea Selectboard Meeting Agenda
Tuesday, 5 July 2022
7:30PM Chelsea Town Hall
1. Call meeting to order
2. Conflict of interest disclosure
3. Changes to the agenda
4. Town Clerk
5. Town Treasurer
a. Budget status
b. Orders
6. Department/Liaison Updates
a. Town Forest Plan-Mark W./Kate Willard and Dave Paganelli
b. Emerald Ash Borer-Mark W./Mark Lembke
c. Highway: truck sale, roadside mowing-Henry
d. Transfer Station-Geoff
e. ARPA outreach-Levar/ Phillip Mulligan
7. Public Comments
8. Executive Session for Human Resources-(1 VSA 313 (a)3)
9. Administrative Assistant Report
a. Village Greens/Roberts-Gould Field requests
b. Special Town Meeting updates
c. Moxley Bridge /VTRANS project
d. Grants in Aid project (Hydrologically connected roads?)
e. Special Events letter
f. Efficiency Vermont letter
g. Upcoming request/Brookhaven/bridge
h. Liquor License/June 25, 2022 event
i. Town Web-site link request-Cindy Allen
10. Approve minutes:
a. 21 June 2002
11. Appointments:
a. Fence Viewers (3)
b. Inspector of lumber, shingles, and wood
c. Weigher of Coal
d. Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District
e. Development Review Board Alternate 2
f. Recreation Committee (1)
g. Development Review Board
12. Adjourn


Selectboard Meeting Minutes June 21, 2022

Chelsea Selectboard Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, June 21, 2022, 7:30 pm at Town Hall
Selectboard Members present: Levar Cole, Mark Whitney, Merrill Whitney, Geoff Clayton
Other Town Officials/Employees present: Marianne McCann (Administrative Assistant) (Herald), Gayle
Durkee (Treasurer), Karen Lathrop (Town Clerk)
Members of the public present: Kasey Peterson

  1. Call Meeting to Order
    Meeting convened by Levar Cole at 7:35 pm.
  2. Conflict of Interest Disclosure
  3. Changes to the Agenda
    Add a couple items to Admin. Asst. Add Liquor license to Town Clerk section. Add Treasurer. Add
    Transfer Station.
  4. Town Clerk
    Karen Lathrop presented a packet of information regarding dog licensing and dog violation complaints
    (tickets). The Animal Control Officer had requested information on the process of fines or penalties for
    dog owners who are not in compliance with the law. Lathrop presented ticket books and written steps
    to move forward with ticketing. Lathrop also presented a report listing 33 dogs that are unlicensed, and
    a copy of a “Second Notice” letter she is sending out to dog owners, showing license fees and delinquent
    fees. Lathrop stated we were very nice to people during Covid, and now no one wants to license their
    Mark Whitney stated this is actually two issues. 1.The nuisance issue. 2. The license issue.
    Geoff Clayton stated the biggest concern is people who are not controlling their dogs. Problem animals
    are the highest priority. We should give out the tickets.
    Lathrop stated the Town Clerk is not enforcement. Someone needs to show the Animal Officer how to
    fill out the ticket. The ticket must be handed to the person, or certified mail. Animal Officer must appear
    in court. We need to have a certified copy of the ordinance.
    Board members mentioned instances of residents notifying Town Clerk of deceased dogs, and the
    deceased dogs remained on the unlicensed list. Cole summarized by stating there is no interest from the
    board to address the license issue at this point. Perhaps there is something we can do to help with
    record-keeping. The board will address the problem animals first. The license issue can be put on the
    agenda again.
    A liquor license request was received just this afternoon (June 21) for an event on June 25. A copy of the
    request was emailed to Selectboard members at 3:41 pm. Selectboard members did not see the
    information prior to the meeting. There was no motion made. There was no action taken.
  5. Department/Liaison Updates
    Levar Cole stated Henry Cesari is not here, but we have been in contact, and I will relay what he told me.
    Cesari is still working to sell the truck. Allegiance is working with him. What about the engine light?
    Remember the board must approve any more expense for this truck. We should not be paying an
    invoice for an engine light.
    Cesari and Cole previously discussed sidewalk snow removal. As a town government, we are obligated
    by statute to maintain the sidewalk. We can make it a shared obligation. We must have an ordinance.
    We are required to meet the ADA sidewalk standard. We want to do that. Cesari will see if people can
    volunteer to do certain sections. Or, we will make changes in budgeting.
    Cole stated Cesari also mentioned that folks in town are upset about the lack of roadside mowing. He is
    aware that there is a petition to use ARPA money for roadside mowing. That would be a non-binding
    petition. If we use ARPA money for roadside mowing, the people in town that want big projects to get
    done, will have to know there will not be enough money left.
    Clayton stated we will be in the hole. I will not support anything but maintain our town and capital
    improvements. We cannot go into next year with a big deficit.
    Gayle Durkee stated Chelsea does not have any money left in the budget for heating fuel, diesel fuel, or
    Mark Whitney stated there are minor safety issues at some intersections. People can take care of these
    Clayton volunteered to weed whack at intersections, if necessary.
    Cole stated, given inflation, we do not know what the cost of roadside mowing will be. It will cost more
    this year. Also, availability of equipment is an issue.
    Re: Grant Writing and Administration
    Kasey Peterson Introduced herself to the board. Peterson briefly explained her grant application for the
    Town Hall. Peterson described a visit with Meeting House Restoration. The balcony needs to be cleaned
    out before an estimate could be given. A good idea for fundraising was given. People buy a chair. As a
    fundraiser, you buy a chair, you get your name on the chair for a donation. We might be able to match
    the grant that way. I’m not sure what else to work on.
    5a. Treasurer:
    Gayle Durkee stated we got locks for the Transfer Station. Combination and master key.
    Order Amounts totalling:
    Payroll 6-22 2,866.73
    6-15 6,149.18
    6-8 3,324.39
    General Orders 6-22 28,118.24
    Highway 6-22 15,558.08
    Water/Sewer 6-22 1,251.40
    Library Payroll 6-15 1.177.94
    Accounts Payable 377.71
    Cole wondered if Cesari can call Allegiance and ask about the invoice amounts. Cole noted Cesari is
    looking for other providers that will be better able (closer and cheaper) to service vehicles for us.
    Re: Transfer Station
    Geoff Clayton stated the bears keep getting into the compost.
    Geoff Clayton moved that the Selectboard approve a cost of up to $750.00 for a shed to enclose the
    compost, with the understanding that Snook will be a second person approving the purchase. Levar
    Cole seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.
    Clayton briefly explained his idea of purchasing a metal shed for around $499 and materials needed to
    beef up the door to make it stronger. That’s the basis for the suggested amount of $750. Clayton and
    Snook will go and get one and install it.
    Mark Whitney requested that the Town Forrest be put on the agenda for the July 5th Selectboard
  6. Public Comments
  7. Administrative Assistant
    Two Village Greens requests presented and signed. One for an event on 6-20-22. Another for an event
    on 7-3-22, a “God and Country Worship Service and Cookout” on the North Common.
    One Roberts Gould Field request presented and signed. Chelsea Flea Market parking set up and event on
    July 8 and July 9.
    Special Town Meeting Logistics: Cole stated the Town Hall set up is scheduled. McCann presented a
    draft warning for the informational hearing before the vote, which must be warned separately. Cole
    made changes. McCann will edit and re-present for approval to the board. Brief discussion about what
    date the notices should appear in the newspaper. The Informational Hearing on July 25 and the
    Australian Ballot vote on July 26 are posted on the town website calendar, and posted around town on
    the bulletin boards.
    ARPA citizen advisory committee debrief: McCann summarized the Public Input Meeting that was held
    on Tuesday, June 14 for the Selectboard. There were over 40 people in attendance. In this
    “brainstorming session”, the majority of the ideas presented were initial and vague. The organizers will
    have more meetings and then make a presentation to the Selectboard.
    A list of grant projects underway and grant applications pending, with amounts expected for matching
    funds was prepared for the Selectboard. McCann stated that when a grant opportunity came through
    the email, she was forwarding the information to the relevant people in Chelsea.
    Levar Cole moved to approve the orders. Mark Whitney seconded the motion. Motion passed
  8. Approve minutes
    Levar Cole moved to approve the May 31, 2022 Selectboard Meeting Minutes. Geoff Clayton seconded
    the motion. Motion passed unanimously.
    Levar Cole moved to approve the June 7, 2022 Selectboard Meeting Minutes. Geoff Clayton seconded
    the motion. Motion passed unanimously.
    Levar Cole moved to approve the June 14, 2022 Special Selectboard Meeting Minutes. Geoff Clayton
    seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously.
  9. Appointments
  10. Executive Session for Human Resources.
    None. Cole noted that Mary Ellen Parkman might be able to fill in as a Zoning Administrator.
  11. Adjourn
    Meeting adjourned at 8:58 pm.